I Have Been Blessed – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Every day is a blessing for the life I have been given
A bounty of love overflowing
Every new heartbeat a breath of fresh air
My playlist continues to grow with musical memories and reminders of the wonderful people and places I have have met and witnessed

From the Falls of Niagara to the sunrises of Huntington Beach
A culture of welcoming smiles in Manila to the depths of the dark nights of Argentina

Pledging eternal love to the backdrop of the snow capped mountains of Alaska to a white Christmas where the borders of Virginia and North Carolina meet

I found Hope at the hallowed halls of Rutgers
Sunny days in Minnesota and grace on the coast of the Carolinas

I've loved and lost but always held a piece locked away in the locket in my soul

From the streets of Italy to the magical cliffs of Ireland

From 40000 feet high above the clouds to the bluest of ocean waters

The festivals where strangers came together in a shared experience of peace, love and harmony to the welcoming of new life

The tailgates to spring break
Mardi Gras nights
So wild and free

The loss of innocence became and awakening
A rebirth
A new outlook on a world I was only beginning to understand

I've been inspired
I've witnessed tornados, hurricanes and the loneliest streets on Earth
I've felt rainbows, the awesome power of lightning and the trickling stream of a spectrum of leaves fall in the Autumn breeze

I took hold of the mantra "No Day But Today" and never let go

I found a world of spontaneity can be filled with fear, but the rewards are indescribable

From the depths of an abyss to a beautiful spirit, I was able to let my gift of writing shine

When death knocked me down and tempted me with sinful pleasures, I fought back with a little help from my friends
Perseverance in the hearts of the few who I've been blessed to have in this life; along this journey

I discovered that dreamers continue to be such a powerful force

There is poetry in giving a selfless hand
There is music is giving back
There is humanity when darkness sets in

I've been blessed with a beautiful life

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