The Heaven I Found in You – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

My love lays silently waiting for my kiss in the darkness

A wind blows the light on the windowsill waking up the moonlight and exposing the silouette of my baby resting; a sight for these sore well traveled eyes

Heavy and old, now light and free at the dim sight the rests before me

I stay hypnotized
Frozen to the beauty by my side
Words void in this moment of reunion
Each one a new beginning

My words and songs are my own reminder of how much I miss her by my side
They are for me
The audience is a humble distraction

Someday others will know the heaven I already found in you

My love
My inspirational force nestled inside

I close these weary eyes to hear the harmony of your breath echo off the satin pillows massaging the wavy hair to your side

I still feel the fire burning inside as I counted the hours, minutes, seconds I'd return and the flames would subside

I'm home now
Under these sheets I'll slide
The touch of your skin
The longing to be inside

Heaven is warm
Heaven is safe
Heaven is a reminder to thank the moments you are by my side

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