Dance Between the Sheets – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Your black lace panties still dangle on the end of my bed
Scent of that defiant perfume lingers in the air
Heart still racing from the memories of a few short hours ago

Still feel the softness of your hair as it slipped through my fingers and my last snapshot is the back of your hair and naked back

A silhouette of absolute perfection

A night so wrought in raw animal passion, now a fleeting reminder

You handcuffed me with your mind
A sultress with the eyes of an angel, the touch of a fragile feather and the bite of sharp broken glass

You left scars
Bite marks
Blood from nails of ecstasy

I begged for the pain
The hot wax dripping
The long deep soul sharing kisses
The thirst for more

In the brief hours of rest, I was lulled by your heartbeat
It cast a spell and sent me to a fantasy world where you and I ruled a kingdom of two
A blessed place where fate guided two strangers through the forest of heaven

Your breasts heaving into mine
Legs wrapped tight
Hands embraced

I held on knowing in the end, I would lose the subconscious tug of war

049a0a57a9118c35cf174c106f0e7826Sun beats through the window as it rises to the pinnacle of the sky
I toss, still craving the touch of your inner thigh
Moaning at the thought of one more touch
One more penetrating moment

But you’re a runaway
Escaping from my arms
Calling the road your home

A wicked game you play, my angel of the darkness

I Stare at the door hoping for one more dance under the sheets


Discovering You – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I love the idea of discovering you
The unchartered corners of your body
The wet canvas deep beyond your lips
The tremor of your volcanic heart racing to an explosive climax

I don’t remember who met who or how
I just know I can’t live a moment without your touch

It’s erotic innocence
Lustful romance
You terrorize me with your passion like no other

A spell you have over me

There is no evidence of a heavenly place, but when I am inside of you, I feel something undefined that no scientist has discovered

It is that place between existence and fantasy when heat and fire burn away the flesh

A seamless transition from the silky black pantyhose decorating your long sultry legs to the curves of your hips thrusting and teasing my body

My fingers shake as I feel I am penetrating the forbidden fruit
That corner in the garden restricted from the weak
Warning to the strong

Unchaining this oppression, my body is your temple
Unlock my doors and let me be your sinful doll

I’m but a dreamer, but you are the light the erases this darkness

Your moans are a song
A melody of passion

Each kiss unleashes a new wave reaching for the skies
A gentle bite to the nipple, a stream of kisses down your stomach
A clench of your thighs

With a hair toss and a throttle, I am your vehicle
Fueled by your deep penetration

Love and tenderness whispering signals to the instinct of heated passion

Now you lie motionless except for the soft breath leaping from your tiny lips
Body and sheets in one artful masterpiece

I trail my fingers through your hair, whisper verses of love and close my eyes


Passion is Woman – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

You have a body men built temples for
A shrine to the miracle of life
Eyes wide open; heart so free

Artists have wept to immortalize your beauty on canvas
A glow so radiant, a warmth so comforting

Your soft silky skin a fervor of goosebumps bringing the weak to its knees
Subtle curves reach for the heavens
A wonderland of treasures so pure

Lips dripping in the nectar of wine
So wet, so confident

Hair lined in strings of gold
Lace and satin so nice
Fingers running down the swell of your back
A slide of euphoric arousal

Gravity taking control down your thigh

A deep breath
A pause
Handcuffed in sexual tension
Pursued by the passion to go on

A kiss on the plane of your stomach
A moan leaking from the gallows of the throat

Gravity, so penetrating

To my knees, I am but a servant to your perfection
Humbled to let my weary body succumb to you

A princess, a myth, a hope, a fear

You are the angel that hides in my dreams
A symbol of life’s greatest masterpiece

Fingers tingle as your energy fuses with mine
Bodies in motion
Minds at ease

Each touch an awakening
A love so pure, so raw
Unhinged and full of fire


Writing a Cover Letter? – Make it a great one!

My friend Erica is a Marketing Business Analyst.

For those of you that do not know what the entails, you are not alone. Marketing is like the CIA of the corporate world. The day to day responsibilities are so secretive, even marketing professionals do not know what they do. It is a little Dead Marketers Society, where they hide in caves, sip wine and determine how they can mislead the public with analytics, reports and high powered PowerPoint presentations. They plan has been executed with brilliance for hundreds of years.

She recently found her self back in the market and in search of the next great career adventure. Now Erica is an avid outdoors woman. Bikes, hikes, eats healthy, supports local farms and gets her feet wet or muddy quite often. She is the role model for healthy living. It made sense that Trek was one of her targeted organizations to woe.

The question that lingered on her mind was, “how do I make them understand that I was born to be a part of that culture?” Sure she could put biking and hiking in her interests category on her resume or even through out a few biking clubs/organizations to boot but that seems cliché and forced. Why not make this one competitive, topical and passionate.

That is just what Erica did. She reached deep inside her creative juices and let it all out with this cover letter:

I’m not writing you a cover letter.

Those are boring and nobody reads them, anyway. Instead, I’m providing you a brief background on why I’m looking to become a Trek-ie (who cares if the Star Trek people have already coined that one) along with my list of demands, should I accept your offer of employment.
I didn’t start out a Trek-ie. My first “real bike” was a Cannondale M450 steel frame Franck Roman (if you don’t know who that is, shame on you, and you’d better look him up because there will be a quiz) that I purchased while stationed in Augsburg, Germany, in 1995. I purchased my first road bike 15 years later – an Orbea Lobular, AKA the DreamCYCLE.

Since then, my friends have started to slowly convert me into a Trek-ie (and, my husband, I suppose, who has a Madone 5.0). Ok, maybe slowly is not really the word when the first Trek you purchase is a Project 1 Speed Concept 9.0, but hey, who is keeping track here? My most recent bike purchase was not a Trek, however. With all the 29ers out there, I still wanted 26’s on my mountain bike, so I ended up buying a used Gary Fisher. BRING BACK THE 26’s…!

So, enough of the background drivel – below are my list of demands, should I accept your offer of employment:

1. There will be no making fun of the DreamCYCLE. Even if she is aluminum/carbon, with the right rider, she can kick butt any day of the week.

2. When the Speed Concept is in the office, she will enjoy indoor, premium parking, and a wreath of flowers will be draped over her handle bars so that she always feels like she’s in the winner’s circle.

3. When you interview for the communications specialist position you have posted, I expect to have a vote on whether or not the chocolate cookies pass muster.

4. And, I will not actually interview for this position; instead, I challenge the hiring manager to a road race on the bike of his/her choice. I, of course, will be on the Speed Concept. If I win, I get the job. And, the hiring manager’s bike. 🙂 If I lose, I get the job anyway, and I get to keep my bike.
If you agree to these terms and conditions, I look forward to hearing from you at the number provided in my online application.

With tongue in cheek,

Erica ______

P.S. Don’t take my resume seriously; it’s all drivel, too.

There you have it. A cover letter that addresses:

  • Cultural fit
  • Passion
  • Research on the company, products and brand
  • A edgy first impression
  • Confidence
  • Persistence

If you do your research and find a place where you “fit”, let them know that.