This Is Our Love Story – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

This is our love story
Restless hearts
Empty dreams

Songs remind us of the memories left behind
The soundtrack of our lives

Washed away with the ocean waves
I love you
Written on notes
Launched in a thousand bottles looking for a home

You are a bittersweet glass of whiskey flowing inside my body and biting away at my heart
Poisoning my blood with a love I cannot let go

Were you afraid to tell me the truth?
To commit to the unknown
You said you were scarred

We are all scarred
Life attacks us with razors cutting deep
Deeper than the skin
Deeper than the nerves
To places we cannot comprehend

I asked you to stay
I wanted more, but hid behind the comfort of simplicity

You didn’t trust my intentions
You didn’t trust your own heart

Now, you are with another, alone
Fighting the demons of your past
Looking for a way to find happiness in the future

Are you happy?
I ask, knowing there is no answer to be spoken

Back and forth
Like a see saw tottering with highs and lows
Grounded, then lifted to the sky

What if it was my face you saw in the hourglass in front of the fortune teller
My name you wrote on your notebook over and over
Or did you?

Did I do enough to hold onto your magical qualities?

Too many questions.
This is our love story


My Endless Love – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rock a bye baby

Rock a bye off to sleep you go

My beautiful wreck

Brushing my fingers through your hair, it is all so familiar as the nightmares rage on

Your demons chase you to the edge of sanity straight into the glass

Shattered with perfect edges, they cut through my soul

Under the light of a rainbow and cleansed by the rain you swam deep into the great unknown waters of life

Led by confused clarity, you sought escape

As your body disappeared toward the end of that rainbow, I felt you closer than ever before

High atop the balcony I stood gazing away as the world disappeared leaving a painting of the ocean and your silhouette

Tomorrow you will wake and we will create the dream for one more day

Stay tonight for tomorrow you are gone

Far away under the same sky we will dream together

It is a surreal novelette we have written

From the simple gestures to the mountainous climbs

It is a story that began in the roaring 20’s and will last throughout time

Rock a bye baby

Rest your weary eyes

As you drift away into another place, remember you are my endless love


May I Have This Dance? – Original Poem

dance2If I approached you, would you ask me to dance?
If held out my arms, would you cry by my side?

That’s all I ask of you

If I laid in bed a little too long, would you rest your head on my chest?
If I breathed the words of sadness, would you heal them with your light?

I ask you now, illuminated by the witness in the sky, will you join me for this ride?
As I wait, fixated on the reflection in your eye, I see the glow excite

Will you be the one I dreamed for all time?
Will you paint my future and fly it on a kite for all the world to see?
And celebrate with a toast as the light of my life

This clumsy fool weakened at the knees stands before you seeing fantasy meet reality

Matchmaker, matchmaker sing us a tune
Shower it with destiny from the delicate ivory of Gershwin
The words of “How Do I Love Thee” ringing from the resting soul of Browning
A harmony so lovely
A tune so familiar, played in my dreams for so long

Matchmaker, matchmaker, escort us to the dance floor
Release us to the unknown on a path of rainbow delight

As I sweep you off of this gravitational pull and thrust you to the sky, will you always be my special one until my last breath should subside?


You’re Not the Only One – Original Poem

lost1You’re not the only one that feels alone at night
Without direction, without a fight
Trapped in your own desires
Frightened by the thought of another person’s fire
Numb to the piercings of poisoned rain

Loneliness dwindles
The light of a new day rekindles

You’re not the only one who thinks to leap without faith
Who cries without feeling the pain
Digging a grave for a funeral never to be attended

You’re not the only one because you have me
Vulnerable and humble; blessed at the gift before me

You inspire color
Give meaning to this fantasy
My words I give to you
My life I invite to share

You’re not the only one out there minimized by space; corrupted by the hurt; pained by the future

hands1Never more will you be lost
Dump the weight of that back pack of past lies
Feel the burden lifted as you take my hand
Feel the energy of the sun penetrate the surface of your pores as you feel alive once again

Run with me baby; run with the gazelles
Let’s take our direction to new heights
Together in love

This is Romance

Romance comes in many different forms.
Some through small gestures and others in unexpected surprises.
It rarely takes more than a few words, a hug, a kiss or a look to reveal the truest form of romance and affection.

Perhaps because it doesn’t happen often enough, but in that moment, time stops briefly and a spiritual enlightenment fills you soul with the warm juices of contentment.

Isn’t that what life is about, contentment and love.
Knowing and experiencing those that bring you to the height of acceptance is what we live for each and every day.

We don’t need to wait for miracles or wait for something special to happen.
All we need to do is focus on those that care about us and embrace those rare moments of romance.

Picture this:

You come home after an extended trip, feeling under the weather and warn out.
You sift through the mail to find a hand written envelope from another country and inside a simple white card with these words:

You have no idea how you still affect me.
One email from you and my heart makes a little jump.
I guess this will be forever so.
I know know I have no claims on you, but what I wouldn’t give for one more day/night with you.
Thank you for being who you are.
Talk to you soon. I mean it.
Big hug to you, wonderful man.

This is unconditional eternal love.
Think about it.
A few words
A flower
A picnic
A kiss on the cheek
A warm bath

It doesn’t take more than a gesture to remind someone that you love them.