Wasted Youth – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Nothing mattered but the moment we were in
Squandered dreamers

It’s all captured now behind the glass window
A museum of memories rekindled in our dreams

Tripping over the VHS library
Scarred by the rock n roll lifestyle of a suburban nightmare
A manifestation of a perfect world
Kids played, parents loved and the world was a small bubble of safety

I remember a different time where a fifth of Mad Dog and a fantasy in the pages of Playboy behind the quick stop was the American dream

Satan toyed with our youth, not in fire or fear
Nor pain
Nor tears

Our souls locked up in the boredom of utopia
A 40 in the woods
Our future secured with one misguided orgasm

Our moms and dads pledged to love and honor for the sake of the children
Love poured down the drain as emptiness filled the bedroom

No white picket fence to protect us
Just John Hughes to keep us in high school forever
Don’t you forget about me cries Bender as he raises his arms to the air
End frame, end scene, end film

The varsity jacket still smells new as I slide it on listening to the chimes of achy bones

You can’t go back
On the field, the jerseys read the same numbers, but new faces
Cheerleaders soon to be moms because they trusted he would pull out
Players running a 4.4 today then holding a 44 to their forehead tomorrow

The curse of youth is not the unattainable; but the unrealized

With wings on our heels, we raced for the finish line
What if we stopped?
What if we questioned what are we racing for?
What if we fled?

I’m leaving on a jet plane.
I didn’t.
I took that minimum wage and squandered it on I don’t know

On the corner
In a town
Like any other town
In a place
Like any other place

I watched the world pass by
From feet, to bike, to car, to wheelchair



Lost Youth, Homeless Retreat – Original Poem

Do children fantasize about living on the streets when they grow?
Cold and alone under the comfort of a bridge
Dirty and lost
Unable to recognize their own reflection

Beneath the  dirt and stubble once stood a promising young boy
Zesty and silly with the fruits of a life at his footstep

An astronaut he would be
A baseball star to millions
A world traveler with only the wind to guide the sail

On the playground they laugh
Surrounded by friends and the safety of the bubble of youth
Waiting in the wings, proud parents, smiling

They are the future
The promising leaders
The innovative changers
The idea makers
They will make us proud

Now drunk and hungry they lie shivering
Torn clothes found behind a dumpster
The final piece of meat off the bone of a chicken already worked over by a swarm of flies
A wet blanket, their only material possession
The taste of blood off his cut leg his only meal

All they have is time


Time to ponder
Time to regret
Time to forget

Blocking a life gone wrong is not an option
Reality is his enemy
Fierce, raw and filled with pain

The child is gone now
The future is dark

The only rest will come under the nameless tombstone
Void of visitors
Void of love

Mom Dream – Original Poem


I had a dream last night.

One fueled by liquid comfort and protected between sheets of cotton and dormant time

A dream of happiness and sadness trapped in suspension.  Hovering above outside my reach, but lingering in hope, guilt, despair and soothing tranquility

There she was; so full of life

Working to prepare for the impending company. Busy and anxious.

Outside pods filled with my childhood.  Soon to be gone.  Soon, to be so distant, the fog will blind me from any remaining senses

I didn’t see it.  I didn’t realize it

My present and past found their way to each other acting out this play in my psyche.

I, on my knees, watched in confusion

Not until my eyes opened to the darkness of reality did I see

It was her goodbye.  I treated it with ill respect; with only my childish demeanor

I was a child; or was I an adult?


Was my dream fueled by memory or transference from my past to present?

Was I saying goodbye to my home, my mother, my childhood or innocence?

Was I opening the door to uncertainty?

I had a dream last night

I saw my mother

I smiled; now I reflect

Farewell to Home – Original Poem


All these songs a reflection of the past
These walls echo the words of my childhood

Laughter through the cracks
Tears hidden in the shadows

It is a time of passing
A time of reflection
A time of evaluation of the decisions, the paths, the results of a life held together by brick and concrete

I was five years old without a worry; without a care; with a life time playing in the musical box of imagination inside my head

At ten a new world opened up but home in the corner of my eye

Soon, the wind passed the years of adolescence like the school bus along the main street

I walked away with a kiss and a tear to explore the unknown

With a family picture in the back of my pocket; a constant reminder of the safety of home


Always there; close

Like a brilliant magic trick, innocence disappeared not to be surfaced again for many years

Now thousands of miles worn on my face, I return to say goodbye

Goodbye to home
Goodbye to my first steps
First skin of the knee
First kiss
First proud moment

The picture remains
My face growing through the years
The same pose, the same smile, a new notch of life etched in a wrinkle

Laying on the grass one last time and looking to the stars I am thankful and confused

No longer will these rooms be mine
No longer will I walk through this door
No longer will I call this home.


As I walk around the each room and hallway, hollow and still, I can hear millions of footsteps complimented with the voice of my mother, father and siblings. Laughing and playing with music in the background. It all rushed back to me now.

With a fond farewell, I lock up the memories for another time; walk out the front door and open the door to a new chapter

Remember when……Life was simpler

Picture 001

As we get older we mature, we begin to look at the world a different way and make adjustments to our perspectives. We see more value in things we didn’t see initially when we were younger and see the importance of family, respect and love.

Picture 015

Still, we have undergone unprecedented change in the last ten plus years. Not as dramatic as the first light bulb and telephone but clearly we are seeing life and experiencing things in a way we have never before. As we look at our children, we consciously know, they will never know the life we have.

Picture 005

Maybe it is time to sit down with the little ladies and lasses and bring on a little journey to the past when things may not have been right at our fingertips but they sure brought us happiness.

Let us talk a walk on the yellow brick road of memories.  Follow me now as we journey to a time of innocence and simplicity..

