About Recruiterpoet

Recruiterpoet is a published author, screenwriter, social media specialist, personal branding consultant, coach, world traveler, loving son, and fan of Fraggle Rock.

You will find Recruiterpoet walking the beaches at night, drinking red wine and black coffee, soaking up world cultures, writing, educating others or deep in thought

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14 thoughts on “About Recruiterpoet

  1. Dear Recruiterpoet,

    I loved reading Andres’ post about Golf on TV. Thank you for mentioning our Tiger Woods article from Women’s eNews. Glad you liked it. Check back for more sports related articles soon. and please feel free to leave comments on our article page.

    Women’s eNews staff

  2. Mark,
    This is a great site! You have an excellent talent, and I could stand to learn a thing or two…or three or four. Thanks for sharing, and I will be anxious to read on.

    By the way…if the world does end tomorrow…I vote for the day off on Monday!

    Have a great weekend!

    -Dave Johnson

  3. this is SUCH a beautiful blog…i actually found it by accident when I was trying to locate some whimsical art of hans christian andersen fairy tales and clicked on the cute frog and princess in googleimages…and then i briefly had a look and spied pictures of MELANCHOLIA which i have been hanging out to see! anyway just wanted to say this is a great blog to remind me of all the beauty that exists in the world rather than what I see when i watch the news or read the newspapers…so Thank You, very much! Best wishes from down under πŸ™‚

  4. Value and personal work satisfaction does not translate directly to the level of seniority or responsibility in the organization……..I love the Marcus Theory! Am one of it’s proponent. I strongly believe that your work should define your worth

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