A Drink to Feel – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Hold on
Just one more time; one more night
Hold on

I walk these streets
See the eyes follow me
Yearning for me
Waiting to pray on me when I fixate on the next bar
They see my legs
Exposed mid drift
Breasts teasing enough to give them a fantasy later on
They don't see the emptiness in my eyes
The numb slow beating of this heart

They see conquest
Orgasmic fulfillment
Desire, nameless, emotionless, heartless

I could fill that void
Play the part of the tramp of the night

I'm a way, I'd be using them to feel again

It feels good, right?
I'll just close my eyes and lay there
Maybe I'll ride him if the whiskey feels right

I miss the orgasm
Vague memories appear at night sometimes.
Those few precious seconds when my body is completely out of control
I yearn for the sensation of an explosive moment of life
Getting hot just thinking about it

Hold on
Ground yourself
Move on
Another bar awaits.
Another drink
Another pick up line that will probably work
I'd prefer the quiet silent type
That way, I won't have to know or remember him
It's better that way

The darkness has a hold on me
It's safe
I can disappear in the alleys and plot out my venomous ways
Lift a glass to the moon
A toast to you, my celestial friend
You are my heart light when I have no direction

Holding on now for the next drink
What am I worth?
How many drinks to take me home
Great question
How do you measure the worth of a cheap night of sex
Let's find out
Step up to the bar, sit down, cross my legs exposing my stockings and wait
Who is up for the challenge?

Hold on
A wild night is preordained

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