Stay With Me Baby – Original Poem


Stay with me baby
Stay with me

I know I have been drunk behind the wheel of life one too many times

Too many times for forgiveness
Too many for redemption
No matter what words come out, they are crushed by the actions of self-inflicted wounds

I never meant to pull you into this tornado
With intense winds, I heard your screams
I tried to stop the path of destruction

From town to town, I settled for new faces and places; same mayhem

I swore this was different
I pleaded for a chance

With all the intensity of our passion, I couldn’t hold the grip
So slippery; so wet; the fall to far

You saw, in my eyes, the fight I have been battling
You ignored the red light and drove your heart into mine

Never knowing why, I accepted you on this runaway train
What a ride we had
Carnal intensity
A pain so good

Now I want to brake; To stop and be still for once
I ask you now, to believe that I am stopping the chase and now indulging the dream

It will only give sweet nectar and quench my thirst with you by my side
Look into the weakness of these eyes and accept my unspoken word

I need you to stay with me baby



Time Travelers Letter to You

time1Dear Present Day Human,

This is a letter from the future to you today. I recently spent some time observing your behavior, interests and patterns of action to understand what went wrong. Let me jump right to the punchline. We are all screwed. At least those that are still human. We still account for 44% of the intelligence beings on this planet, but that number is dwindling. Back to the conversation at hand. What did you all do? Maybe the better question is, what did all not do?

After the last few weeks living among you, I have come to several conclusions:

  • Corn dogs are amazing.  Holy crap are they good.  You all should have like a corn dog eating contest and send the winner on an all expense paid trip to the Lamix Galaxy.  Wait, do you even know where that galaxy system is?  Anyway.
  • That Big Bang Theory is pretty spot on.  Geeks are the sexy ones now.  In high school, I was going to go to the dance with the most beautiful human and then I got a C on my lunar algorithm and advanced space measurement exam and she went will Xanbert.
  • I don’t understand your fear of spiders.  If you saw the size of them now….Moving on.
  • Money is cool.  We don’t have money anymore.  During the last equalizer period.  I believe you all would call that the apocalypse, all social status was destroyed and we had to rebuild from scratch.  Women took the helm because the men had their heads up their arses.  It seems that whole MMA spun off this death cage sports phenomenon which became our form of justice.  The male population slowly dwindled away.  We were pretty much there for sperm in the end.  We are starting to repopulate again though, but we don’t have much control.
  • How do you not see the signs people!  This thing you call social media where anyone can say anything and 10 seconds later it is meaningless.  It is killing you.  All of you.  You don’t know how to feel anymore and this is just the beginning.  Emotions are now something you read about in history books.  When a person says they are depressed, ignoring them is a bad idea.  When a singer talks of rape and killing, you should probably get them help.  Instead of hiding behind those mini electronic things, you may want to start feeling again.  I am not supposed to change history, but if I nudge it along in a better direction, who is to complain.  It sucks in the future.
  • Fast food.  I’ll make it simple.  If you can eat something that is 600 calories and 70 grams of fat in 2 minutes.  Let me make sure I add this up right.  You can eat 18,000 calories and 2100 grams of fat in one hour.  That would be 432,000 calories and 50,400 grams of fat in 24 hours.  I did have to use my brain chip number import device for help.  That is a very very bad.  Let me repeat.  Very very bad.
  • Have more sex.  I don’t know what it is, but it looks insanely awesome.
  • What is the deal with drug use.  Do you even know what you are taking about anymore.  It seems like it would make sense if it made you feel good or healed you, but it seems like if it looks like a pill or in a needle, then its cool to do.  Still don’t get it.  I am not even going to try.
  • The religious wars ended about 300 years from now.  I hate to give you a spoiler, but no one won.  Turns out we were all wrong.  I think the final tally was 5.5 billion killed and one goat.
  • Love your parents.  In a couple of hundreds years, your parents will look something like a test tube.
  • See the world.  We’re gonna destroy it all soon.  Seriously, gone.  All of it.  Pyramids, Grand Canyon, Mayan Temples, Towers, Miley Cyrus, all of it.
  • I saw that show Futurama.  It’s true.  So spot on.  So when you are close to dying, make sure you have a good haircut and moisturize your skin.

