Meaning of Life – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The uncontrollable forces of humanity
Let the unpredictable take hold of your senses
To breathe on its own

A blink
Exposing the deepest roots of humanity and self-realization
Isn’t that it
Isn’t that what this ride is all about

In the pits of the soul
The trenches of the mind
The depths of reality and imagination crashing in an explosive bang

That was something

Grounded once again
Walk on water, taste the air, feel the force of wind

A power so much greater than I
It must be the sign I seek

A creator
A manifest destiny

Looking, looking, looking
Where is that big moment that answers all the questions?

Maybe it is in the beauty of a newborn
The soft touch of animal
The bit of wisdom from the elderly
The peaceful look of the rising sun
The stillness of the moonlight

Maybe I am looking too far
Like a traveler without a destination
A journeyman without a map

The home I seek lies on the steps I take
All around, it is all so familiar
This is the place
This is the time

Answers are near


What a Ride – Original Poem


What a ride

Sound the sirens, full speed ahead
Welcome to this joyride

I am grateful; I am pained; I am blissful; I am shamed; I am hopeful; I am lost
I am here

From a sheltered womb without awareness to a world without end
No walls to block possibility
No barriers to hold me down

This life is a psychedelic roller coaster fueled by the blood of a higher force
Tickled by the rain; soothed by the snow; warmed by the sun; guarded by the darkness; caressed by the fallen leaf

What a ride

No instructions
No seat belt
No defined stop

Dismissing the notion of a “circle of a life”
There is no circle
Without conclusion, there can be no end
Break the circle and float away

What a ride

Sliding down the rainbow into a pot of sunflowers
Singing with the orchestra of birds
Bathing in the ocean bath

With these hands, I touch my heart
With this mouth, I breathe life
With this mind I absorb knowledge

What a ride

A panoramic merry-go-round of wonder
Hello Mother; Hello Father
Hello future love
Hello past mistakes; I know I will see you again

My whispers but a minor earthquake in this endless playground
It is so beautiful; so magical; so serene

What a ride
Sing me a lullaby


Truth – Original Poem

hand1Truth has no cost
No oppressors; no accusers
It is not bound by law nor governed by principles of acceptance
It is free of judgement

Truth: a wicked play on words
Often misunderstood and feared
It lives to be free, but hides from most

I have found truth
I have been hypnotized by love
I have experienced the idealism of a life complete

Caged by societies book of notions, rules and behaviors
Words twisted into law
Freedoms handcuffed to the fence of resistance

I have found truth
It shines in the stars
Echoes at the speed of light in moments of wonder

In the moments that touch us with the vigor of a rolling train
They move mountains; silence screams
In these moments time stops long enough for us to reflect on the importance

pic2Truth is in the education of nature
The emotional strain of mistakes made
Adorned by the gift of a heartbeat
Why do we wait for it to seize?

I have found truth
For all others, I am sorry

Merry Go Round – Original Poem


Round and round we go

Each day, a new beginning circumventing to an end
Same sites; same faces

Cheering as I go up and down
Safe on this horse
Where does it stop?
Each beginning; each end; repeat

At the first spin, I crawl from the womb
Mother smiles

Round and round we go

The girl that made me skip a heart beat
First kiss so close
She broke my heart

Round and round we go

Graduation day so proud
Parents sigh
Mother cries
On my own

Round and round we go

There she is on the horse beside me
Next to me nestled and safe; my destiny
Soft, gentle, inviting
She is the answer I have always sought
I take her hand for life

Round and round we go

Apartment empty now
This room becomes a home
On the rocking swing watching the dogs play inside the white picket fence
Birds sing
She rests in my lap

Round and round we go

The job is hard
Spinning so fast
Cannot fall off; cannot fail
Live with passion
Live with drive
Is this where I want to be?


Round and round we go

The first tears
A new life
Embrace the faith; continue the cycle

Round and round we go

The circle continues, but to achieve greatness, I must face the fear
Step off the spinning platform
Take the leap

The next chapter is to begin
Breaking the barrier and be free as the white horse on the sandy beach
Letting nature and man become one
Completing the spiritual awakening that is the beloved gift of life