Beautifully Broken – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

Do I have an identity?
Can I feel this way?
Can you see me, hear me
Send a signal my way

I lost hope and dignity
Shunned from society and shattered in pieces trying to put them back together without getting cut on the jagged edges

It's ok
I forgot how to bleed
How to care
How to feel the way I'm supposed to
Am I broken?

There is a beauty in now
A beauty in the calmness of the anxiety

I am beautifully broken
An imperfect painting in a gallery of perfection
White and symmetric
Without color
Perfect corners
The canvas bleeding

Beautifully broken
An unstable mental Kodachrome dream
Singing with a chorus of voices in my head
A wonderful performance if only for an audience of one

The applause get louder and louder
Stop the noises
It hurts so much
Drown them away
One more for luck
Luck hasn't offered up a bounty to me for some time

It's all okay now
I'm beautifully broken

Someday they will see me
Someday they will notice
In scribbled words on paper or the signs posted all around

They will remember
They may even understand a little
My life was a puzzle just beautifully broken

I don't need the attention because beautiful things don't call out for attention

We exist

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