Charleston Christmas Prayer – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

As I lay me down to sleep, the Holy City moonlight creeps through my window to warm my feet

Tonight I pray as I hear the bells and steeples chime softly in the coastal wind

Keep us safe and protect us dear Lord so I may awake to spirit of Christmas in the warmth of my mothers arms

Silent night, holy night echos in my weary head as a quiet Charleston Christmas Eve lingers ahead

Dreams of carriage rides and Cistern Chimes, Tinsle between King and Queen and Nutcrackers protecting the Bennett supreme

Ghosts of Christmas past stroll down Tradd while a Christmas tree lights up the starry Folly night

Carols heard from Circa to Halls while a musical chorus keeps the market dwellers warm and cozy and feeling right

From the rooftops of Dewberry and Vendue, Santa's helpers smile with glee

They know there is so much goodness to seen

Soon a Lowcountry sunrise with kiss the ocean bed and restore the light and remind us of what he said

Peace on Earth and Joy to all
For a Charleston Christmas awaits it's call

As I look to the tree and beyond I see
My beautiful Charleston
The greatest gift I will ever see

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