A Victim of This Sexual Dance – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Yours was a passion that killed
Every heartbeat a song
Every nail scratch on my back a permanent tattoo of our love

A tiger without regret
Wild in the forest
Ruthless, lethal with unbridled sexual power

You are the dream, we all possess
The hot sweaty nights in mental bondage
Screaming for more; aching for just a single touch of the fantasy

That is your game
Roll the dice
Eagerly, waiting the next move

Stripped naked I eye my predator
Tied down, powerless in this blackness
Eyeing me with every quiet footstep
In the darkness, the glow of your eyes fore shadow the impending doom of lust
My body quivers

You sense the weakness
Drooling for a taste of my lips
A gentle bite, the taste of blood
The sinful animalistic tone

I hear your laughter in the silence
Feel your breath
Ache for the pain

In the moonlight the curve of your breasts tease like the jester in an erotic play
Now, is the moment
When beginning and end come to an explosive union

What will become of this prey
A victim of this sexual dance

Play your game
The fire inside burns
Abuse, use, but leave behind a memory of the love hidden in the fantasy
Let me never awake from this dream


Discovering You – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I love the idea of discovering you
The unchartered corners of your body
The wet canvas deep beyond your lips
The tremor of your volcanic heart racing to an explosive climax

I don’t remember who met who or how
I just know I can’t live a moment without your touch

It’s erotic innocence
Lustful romance
You terrorize me with your passion like no other

A spell you have over me

There is no evidence of a heavenly place, but when I am inside of you, I feel something undefined that no scientist has discovered

It is that place between existence and fantasy when heat and fire burn away the flesh

A seamless transition from the silky black pantyhose decorating your long sultry legs to the curves of your hips thrusting and teasing my body

My fingers shake as I feel I am penetrating the forbidden fruit
That corner in the garden restricted from the weak
Warning to the strong

Unchaining this oppression, my body is your temple
Unlock my doors and let me be your sinful doll

I’m but a dreamer, but you are the light the erases this darkness

Your moans are a song
A melody of passion

Each kiss unleashes a new wave reaching for the skies
A gentle bite to the nipple, a stream of kisses down your stomach
A clench of your thighs

With a hair toss and a throttle, I am your vehicle
Fueled by your deep penetration

Love and tenderness whispering signals to the instinct of heated passion

Now you lie motionless except for the soft breath leaping from your tiny lips
Body and sheets in one artful masterpiece

I trail my fingers through your hair, whisper verses of love and close my eyes


Heal This Broken Heart – Original Poem


This fragile heart resting in the hands of a wounded angel
Perishing to Earth to a fiery reality
Falling from grace, this child exiled from a land of innocence by the temptation of love, the lust for community, the longing to be touched

Forbidden by the maker to trespass on her milky white skin
She remained without the touch of another, soon to be betrayed

Now time has passed,
The wind has chafed
Touched in places never to be spoken
So taboo, she is blinded by the blank stare of rejection

Abused by words, by actions
Tossed to the ground by the wicked minds of gluttony

Like rain in the desert, she chases the dream of the imagination; yet only a dream


Yearns for a warm embrace for all eternity
It is rumor started by the servants of the devil manifested by beauty only found on the outside of soulless fools

Now the darkness sets in
The fields scattered with broken hearts and fallen leaves

In all directions it is endless
No sign of life
No sign of love

Who is out there?
Who can heal this broken heart?

Dark Lust – Original Poem

It is a passion that never fades
A pursuit of perfection that is a shadow following in the thick night air
Hiding in corners
Whispering in alleys
Penetrating your soul with the deepest of desires

Close your eyes to reveal the colors of this manifestation
A rainbow of possibility lusting away all thoughts of innocence
It is a betrayal of the heart when no crime has been committed

Deeper into the trenches of the heart
Bitten by life’s sin
No blood loss only a loss of humanity

Adolescence lost
Wanton desire woken by the wolfs of sensuality
Senses numbed by the thirst of violation

Chastity broken by lewd sexuality
Demons with pitchforks poking and prodding at you
You run into the fog but swept into a bed of sexual rage

Tied down by thoughts so wicked, so wrought with damnation
Fiery motives take over
Action no longer resemble rational behavior

It is in you now
This thing
This being
This animal

The ravage is free to fly
Civility is buried in a tomb of white roses