I Was Too Young – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

In a world wired for two, I hear your heartbeat above all the noise
In a world void of answers, filled with empty dreams and doubts amidst, I forgot you

Hypnotized by instantaneous emotion, swept away like a cloud caught in the wind, I was lost
Driven by the need for acceptance by the drones of an uncivilized land, I fought an invisible enemy

I was too young
Too restless
I thought I wanted more
To see the road and live by its words

I was led by the constant pressure for more
The depths of my soul
Passionate for meaning

I run away from my inspiration
Your voice has remained
My direction home

No excuse
No looking back

Life is a torturous journey to a conflict of light and fear

Your kindness hangs on my mind
So much time lost
So much I want back
To remember the days we never experienced together

My greatest treasure was your kindness
I squandered it in the depths of the mud as I dredged on

I needed room
I was suffocating in this closet
Closing in
Inch by inch

I had to break the chain to find what I had all along

I was too young
A hazard
Reckless abandon

Now youth reborn
Be mine


My Endless Love – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rock a bye baby

Rock a bye off to sleep you go

My beautiful wreck

Brushing my fingers through your hair, it is all so familiar as the nightmares rage on

Your demons chase you to the edge of sanity straight into the glass

Shattered with perfect edges, they cut through my soul

Under the light of a rainbow and cleansed by the rain you swam deep into the great unknown waters of life

Led by confused clarity, you sought escape

As your body disappeared toward the end of that rainbow, I felt you closer than ever before

High atop the balcony I stood gazing away as the world disappeared leaving a painting of the ocean and your silhouette

Tomorrow you will wake and we will create the dream for one more day

Stay tonight for tomorrow you are gone

Far away under the same sky we will dream together

It is a surreal novelette we have written

From the simple gestures to the mountainous climbs

It is a story that began in the roaring 20’s and will last throughout time

Rock a bye baby

Rest your weary eyes

As you drift away into another place, remember you are my endless love


Just for a Moment, We Were Still – Original Poem


Just for a moment we were still

Hands touched in that dark movie theater as you leaned you head gently on my shoulder whispering ‘I Love You’ for the first time

Time stood still
A pause on the soundtrack of our lives

Just for a moment we were still; the two of us trapped in our own cinematic romance, seeing the world outside but choosing to remain behind the screen

Stars of a fleeting love story that will never die and transcend time
A world about to crumble; demons lurking in the past and a life about to change
It was there that we found light in that darkness

Meaning defined
I knew I had to let go
Your skin against mine; so soft, so safe, so warm

You had to bleed on your father’s grave to breathe life, finding a relationship once again through his dying mother’s eyes

Like a zombie without a path you wandered
A hall pass to nowhere until that moment
Five, four, three, two, one stop

I see the glimmer in your eyes alone in the back row
For the first time, a sparkle
The movie so familiar; the scene so emotional

In that Garden State a seed was planted and in time a beautiful flower it will be

Just for a moment we were still and life began


Another’s Arms – Original Poem


In another’s arms you rest
His chest a pillow
Mind racing with thoughts of a happiness beyond your reach
He whispers in your ear, but you here nothing

This romantic cinema projecting in your thoughts takes you away to a fantasy

Soul to soul
Lips to lips
Fate hands you the card of lovers destined to a journey together


Under the silk sheets
Skin touches
Body heat exchanges
Emotional numbness dominates

You are here
Invisible to human connection
A shell of a body
A core of uncertainty

Surrounded by the unknown darkness, only one absolute exists
Love of another
Love so profound; so defined by unquestionable perfection
Destiny and fate intertwined

You close your eyes and dream
Tomorrow will bring a new sunrise

A Valentine’s Prayer – Original Poem


Time cast a spell on you
Preserving your ageless beauty

A shadow in my past; now the light of my future

I will never forget
The feelings
The pain of our goodbye
The sound of your tears
The crash of a broken heart shattered in the doorway as I fled

Scared and alone, I looked back only to see the mistakes I had made
Lost and alone I looked to the heavens for answers

Your womb empty
Scorched by lovers past
Caution is your only course
I was left on the side of the road, like others, on the passageway to your destiny

One day
Two roads became one
An angel, familiar but distant, walked from the darkness and into the light
Glowing from the metamorphosis of a rebirth


Our eyes met
Once again safe and warm
A leery embrace
A gingerly hug
Feeling like the first time all over again

“Hello” came off the tongue as I drowned in all memories flooding my brain

Your eyes soft and gentle
Laughter blessed by your tender purity

With a gentle brush of your hair, I remembered

It was you
It was you then and now

In others, I see you
In a song, I hear you
In a sunrise, I feel you

You are my guiding spirit
My moving force
My muse
Inspired to be alone
Desired to be held

Now, in you, I see a new beginning
Filled with promise and hope

In you, I envision my dreams and realities becoming one.

Damaged – Original Poem

I’m gone without you
I’m gone without you

Shattered in a million pieces
My heart laying on the ground
Sharp edges reflecting in the moonlight

I tiptoe and bleed trying to escape the pain of the heartbreak

This rainbow of dreams is now clouded in darkness

We were almost lovers
Cast by the angels with a blessing of eternal light
We believe in the mystical force, but drown in the wine of pleasure

Mistakes were made
Regrets linger in an endless tide that near seizes

Fragments remain in the picture of your smile
In the taste of your lips
In the erotic simplicity of your touch

Back to you I run only to find footsteps washed away in the sand

It is over
It is gone
My prayers disappear into the wind