My Endless Love – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rock a bye baby

Rock a bye off to sleep you go

My beautiful wreck

Brushing my fingers through your hair, it is all so familiar as the nightmares rage on

Your demons chase you to the edge of sanity straight into the glass

Shattered with perfect edges, they cut through my soul

Under the light of a rainbow and cleansed by the rain you swam deep into the great unknown waters of life

Led by confused clarity, you sought escape

As your body disappeared toward the end of that rainbow, I felt you closer than ever before

High atop the balcony I stood gazing away as the world disappeared leaving a painting of the ocean and your silhouette

Tomorrow you will wake and we will create the dream for one more day

Stay tonight for tomorrow you are gone

Far away under the same sky we will dream together

It is a surreal novelette we have written

From the simple gestures to the mountainous climbs

It is a story that began in the roaring 20’s and will last throughout time

Rock a bye baby

Rest your weary eyes

As you drift away into another place, remember you are my endless love



A Belgium Delight – Original Poem

In a moment, two hearts embraced the sweet escape of a Shakespearean love affair

In the arms of another, salvation is the strength she endures

In one perfect mistake, everlasting love rises in the vision of a rainbow of sun light

Snuggled bodies lie still in motion as an outpour of emotion screams in silence
Her finger tainted by the uncertainty of a diamond
She is the dream I can touch the fantasy I had given up on

The setting sun provides reflection on a relationship over the horizon

Tomorrow wonderland will return to a box in the corner of her mind

She will wake to the comfort of home and wonder