The Difference – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The difference between a hell hole and shit hole is just a point of view
Every town tainted with broken dreams
Lonely roads keep my company
Every day closer to her face
These pockets empty except for the dust and the faded memories of the last fruitless road

A pill for the pain
A pill to just keep me sane

Love burns to the core
Raw and gutted

Under this blood red sky, I pray

All that is left is a picture from another day
Another time when you found comfort in my arms

Now this life is breaking me
Every day, I ask for another chance, but time plays a wicked guitar
Riffs so harsh, days so long
Like a soul singer alone on stage, I suffer for the art of survival

Here I am, half a world away and no direction on this pointless compass
The sun directly above
No tilt to the left, nor to the right
Still and burning for another victim

I think back to those that had faith in me
Those that believed
Shared a vision of something; a powerful meaning in these words
No genie
No magic lantern
No turning back
A blank page remains in this journal, but has the ink run dry?

On the side of this road I will rest this head
Flooded in thoughts
Too tired to think
With the taste of clay, I look to the mountains in the distance
Eyes heavy; darkness lurking

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow
Another day to continue


On The Road of Life – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

There is nowhere to go but everywhere
Like a dream on the road where the mountains weep and the flowers bloom.
A place with boundary; limitless

Sliding down the rainbow of possibility into the ocean blue
Swimming toward the sun splashing me with its warmth until I can kiss the sand and be tickled by the grace of Earth free and open

A dreamer with a home between the clouds and grass

A verse for every step through this great land
A story with every heartbeat
Adventures born from fairy tales and raised by the imagination

I am born to a vision of wonder
Scared by darkness; excited for the light

Raised on the love of the road
A wanderer guided by the sky so blue

So, endless
So, euphoric

This is the love I know
It is here, it is everywhere

It is in the comfort of a stranger’s words
The safety of the countless stars
It lies within all of us


It is now

The Poignancy of Life – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The poignancy of life is a profound and delicate flower
It blossoms so infrequently in the most ideal conditions
With a sprinkle of love
A dash to compassion
A flurry of honesty
A nurturing of sunlight

It is born inside all of us
Nestled in its womb

A heartbeat away from exploding on a journey through the universe

First stop, purpose
It’s a confusing place
So many wandering, looking, not sure what it is they seek

This stop is crowded
Not for the weak or timid
It is honored in is irreverence for goodness
All creatures unite

Next stop, knowledge
Knowledge is offered with a price
Some will tease it with gold and jewels
Others offer a quiet place on the hill void of pressure

This stop is filled with all the scents of Mother Earth
From here, one direction turns to many.
Some seek explanation, others continue on

Next stop, understanding
It all serves a better good

This means could end
We have become the protectors
Now nurtured, we are free to see our place

The stops become fewer
Distances longer
Weariness sets in

Next stop, Reflection one mile
Slow, ease in and step into the house of mirrors
No directions
No depth
Only self-awareness

Each line on your face, a story
All those you have left behind smile behind you

Drawn in, you don’t want to leave
There is comfort in these memories
A fragile stability to all of this

Time has another plan
We must move on



Life: ON – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Systems down
Power failure
Technology, a mockery of science slaughtering love in hoards
We mourn the death of humanity

Life: ON

I stand in the shower motionless
Steaming water piercing my back
I close my eyes

With the power of a pack of horses moving mountains, I force my eyes deeper closing the gate between conscious and sub-conscious
Void of light
With this blanket of darkness, I’ll cover you

Transcending to the unknown
Water striking like a thousand kisses all over my skin

A deep beautiful melancholy plays throughout my soul

Soon, the fiery stream of water turns to a flurry of cold snow

My tears wash away with the receding tide

There is no time
There is no time
There is no time

Existence is now mocked by the past; teased by the future

Goodbye disappears into the night

Life captured
Life free



I Need A Place to Hide Away – Original Poem

hide1I need a place to hide away
A solitary escape to call my own

Through the desert heat, rising waves and the highest mountain peaks
Battling the demons laughing along the way

I need a place to hide away, but I should first explain

I offered my heart in hopes you would find happiness

We are born into a world flawed by an ideology of innocence
An apple tainted by the first breath

Still I fought for redemption
To complete a great unknown and find a happiness never clarified in the handbook of life

I struggled, swatting away the gifts raining upon me not realizing the happiness I wanted for you was all in a single touch
The power of a shared journey was right before my eyes

The legacy is not in a trophy case or a plaque, but the memories that carry on

I pushed forward and now I know, I should have just shared in the blessing of the moments with you

escapeNow I need a place to hide away

To reflect; to seek a rebirth
In this place I will build a womb, nurture my wounded soul and cleanse my mind to the point where I first got lost

Now I have explained
Now I need a place to hide away


We Should Have Done This A Long Time Ago – Original Poem

Roys-Motel-Route-66We should have done this a long time ago

This road trip
This journey together of discovery

Without the shackles of life and only the stars and the wind as our guide

We should have gone barefoot on the sand letting the ocean current caress our ankles

The voices of leaders will show us the path
From King, to Buckley to Twain, their spirits; their vision lives on

Together we will laugh and cry without limit

Free to dance alone with the sunflowers
Sing on Beale Street
Bathe in the Mississippi
Scream from the tip of the arch
Revel in Route 66
Echo in the Canyon so grand
Salute the Presidents looking on with pride

We should have done this a long time ago

You and I
Kindred spirits who found a way to get lost along the way

In the darkness, we found light
imagesWith breath held under the depths of black sea bottom we survived to witness another sunrise

Now I see the endless highway and all the roads that will tempt us along the way

Start the ignition, leave the map behind and trust ourselves
It’s our time now
Just you and I and the melody of exploration


Wake up from the grave and start living….

