There is No Life Without Love – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

There is no life without love

Throw out the drugs, hallucinations, drinking and sorrow

Love opens the door to possibility
Breathes life into hope
Gives meaning to this insanity of eternity

Blinded by words
Endless words
Hidden safely in loneliness, we find solace
Solace in meaningless sex
It’s hot, sweaty and shivers the body

It feels good
It feels so good, but for what end?
A momentary feeling of euphoric bliss
To penetrate your soul as your body explodes into mine
It’s an act documented through the ages

For just a few seconds, the most adventurous risky of all acts takes us away
Away from reality
It is the moment when heaven and earth become one
The climax
The sexual explosion
A journey to the center of the Earth
To the hottest place

It is an act of the devil with an orchestra of angels
One that brings the weak to its knees
A shy soldier

It plays with our heart tinkling it with pleasure
Then empties it

Don’t let go
Don’t let it slip away
Feel the burn
Let it race your blood to the core of the house of love

Let that passion touch the love that yearns

So close
Let the pain in
Let it come together

There is no life without love
Without the sexual passion, there is no purpose

Together, together is everything


Quiet Conversations in My Head – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

You bleed just to know you are alive
Cutting through the skin to expose the blacked blood poisoning the body
This disease so penetrating, so absolute
Charring the heart

Depression is the jester laughing at the crying souls
A pawn to the devil

Offering a little pill for the pain and a razor for the sensation
How many times can I feel before it goes away forever?

A landslide with no bottom
No more tears; no more fears; no more feeling

Whispers of quiet conversations in my head
Visions of your body discovering mine
Just a dream
A manifestation created with a single paid admission to the bottle

A toast to you
The parties, celebrations, milestones, lost loves
All but a memory
Fleeting in the wind of the impending storm
Wash it all away

Take this home
These letters
Suck in the love letters and rain a future of discord

“I love you”
“I miss you”
“I want you forever”
“You and I”
“My rock, my inspiration”

Now the ink fades
What’s going on here?

Lying in this bathtub
Water rising
Too tired to swim


Poet’s Inspiration – Original Poem


I want us to be the ones poets write about
Documented for generations to come
Dreamers will dream of our journey
Those lost will find direction from our story

A legacy transcending time
Beginning with hope
Finding peace
Culminating in love
A perfect verse

On this bench, our story will formulate
Feelings to words
Words to promises
Promises to eternal unification

To be part of this story with you is my inspiration
A source of energy with each kiss
A welcomed sunrise after a long rainfall

You are the color in the rainbow
The beautiful song of hummingbirds

I will catch your tears when you cry
I will cover you in the haunted chill of the winter
In the darkness of the past, I see the light in your eyes guiding me to my future


You saw in me what I could not see through the reflection in my mirror
Through the rough edges of life, you were my pillow
Resting in your bed
Seeing the world as you see it

With purity and splendor
It is a world of supernatural enchantment
A forest of flowers and trees
A garden all ours hidden for us

Here we will shower each other with kisses and write love letters only heard by the ears of two

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