Everything is Realized – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

I'm a living legacy to a life I've chose to fulfill in my own way

In words heard by few
Actions unrecognized by most
A love for humanity running so deep it drowns in the ocean

ln plain sight, I am blind
A clarity in the darkness of the soul where all I see is color
It's hard to translate to the narrow masses the true connection to everything and the realization of nothing

It's in the comedy, we find tragedy
The helplessness we find in the pathway of hope
The silence we find in the soundtrack of our lives
The sense and sensibility of the unexplained miracles
The love of positivity in the madness of hatred

Everything is now realized

It took a homeless journey to find a sense of home
A metaphorical journey by land, sea and air

Under the stars of one sky; one world; one purpose

It was in the running, I found stability
A place to call my own, but open to all

This is the truth that was always there
Always within me

An undeveloped negative with all the answers

Black and white
So clear
In that darkroom, I found the light

Now, everything is realized
All is clear
Today begins

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