How to win the game of life – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

To elevate the greater consciousness of being
To look beyond ourselves and strive to create, innovate, explore and rise
Rise to a higher love
Rise to a role of empowerment
Rise to something impactful
Rise to a thoughtfulness
Rise to become the documentarians of the guidebook of the next generation

We all have a super power
A confident framework where conscious and subconscious find common ground in a loving society of positive energy flowing as one

We are individuals free to think, act, and accelerate change

In the manifesto of life, we are a collective community with a shared journey

A pathway to destiny
Not pre-ordained

How do we win the game of life?

Choose life
Choose to live with purpose
Choose to live with meaning
Choose to bring kindness over hate
Choose to listen and not just be heard
Choose to give and not receive
Choose empathy over ecstasy
Choose connection over isolation

But always choose to feel

The solution is right within the heart of the question

That is how you choose to win the game of life

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