Wasted Days – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Wasted days no more
Wasted days pass us by
Looking back on a youth so far away
A past reckless, careless and bleeding in regret
So many wasted days

I can’t live this way anymore
Dreaming away promises never to see the light of day
A fantasy in the darkness
Wet dreams dried by the morning light
Milestones never captured on film
Only the cinematic landscape in my mind

Burnt out by these wasted days
So many loves I pushed aside
Better hair, better love, better times
Where did it get me
Redhead, blonde, brunette, black and blue
A rainbow of variety colored these wasted days

These days showered in the bottle
Reflecting and arguing with the old many in the mirror
Nights filled with numbing memories locking away the real pain

So few days
So many plays
Wasted days

Another sunrise
How many more
Heading west to the final sunset

So tired
A winding road to nowhere
Isn’t that the masquerade of life
A ballroom of illusions
Now empty with echoes of wasted days

A torture chamber of ecstasy when we thought forever was so far away
Immortal visions dwindling
I swore it wouldn’t end
An ignorant fool looking back on my wasted days
Wasted days no more

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