“The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.”

– Leo F. Buscaglia

How many times in our lives do we start over?

A marriage
A divorce
A life altering event
A new job
A new home

It seems we need life to guide us into a state of change or motivation instead of letting our emotions, passions and glimpse of irrationality lead us to the true happiness we seek.

How many of us can wake up each morning, look at the life we have chosen and say we are truly happy. I sense many are comfortable with a family, financial stability, routine, security and very limited risk. Is this a safe harbor or true happiness? Yes, of course it is safe, but not where you saw yourself when you were ten years old thinking about the future.

As a child, you are at the peak of imagination and with clarity and vision, you dream the impossible and somewhere along the line life hits you over the head and puts you in a box. When were you planning on breaking those four walls and racing for those dreams?

For most, never. Unfortunately, retirement may be the day you open your eyes and look back and what you could have done and thus a sense of self imposed sorrow runs through your body. For others, there needs to be an event, a moment, a seemingly global tragedy to awaken the senses.

Take a few minutes with a sheet of paper and pen and write down all the things you thought about being as you started growing up.

Here is my list:

Astronaut – The unparalleled feeling of being thrust through the atmosphere to the great abyss and for a few days experiencing absolute freedom while still being paralyzed by the fear of the great abyss.

NBA Basketball Player – I had a great jump shot and I was quick. Not as quick to my right but unfortunately genes did not bless me with a 6’8″ stature. I was given the opportunity to coach 10 and 12 year old girls and boys for a number of years and to this day I am still friends with a few and I am thankful for that.

Actor – Not just an actor but I wanted the whole package; worldwide stardom. Then again with the rise of MTV, I was OK with rock star. I can’t sing and acting, maybe a little community theater. I can’t even fake sing. If there was a Halloween costume for an anti-singer, I could pull it off with my voice alone.

Cowboy – I grew up in Anywhere USA quiet suburban land. It was the American Dream….In the 1950’s. My town had one major newsworthy crime in about 30 years. After a report on Wyoming and a stint of horseback riding in Pennsylvania, I knew. I was meant for the open trail. The dust in my face and the sun being my guide. What a thought. I’m not quite John Wayne so for now, I have to stick with True Grit.

Lawyer – I thought I could change the world. I interned for a Superior Court Judge and the thrill I got each morning, doing case summaries and research knowing I was taking part in justice. I knew that decisions I made would help the judge balance fairness for all that walked into her courtroom. I witnessed domestic violence cases, theft, deception and hatred and realized the courts couldn’t correct the system. Only people can look in the mirror and take responsibility for their actions.

History Teacher – I don’t know about you, but seeing the glimmer in a students eyes; you know the one that expresses them deep in thought and truly engaged in the education process it is priceless. We as humans are a sponge with the capability of continuous learning. Every day is a chance at educational growth and knowledge expressiveness. We are blessed with the give of intelligence. It is a sexy gift we should all strive to never give up. At the end of the day, I could transfer some of my expertise to a group that wants to absorb and further educate others. It is noble, fulfilling, warm and accomplished. It doesn’t pay well and it can wear you out faster than it can help you grow. Another dream by the waste side.

Writer – Writing is therapy. Some see it as a gift, a birth rite, a sign from the heavens. Writing is the true expression of all emotion bottled up and then released in an explosion of color and emotion. It is the novelists, historians, poets, musicians and journalists that not only record history, but help us understand ourselves. Writers help you see what you are afraid to see. Writers bring out a surge in your senses that are hidden away. Writers have a duty to themselves and their readers. They take your hand and guide you to another place. Maybe a fantasy land or a personal memory but they open the door to the imagination of everything. Wait, I suppose I am a writer. But am I an unconditional committed writer??

All of us have a lifetime to create a legacy. Unfortunately, aside from a website that tells you when you will die, we do not know our expiration date. Now is the time.

What makes a legacy? Hmmmm

1. Live each day of your life with purpose and never stop dreaming. Live each day with happiness, sadness, love, respect, and admiration for your chance to not only live a complete day but to see another sunrise.

2. Love your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, animals and strangers. We are all part of the this miraculous circle of life. We share this planet and though there are some rules and regulations, it is the freedom to take risk and find personal greatness that will write the final chapter of your legacy.

3. Teach the next generation to release the chains of society and lead your own path.

4. Challenge yourself. When you feel the odds are overwhelming or the obstacles too large to overcome, challenge your senses and let your dreams become a reality.

Don’t wait for a recession, an attack, a tragic crime or the safety of a picket fence to hold you back. This is not applicable to all. Many of us are so complete right now and it is a feeling of wonder. If you are on a path of robotic melancholy with a destination already determined; stop walking. You have the chance to turn around and start a new journey.