If I Die Tomorrow – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

If i die tomorrow, don't forget my name
Don't forget the way we played the game
We all win
We all lose
But the ones that embraced love remain forever

If I die tomorrow, remember the way we cared until the very last day
The words bled into actions bringing faith and hope all along the way
It was a silly masquerade of goodness deepinging the hearts of the restless and restoring connection in a world desperate to escape the fire

If I die tomorrow, share my journey with humility and sensitivity
Sing the chapters with so much life I'll hear them from the heavens
Let strangers become friends in a shared experience
Let enemies be no more because we are all beings of a greater power
Let vision become our new reality not augmented, but embraced by the touch of mankind
Be alive together with a kiss and a promise of a better tomorrow

If I die tomorrow
Not in vain, but fulfilled that I took each breath with virtue
I celebrated the weakest and gave a hand to the poor
I wrote a testimony to the human race honoring its potential committed to a new generation

If I die tomorrow, continue to touch others with your soul
Give back with vulnerability
Risk it all, but hold yourself to a higher standard lifted to the pinnacle of the clouds

If I die tomorrow, let me continue to be a part of you for all your days and know I will guide with a light in the darkness

If I die tomorrow, I remain in the hearts of the truest of spirits

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