Thoughtful Consciousness – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

When they look back at our story they will know the truth
They will know the thoughtfulness in the sorrow
How we overcame the darkness to hear the music that celebrated us

They will see the power of two souls journeying for all eternity
Energy in hand on a cosmic path to enlightenment

They will see how special we were
Alienated and lonely to the masses, but inspired the few

Before the winter turned mean
Before the darkness clouded our path
Before the silence was deafening

To sleep
To sleep
To dream
Dream in flight high above the clouds
Above the mayhem of the masses
Above the pain of apathy
Where the only traffic is the millions of stars fighting hard not to collide

We deserve because we feel
To just keep breathing
Every breath is one more moment with you

I'm so comfort swimming in the whisper of your lips
A floating suspension of reality
Focused on the cloudy darkness

Keep your hand on my heart
Can you feel it?
Can you feel the beating of the sirens
An impending warning
A glimpse into our future
Don't remove it
Wait for the intensity
The rapid response to being near you
An intense feeling so penetrating
I love your touch
It's like a thousands planets colliding in a universal fireworks show of infinite space

It's time
Look forward
A path clear for the purest of souls
Let's do this
Let's finish this story
No pain; no sorrow; no regret
Close your eyes
Take my hand
The wind will be our guiding force

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