Pleased to Meet You My Old Friend – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I’m so pleased to meet you
Do I know your name?
The face is so familiar
A reflection of a person I used to know

Did we live well?
A life that will be remembered?
As the suburban savior or a lost soul in the city of ruins

You are laughing at me
Mocking my sadness
Tearing away at the depressive state of insanity

I’m a mouse looking for cheese
A vagrant drowning in the storm

The devil was so kind once upon a time
A mentor in the sexual trilogy that was this life
Chapter one, an innocent boy without direction
Chapter two, a runaway
Chapter three, a pawn to the power of the beauty of women
Chapter Four, incomplete

Just stop
No more of this nonsense

You torture me with these silly memories
You cut me to taste the blood of defeat

I think I am starting to remember
The disease is on hold
I see now
We have met

We played together
We made love to many
We enjoyed the fruit of the original sin

I can still taste the warmth of your sweet love

Sarcastic chuckle
Dust covering the memory book

All their faces
So happy, so content in the moment

I want to forget, but always remember
A catch-22 without a cure

It is a pleasure to meet you, the man under the skin
The pawn in the corner
Not gone, but fading


My Greatest Mistake – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I wanted to be your greatest mistake
The fool that played in your charade
The jester that stumbled on your laughter
A one in a million chance
The last memory you take on your eternal journey

Fools conned by the dangling jewels of love
The great deception

We broke all the laws
Made love under the stars
Drank the blood of Earth’s wine

I fell off the highest cliff with you
Cut by the trees
Healed by the clouds
Cushioned by the soft cradle of your arms locked into mine

Those nights fate stole away rational thought
Drunk under the moonlight

We danced together
Even fooled the undertaker

We were the perfect criminals
Never a crime, but always in the wrong

06db18ade8ca26526ca5a8b9cbed6f75You made the pain sweet
Covering my insanity with your honey
Swallowing the sweetness of youth was never more satisfying

Now I read your letters and remember your face
My greatest mistake

Never a regret
Always an adventure
Lost caves of crystals and diamonds
Endless seas of unknown lands

You were my drug of choice
A hallucination I never wanted to see clearly
Like a race against time, we piloted at the speed of light

Now, I see
A toast to you, my greatest mistake

Wasted Youth – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Nothing mattered but the moment we were in
Squandered dreamers

It’s all captured now behind the glass window
A museum of memories rekindled in our dreams

Tripping over the VHS library
Scarred by the rock n roll lifestyle of a suburban nightmare
A manifestation of a perfect world
Kids played, parents loved and the world was a small bubble of safety

I remember a different time where a fifth of Mad Dog and a fantasy in the pages of Playboy behind the quick stop was the American dream

Satan toyed with our youth, not in fire or fear
Nor pain
Nor tears

Our souls locked up in the boredom of utopia
A 40 in the woods
Our future secured with one misguided orgasm

Our moms and dads pledged to love and honor for the sake of the children
Love poured down the drain as emptiness filled the bedroom

No white picket fence to protect us
Just John Hughes to keep us in high school forever
Don’t you forget about me cries Bender as he raises his arms to the air
End frame, end scene, end film

The varsity jacket still smells new as I slide it on listening to the chimes of achy bones

You can’t go back
On the field, the jerseys read the same numbers, but new faces
Cheerleaders soon to be moms because they trusted he would pull out
Players running a 4.4 today then holding a 44 to their forehead tomorrow

The curse of youth is not the unattainable; but the unrealized

With wings on our heels, we raced for the finish line
What if we stopped?
What if we questioned what are we racing for?
What if we fled?

