The Better Part of Me – Goodnight, Farewell, Amen – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

A beautiful smile hiding behind a wall of pain

A heroin who could soar above the clouds

A bird escaping from a world falling apart

In all that strength, I couldn’t see the truth

I couldn’t see the disease destroying a future you will never see

I couldn’t see you crying inside

Growing in tears

Counting the few reminding sunrises

A quiet sunset

Thank you for the love you gave; the laughter in the darkness; the comfort in my hours of loneliness

Thank you for loving me the way only you knew how

You broke my fence and shattered it like no other

Never settling for my being outside my fortress

You broke the chain of my personal imprisonment and helped me see the freedom of the spirit that slept within

I never told you

I never really told you

I was only words before you.

You gave harmony and made a song.

Together we sang from the depths of our lungs like an orchestra of millions

We were so close even when I felt like you were a million miles away

Time meant nothing

A foolish innocence until it became a precious gift with each remaining moment

I can’t imagine a moment without being able to hear your voice, feel your breath or hold you so tight our heartbeats align

The spirit of your warmth will continue to inspire

Forever you will be the better part of me.

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