Women in Leadership at a Crossroads

By Andres Tapia – Chief Diversity Officer, Hewitt Associates

What’s required in order to achieve breakthrough change in the advancement of women leaders? And what are the implications for corporations if women are to make the desired gains?

The white paper linked to below discusses several ways in which corporations need to rethink their current paradigms if women are to be able to shatter the glass ceiling:

  • Rethink what strong leadership and strong management looks like;
  • Rethink the value of tenure;
  • Rethink compensation models;
  • Rethink whether competencies developed outside the workplace are not transferable inside the workplace;
  • Rethink how unspoken rules around alternative work arrangements maybe detrimental to women’s advancement; and
  • Rethink the women’s issue as one that also includes women of color.

Full Twelve Page Report/Study