I’m leaving on a jet plane.
I didn’t.
I took that minimum wage and squandered it on I don’t know

On the corner
In a town
Like any other town
In a place
Like any other place

I watched the world pass by
From feet, to bike, to car, to wheelchair


This Is Our Love Story – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

This is our love story
Restless hearts
Empty dreams

Songs remind us of the memories left behind
The soundtrack of our lives

Washed away with the ocean waves
I love you
Written on notes
Launched in a thousand bottles looking for a home

You are a bittersweet glass of whiskey flowing inside my body and biting away at my heart
Poisoning my blood with a love I cannot let go

Were you afraid to tell me the truth?
To commit to the unknown
You said you were scarred

We are all scarred
Life attacks us with razors cutting deep
Deeper than the skin
Deeper than the nerves
To places we cannot comprehend

I asked you to stay
I wanted more, but hid behind the comfort of simplicity

You didn’t trust my intentions
You didn’t trust your own heart

Now, you are with another, alone
Fighting the demons of your past
Looking for a way to find happiness in the future

Are you happy?
I ask, knowing there is no answer to be spoken

Back and forth
Like a see saw tottering with highs and lows
Grounded, then lifted to the sky

What if it was my face you saw in the hourglass in front of the fortune teller
My name you wrote on your notebook over and over
Or did you?

Did I do enough to hold onto your magical qualities?

Too many questions.
This is our love story


A Poem in Progress – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I remain a poem in progress
A human erred by creation with a promise to share
A message of life

I promise a life of fulfillment
I promise to chase life
I promise to paint the darkness with color
I promise to touch you with the warmth of my words
I promise never to hide in the web of uncertainty

Break the silence

The appropriate suicide of civilization is a miswritten commandment of a golden calf
Misguided by the temptation of failure

Erase the playbook
Clean the slate
Shower it with a rainbow of comfort
Scream, dance and splash passionate energy

Worn out, I rest in a bed of apathy surrounded by petals of intellect

Yellow friendships
White peace
Red love
Orange hope

This soul is kind
This soul is purposed
This soul gives

I had a dream
So comforting, it took hold of all the goodness in my heart
Family, friends, and a union so strong

61067f7f2f084c4ac18a8852cbf21aadI could fly, but stayed grounded by gravity
Observing past, present and future
All the importance in my life in one circle

It was my eternal greeting card
This is your life it read
Do not survive; thrive

I woke seeing through the eyes of a newborn, but present with a touch of grey

I promise to be in celebration

Passion is Woman – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

You have a body men built temples for
A shrine to the miracle of life
Eyes wide open; heart so free

Artists have wept to immortalize your beauty on canvas
A glow so radiant, a warmth so comforting

Your soft silky skin a fervor of goosebumps bringing the weak to its knees
Subtle curves reach for the heavens
A wonderland of treasures so pure

Lips dripping in the nectar of wine
So wet, so confident

Hair lined in strings of gold
Lace and satin so nice
Fingers running down the swell of your back
A slide of euphoric arousal

Gravity taking control down your thigh

A deep breath
A pause
Handcuffed in sexual tension
Pursued by the passion to go on

A kiss on the plane of your stomach
A moan leaking from the gallows of the throat

Gravity, so penetrating

To my knees, I am but a servant to your perfection
Humbled to let my weary body succumb to you

A princess, a myth, a hope, a fear

You are the angel that hides in my dreams
A symbol of life’s greatest masterpiece

Fingers tingle as your energy fuses with mine
Bodies in motion
Minds at ease

Each touch an awakening
A love so pure, so raw
Unhinged and full of fire


I Love You – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I woke up and something was missing
The air was a little crisper, but that wasn’t it
The sun was shining bright, but that wasn’t it
A chill filled my senses leaving goosebumps behind

The trees, clouds, wind all spoke to me
A plea
A request from the stars

In soft spoken chords, I heard a collective song of terror asking for help

We have lost our way
That line echoed over and over

Lost without direction home

Innocence engulfed by lust
Sharing shattered by greed
Compassion, a fleeting memory
Acts of kindness trampled by arrogant selfishness

Our bubble of beauty has popped
Bleeding out, short of breath, praying for a miracle

Today, I say to you, without fanfare, without expectation, without reward

I love you
I love you all
Each of you has blessed me with a life of meaning

For each hand I touch, I am inspired
Each voice, a new life lesson
Each act of giving, a reward so priceless

I love you
I don’t say it enough
I don’t say it with all the vigor in my heart

Now, I have awoken

I want today to begin a quest to regain that love around the world

I ask kindly
Say it today
Say it everyday
With zest and passion and vitality

I love you