Here is the deal:


I see people dying all around in wars, suicide and gangs.  Children and families killed for nonsense reasons.  Senseless death.  We live a long time now because half of our body is mechanical and we are a little numb in the caring department, but we still have some of the things you call emotions.  I have watched those people that tell stories of war instead of helping stop it.  Oh, yes, the news people.

All I notice is people sending messages about how bad it is or how sad they are, but there isn’t any compassion or action to help.  I look at many of you and I see myself.  I don’t like that very much.  I don’t like that at all.

I was born into this.  I was conceived in a lab, mixing body parts and metal to create what I am today.  I have searched through many dimensions to find the point where it all changed.

I’m finally here.  I finally found the moment where compassion began to die.  I don’t know how to stop it.  This is the first time that I’m lost in my journey.

I can’t tell you how to live.  To you, I am just another person among you in a crowd.  A passing face, a nameless being.  I will say this as my parting words:  Think about the future you want for yourself and your children.  If you see what I see everyday, I don’t think you want that future.

As I enter through my time corridor and return, I will go back with what you call “optimism and hope” when I return, things are different.  Things are better.


Sam (Zerbling)




Just Dance! – Lessons learned from Ellen

Ellen Degeneres.
Is there a negative thing you can say about her?

She is passionate about life.
She encompasses so much courage and compassion
She does not hide behind anything or anyone. She is pure and real
She cares about her fans and humanity more than most can ever comprehend.
She is a genuine bright spot in a world that sometimes needs a little sunshine to fall into its laps.

She isn’t a daytime talk show host, an actor, an activist for gay rights, a seeker of talent but a woman with a heart of gold that celebrates life with so much vigor that it becomes contagious to anyone around her.

I would like to say I am an avid viewer of her show but I rarely find the time to watch any television. At the request of a very close friend, I had to watch to finally see Sophia Grace and Rosie.

I will admit, they were adorable in that Mutt and Jeff, Laurel and Hardy, Odd Couple kind of way. They can even sing and rant and rave with an infectious British banter.

So why the craze for Ellen and how can we translate all the positive energy she exudes into our own lives?

Excellent question, Mr. Blogger. Let us begin by outlining some of the lessons we can learn from Ellen.

1. Ellen believes and exercises the notion that we should always dance. Music is all around us and dance is a celebration of life. Whether you are in a group or by yourself in front of the mirror, you should always let yourself go at least once a day and dance until you drop.

2. Acceptance. Ellen accepts all partnerships, preferences and beliefs. There is no prejudice in Ellen’s world. To her, love is universal.

3. Ellen brings out the best in all her guests and fans. You will never see a guest enter the stage without a kicking move and a smile. She is so unconditionally genuine and sincere that no matter how popular the celebrity, she brings out their inner child.

4. She values her fans as if they are her own family. Without the fans, she knows she would not enjoy the success and impact she has in the community. With a shower of thank yous and gifts, Ellen continuously reminds her fans how much they mean to her.

5. She has a heart as big as The Grinch (at the end of the story). She does not seek out human interest stories for the sake of ratings or sensationalism but uses her influence to raise awareness and provide comfort when it is truly needed.

6. Happiness isn’t a goal; it is a way of life. On or off camera, Ellen is genuinely happy all the time.

7. Ellen evolves and adjusts. Effectively utilizing social media to reach a much larger fan base, Ellen is visible everywhere from Facebook, to Twitter, to YouTube.

8. We are all stars. Ellen believes we all have amazing talents. She searches far and wide to find and expose new talent. She is like American Idol without the 13 weeks of waiting.

9. She can pull off her own style with just one name (aka Madonna and Prince…and look what became of them).

10. Ellen is a trend setter. Whether it is fashion, music, alternative lifestyles or comedy, Ellen has the power of persuasion. What a great asset to have in your marketing pocket.

Each and every day, Ellen has a simple message. Whether it is with a band, a funky dance, a humorous interview, or a game, the goal is simple, bring happiness and laughter to millions.

How many times do people tell us that when times are down, we should laugh and smile a little to take our mind off of things? Why should things be bad to seek out happiness? We should be happy each and every day of our lives and never ever forget to dance.

What is your journey? – A Testimony to Life

“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.”
-James Allen

We all have a journey.

