On The Road of Life – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

There is nowhere to go but everywhere
Like a dream on the road where the mountains weep and the flowers bloom.
A place with boundary; limitless

Sliding down the rainbow of possibility into the ocean blue
Swimming toward the sun splashing me with its warmth until I can kiss the sand and be tickled by the grace of Earth free and open

A dreamer with a home between the clouds and grass

A verse for every step through this great land
A story with every heartbeat
Adventures born from fairy tales and raised by the imagination

I am born to a vision of wonder
Scared by darkness; excited for the light

Raised on the love of the road
A wanderer guided by the sky so blue

So, endless
So, euphoric

This is the love I know
It is here, it is everywhere

It is in the comfort of a stranger’s words
The safety of the countless stars
It lies within all of us


It is now


Welcome to the new game of Life: The Planet Earth starring Social Media and ITunes

Listen up Hasbro and Mattel, we have designed the next generation in gaming technology. Put aside your game consoles and wicked 3-D animation and bring it back old school with a taste of the future.

Social Media has officially exploded that even Francis Scott Key would be in awe. By the dawn’s early light we have taken the next step. With Cloud Computing, not only do we have the ability to create the ultimate Big Brother environment, but we can now do it in real time. Welcome to the Real World…Don’t turn around, everyone is watching!!!

“Welcome to your life
There’s no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you
Acting on your best behavior
Turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world”

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

The Game of Life was designed to provide children with a simulation of the challenges and rewards of life leading you through a path of academia, career choices, family and wealth. In the end, we retire in comfort and luxury or simple golden years. With each spin, we are presented with financial decisions, life choices and expectations that will lead us to the next square and the next phase in our life.

The new game of Life, is Planet Earth, Social Media is the media allowing all of us around the global to witness and partake in your journey and ITunes is providing the soundtrack. It is the ultimate game.

A simple ten number wheel is no longer your only option. You have all the tools and technology at your disposal to guide you in this life journey.

If you want to be an instant star, use YouTube or Twitter to make yourself a viral sensation.
If you want wealth, start an internet start-up, run a net loss for three years, grow your network to 100 million and then go public or sell it for a cool 1.5 billion.
If you want children, go to Match.com or E-Harmony, find your manufactured match and start a family.
If you want to go to college, transfer a check, log in from your bed in your pajamas and get that education you always dreamed of without ever leaving your house.
Most importantly, document every move you make on Foursquare, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. Without that, we cannot keep track of the game.

History has a tendency to repeat itself. We must document the journey of the game for future generations to learn. A requirement of this game is a blog. You need one, you must have one, you must let your voice be heard. Without a blog, you are nothing more than 140 characters per action. I hope we were not raised to believe that is our total value in society.

We also have to help critique the world as we explore each turn. Do not forget to update your Yelp and TripAdvisor account. Without criticism, all restaurants and retail outlets would survive.

Now, how can I possibly do all this while I am constantly on the road of life…Duh IPhone or Droid or dare I say Blackberry…Let’s not say that. We are all equipped, thanks to Captain Kirk with a mobile device that allows all this documentation at our fingertips.

Will all this technology give us Cancer?

First, everything gives you cancer. So do not fret about that.
With billions of dollars being funded into Cancer research, a cure for this dreaded disease is now part of the game. You may even be the one to land on that piece and be credited with the ultimate cure.

Did I mention this game is much more difficult than your traditional board game.

I thought I would just pick the green car, spin the wheel and start collecting a salary. Times have changed! Times have changed!

What makes this game so much different than the one we grew up on, is that personal choice is officially eliminated. We don’t have the option of not playing. We are all on the board and all waiting our turn. This is a continuous game, with no winners or losers. Some will become wealthy, some famous, some poor, some ill, but in the end we all want to get to the finish line.

Life is hard, but we love the journey.
Remember, resist temptation, because sometimes what appears to be the greatest things, are just traps along the way.

Just in time for the holiday season, head to Amazon.com or Toys R Us and get your version of Life 2.0…This is not your parents board game.