Profound – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I miss your footprints in the sand
I still feel the pain
It is meant to be felt and hidden in the darkness of the soul

I look to the clouds to sing me a lullaby
I sink to the deeper blue waters
Let go
Concrete pull of gravity as the sun fades from view

Now I awake

Time divided now

What was; what will be; what almost was

A translucent image plagued by colors painted by dreamers framed into this box of life

A profound moment
Rested on the pillars of memories
Look, a picture of a smile I used to know with you by my side

Black and white

So much confusion, it is all clear

A world of darkness and light and I am floating in grey

Often poetic
Rarely so free
To be in a world so open, inhabited by walls
A contradictory storyline without an ending

Missing is so finite
As we return to sand, missing becomes a void blackness

How profound


Hold On – Original Poem

Hold on, Hold on…

The pain is scorching intensity
The foundation of the soul rips through the pores of this lifeless body
Laying at rest
A mass of flesh now one with the Earth; a blackened memory

A journey of unimaginable darkness waits
Once sheltered, the soul flies alone

Hold on, Hold on…
A little longer
Your voice is mute, but prayers are heard
In the distance, the faintness of light comes and goes
Only a mirage of hope; a glimpse of eternal rest

Faster than the speed of light, in a rainbow of colors, the soul floats into a dimension undiscovered by mortal science

Slowing down, it sees the future
The eternal vision is love