Some have a bucket list, some a mission and others are just content being ignorant assholes that are so narrow-minded by prejudice and stereotype that they contribute to the hatred in our society.

Throughout this journey of life, we will all get lost. Each day is a path of twists and turns, corners of darkness and visions of light. If a day did not go by where we thought for a brief moment, an end would simply and shorten the madness we love and hate so much we would not be human. In the end, the journey is about something. It is a quest for moral right and a rendezvous with destiny.

It all works out though.

Some have a short journey while others are long and full of evolutionary change.

Life is never about you!

We all find what we are looking for and in the end, it is never about us. Think about it. Is it about your daughter who looks at you each morning with her baby blue eyes and smiles at the sight of your morning glow? Is it your partner for life who you sacrificed your soul to spend every breathing day of your life with? Is in your mother and father who led by example and shaped you into the person you are? Is it the refugee camp that is suffering from death and disease that you have dedicated yourself to saving? Is it your true love who soul was brought to you in an act of fate? Is it the music and lyrics that touch millions of lives and turn a lost soul away from the bridge to live one more day?

We are here with purpose.
We are given the gift of breath.

What fascinates my mental being is how some of us choose to get lost in the sea of uncertainty. All too often we guess and second guess our own purpose in life without accepting that we are fulfilling it through our passions, our actions, our unselfish hand and ultimately the lives we help bring meaning to.

We are all granted the ability to be angels on earth with a chance to hold out our hand and offer shelter to those in need.

I love that we all have gifts and talents. Some is through song, some strength, some compassion but at the end of the day, the gifts we use are not for us, not for self-fulfillment or any personal pleasure. They are for the stranger in the street, the homeless child, the girl with the broken heart, the sick friend.

Find your purpose and share it.

It’s all about love

How amazing is a life where we have this much power to help others. No matter what our talent, no matter what we say or do it is all guided by one common force that brings us all together; love.

Love is and will always be the answer to life’s unanswered questions. No matter which direction we go, love is all around us.

How can you not wake up each morning and smile with that thought dancing in your head.

I know I can’t.

The Will Of Human Compassion is So Strong: How high school lacrosse gave a dying man one last smile

As reported by sports columnist George Diaz at

It’s not lacrosse season, but last week Winter Springs (Fla.) High School played one of the most significant girls lacrosse games in memory. The score didn’t matter in the least. The significance came from the game’s sheer existence.

The Winter Springs girls lacrosse team played a special scrimmage at halftime of the Winter Springs junior varsity football game on Wednesday night. The Bears varsity squad squared up against their JV counterparts, the only way the school could logistically hold a scrimmage months out of season on short notice. And the most important spectator at the game was Carl Defoe, a middle-aged man devoid of body hair after five rounds of chemotherapy, cheering on his daughter for the first — and in all likelihood, the last — time in his life.

Defoe is dying of lung cancer, and he knows that he doesn’t have much time left — six weeks, eight weeks, maybe more. The cancer has spread from his one remaining lung to his brain stem and spinal cord. While Defoe insists that he isn’t done fighting the disease yet, the one thing that left him most anguished was knowing he’d never get to see his daughter, Heather, play in a high school lacrosse game.

Somehow the Winter Springs High School administration heard about Defoe’s last wish. The school quickly sprung into action, contacting the notoriously rigid Florida High School Activities Association to ask for special approval to hold a one-time, out-of-season lacrosse scrimmage. Amazingly, the FHSAA approved the request almost instantly, with one condition: They wanted a photo from the game.

So, on Wednesday, at halftime of the Winter Springs junior varsity football game against Oviedo High School, the two girls lacrosse squads faced off in a brisk, seven-minute scrimmage. Heather Defoe played for the varsity squad instead of the junior varsity team she’s scheduled to play with this spring … and she scored three goals.

Then, when it was all over, the two teams gathered around a happy man in a wheelchair, posed for cameras and the whole special event was gone, over as quickly as it had come.

Gone, but not forgotten by anyone there, not least of all Carl himself. If there were ever questions of whether sports can change a person’s outlook on life, they should be quieted by what Carl Defoe told Diaz just after the scrimmage wrapped up.

“I feel lucky,” Defoe said.