Irony of Humanity – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

It’s so very cold in this blistering summer heat
The chill of humanity sends shivers down the spine

A lonely vagabond traveling from city to city seeking out meaning
A switchblade of greed penetrates the skin
Drops of blood numb

Hate hidden behind the words of wealthy ghosts whose power was only matched by corruption

Like a rocket man, I leap for space
Gravity pulls me back
Pounding me into this concrete jungle

With the ink of slavery, we penned freedom
An iconic irony housed in the ivory walls symbolizing a nature of promise

On the farms, they pray for a crop of plenty
In the trailers, we blame a color
In the palaces, we isolate
In the hallowed halls of see no, hear no, speak no, evil lingers

I declare that all men are created equal
A statement so full of decency
A statement so harmful
A false pretense for all we know

Teachers beware
Parents behave
Elected officials roll in your bed of money

Citizens of Earth, heed your call
Behold power in number; power in knowledge; power in faith

Destroy the walls of irony
Take back the original sin


Mother, Lover, Teacher, Friend – Original Poem


Divorced from the bondage of another
Now a bird free to fly

A runner with wings on her heels with visions of the open road and sensual freedom strengthening her journey

She is a mother, a lover, a teacher, a friend
A companion, true as the wind; pure as the air

A life dedicated to the essence of good; led by the values of intelligent passion
Teaching the children of the world the path to happiness while seeking answers to her own personal odyssey

In her eyes, I see the spirit of a young girl awakened and curious
Seeing life for the first time once again


A rebirth from the Lord’s hands
Nurtured by the earth
Fed by the hands of angels

Now is her time

A time to be free
A time to find love
A time to release

My Lady America – Original Poem

Up in the air we fly high above the clouds looking down on the flag of liberty
She cries tears of freedom while the bloodshed remains

Streets are flooded with violence and pain
Farms decay
Pilgrims search for the promise land but none remains
The words of pioneers etched on tombstones of battles won and lives lost

Sacrifices, the backbone of the foundation that broke the shackles
We are no longer led by the dictation of tyrants
Not subject to the abuses of so few preying on the vulnerability of so many

Freedom is a document we hold in our hearts and heard in the air we breath

It is laughter of a child
The tears of a new born
The courage of a runner
The strength of a soldier
The leadership of a father
The compassion of a mother

My lady America, your beauty stretches from sea to sea
Your protection is an umbrella without end

The words are now more important than ever
Peace is a gift that cannot be unwrapped or seen
Hold hands, red, white and blue in solidarity for we no longer see color but equality

Equality of life, love and independence

Without abandon we raise this flag with honor and pride

Independence Day is about Family

For once Facebook got it right.

As I browsed through the wall posts this evening, the one common theme throughout most of the pictures was family. Whether it was on the boat, at the beach, in the pool, by the grill or just playing in the yard, the day’s memories shared are those of families sharing in celebration.

Yesterday, I had the fortunate opportunity to be on the America’s Dream Team radio show out of Lincoln, UK ( or on 107.3FM) to talk about July 4th and the question was posed to me, “What does July 4th mean in the states?” After a moment of thought, I stated that in the end it is about family. Yes there is grilling, beaches and fireworks, but like Christmas, Easter and other significant holidays, it is one shared with family and friends.

America is an incredible country that is built on so many freedoms that we often take for granted the level of peace and acceptance we have all around. Today is a day not only to celebrate but to reflect and truly understand the importance the struggles our forefathers made and the sacrifices our soldiers and statesman continue to make around the world so we and our children can continue to celebrate each year.

Independence Day is a symbol of all that we stand for. Through the music, movies and tapestry of flags flying from every home, we are surrounded with a beautiful shower of red white and blue.

I was able to spend today with family in person and by phone. When I think of my special holiday memories, they aren’t crazy over the top risk taking events, they are the simple times shared with the people that have always been important to me.

Today is no different.

I am proud to be an American
I am proud to be a son
I am proud to be a friend
I am proud to be an uncle
Most of all, I am proud and honored to be free.

Today is our Independence Day. A time to shout to the moon and rejoice in all we have as the rockets red glare in the sky.

I hope each and every one of you had an amazing day that you will remember always.

The Escape – Original Poem

In the warm winter glow of the night’s sky, the sun sets on another day.
Hallowing over mother Earth in flight; sound and light converge as one
The freeze in the air is masked by the beauty of the a ball of fire hiding from our vision

In the distance, a haunting peace between here and there
Stuck in the middle of existence on a transatlantic flight of strangers so familiar to me

The faces change, but the voices all too much a reminder of the tranquil chaos waiting for us

Clouds wave now as we pass through the neighborhood, welcoming our arrival and departure in one motion

The wing, a plank tempting us to challenge gravity to a dual to the death
So inviting a free fall would be, but rational thought does once again take over a mind rattled in confusion

Leaping above humanity to the spiritual throne high above
All fiction and fact are now one on this mystery ride
Between Earth and Space we sit; a purgatory of solace

The constant sound of movement confuses me now as I feel still

A stillness that allows for reflection
A stillness that invites perceptive insight

Such a utopia now
Nearby a bird shares a glance

The sky is not a bloody red tapestry

Watching The World Pass By

I sat on a bench this afternoon in the park and watched the world pass me by. This is what I saw:

A father and son practicing lacrosse against the cement statue wall

A group of student huddled in a circle on the grass studying

A girl walking her dog or maybe the dog was walking her

Clouds moving quickly as the leaves blow in the wind

A bird and squirrel hunting for the same food

A group seeing who can throw a frisbee the furthest

A young couple watching and smiling as their daughter is experiencing the world for the first time

Two people pushing each other as they finish their jog

Someone alone under a tree with a good book

The sound of nothing in the park with the faintness of passing cars

What did you see today as you watched the world pass you by?

America’s Song (Original Lyrics)

Canvas of Clouds
Valleys of Red Rock
Rivers empty into the guardians of the hills
Valleys are the eternal footprints in time
Etchings in the hills
Miles of green color our land

From ocean to ocean; sea to sea
In the belly of the canyon is the heart of this great land

The faces of heroes echo off the mountains
Plains stretch from state to state
Patches of farmland remind us of pastures ahead
Bison roam, cows graze, birds sing

Reach out your hands, join together and sing out loud
Men, women and children join as one
Raise your hats to the sky
Let the wings of freedom reign high above the clouds


Essence of America
Smiles of children
Laughter like waves crashing on the shore
Cliffs hover a million miles below
The bottomless ocean fills out infinite dreams
Cars racing search of a a paradise called America

Teachers praise freedom; soldiers defend it; and children dream of it

Peace is a five letter word that can be seen through the eyes of a newborn
Mother Liberty our keeper and protector
Waving at the Staten Island Ferry
In her arms, freedom is safe bearing the words of our forefathers
Guarding her two children peace and independence

Prisons filled with oppression
Our homes a fortress
Together, hand in hand we will find the answer