Remember when…

Picture 014

    • You put a VHS tape into the VCR to watch a movie and not click a poster to stream it on Netflix

Picture 008

    • You spent hours trying to figure out Rubik’s Cube instead of spelling out a word on Words with Friends once every two hours
    • A company newsletter was printed  and handed out at staff meetings and you could flip the pages and read it; not view it on the intranet site

Picture 013

    • A card was made with construction paper, markers, lace and love, not an ecard from Hallmark.com
    • You wrote a note on a napkin or piece of notebook paper; not a text
    • Your appointments were written in a planner with a pen, not on Google calendar

Picture 009

    • Birds weren’t angry (We love you Tweety)

Picture 004

    • Apple knew how to “Think Different” and never stop “Imagining”
    • When you won the big race or scored the game winning basket, you cut out the article in the newspaper and put it in your scrapbook; not find the URL online and share it on Facebook

Picture 003

    • You didn’t need Match.com or EHarmony to find a date; you walked up to a girl and handed her a piece of paper that said “Will you go out with me:  Yes or No”

Picture 012

  • You stood on line for hours to purchase concert tickets at Ticketmaster for bands you idolized; not buy them online, download them and scan them at the door

Picture 006

  • You sent a postcard from the amazing places you visited; not take a picture with your IPhone and Instagram it
  • When you met a boy or girl at a bar or club, you got a number on a coaster; not add them as Facebook friends and get lost in the shuffle

Picture 011

  • A photo album consisted of pictures you took that you couldn’t see for a minimum of one hour; not a digital screen of images
  • A creative image of yourself was a caricature at Disney World or the shore; not an app on your IPad that takes a picture and warps it to look cool

Picture 010

  • If you had an opinion, you would write an editorial and handed it in to the local town or school paper.  Then you were a blogger
  • MTV showed videos and network television had shows with plots, no celebrities and no sign of reality anywhere

Times were different.

Some argue life is better now; life is easier; life brings the world closer together.

Is it?

Picture 007

I liked my friends in the neighborhood that played wiffle ball until we couldn’t see the ball anymore, playing hide and seek on eight different yards, going out for Halloween and not even needing our parents, having the door unlocked at night, riding bikes instead of riding a virtual bike on Wii, buying the first baseball cards of the season during a snow storm just so you could do it first, walking into each other’s houses and eating their food, making mix tapes for our friends and girlfriends and just enjoying things a little simpler.

Picture 002

I Went to a Zoo

I went to a zoo on Saturday. First it was chocolate and raspberry crepe and hot chocolate then off to High Park Zoo in Toronto, Ontario. Why is it important that I share a story about a small quaint zoo with emu, goats, bison, wallaby, reindeer and cows?

First, it is a zoo. If that isn’t enough to celebrate then what is? The thought of exotic animals from every continent around the world cohabitate in one place and being able to touch, talk and learn about them is just one of the most amazing concepts on earth. It is a utopia of life from the simplicity of eating and pooping to the complexity of mating. We get to bear witness to how other animals and species live around the world all at our finger tips.

Second, The National Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY and zoos are a bit of a holy grail to me. I can sense them, I can feel them but somehow I never thought I would see them again. Like many people, when I have a quest, I will stick to my guns until that need is met. Now The Hall of Fame has become more of a joke between my father and I so the likelihood of meeting this destiny may not be in the near future but I was able to go to Yogi Berra’s Museum last summer and that helped ease the pain.

Now back to the zoo. Due to a calendar overlook, we were not able to go to Shakespeare in the Park last night and see A Mid Summer Nights Dream but through a little additional research, I learned that High Park had a zoo.

Yippy! Are you feeling the excitement now! So after bribing my father with a nice savory sweet crepe, it was off to the zoo. What a time was had. I had a nice conversation with an Emu who posed so nicely, watched a couple of young goats experience true love or mounting, watched a bison poop for what seemed like an hour, was amazed by the wing span of the peacock, cringed as the goats who were in mid shedding and laughed at the reindeer with their furry antlers.

A zoo is one of the rare places you can feel like a child each and every time you walk through the open gates. As I walked on the medium like a gymnast in the Olympics minus the style points and eloquence, I felt like I was ten again. It is nice to get an hour sometimes to forget about life’s problems and just be an innocent child once again. I wanted to pet every one of them and even may have renamed a few. I liked the names but some just didn’t fit based on the relationship I created with them.

As the sun was setting so too was my visit to the zoo. You can give me a 50 acre zoo with an IMAX theater, a dolphin experience, a one of a kind albino alligator, giraffes that touch the clouds and elephants so massive you won’t believe your eyes, but in my mind, if you can find a small zoo where you can make an intimate connection with the animals in a small setting, it is so worth it.

So there you have it. I went to the zoo. I hope you enjoyed my little story and maybe, just maybe it too inspired you to want to befriend an animal or two at the zoo.


Yesterday – Original Poem

In a moment, I woke up to find a weariness in my eyes
Life moved in fast forward while I slept

My youth has suddenly disappeared
I turned around only to see the decay of a path not chosen

I don’t recognize this face in the mirror
It reminds me of a time yonder, but I fear it is nothing but a fleeting memory

I can see myself on the playground
I can hear the voices that remind me of home
I can feel the pain of a bruise that now scars

Another breath
A deep sigh
A heaviness in my heart

Behind me is the fear of comfort gone
Ahead the fear of darkness

Happiness is a blessing clinging to the soul
It is in all of us but must be harnessed and shared to fulfill its goal of a life lived with passion

Again I must find the answer
It is in the book of love we write the next chapter

Life is only beginning to unfold
It is full of blank pages and with this pen I write the future