A Million Scars – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

We are all born with a million scars following us from the original sin
We are beautifully broken
Worthy of the love that flies above
Soaking in the the raindrops of delicate showers
A spiritual journey
A bountiful ride

We bleed inside from the cuts tattooed on the heart
A victim
Spirit deep reaching high

You can cut me, but I won’t yield
I am a stranger to you, but familiar in this skin
You can bruise the skin, but not penetrate this soul
I’m tired, but sleep will not defeat me
Your mask cannot scare me
I am brave
Relief, redemption and salvation is near

I hear the song that guides my way
I am not alone
I am not alone
I am surrounded by the voices of caring angels

I am beautiful with these scars
Each one a reminder of the perseverance I had to overcome
Each scar I touch feels comforting
It is unique
It is my own
It is my strength

I am beautifully broken
I am my own vehicle in a journey of discovery

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