Last Song – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Your love makes me weak
All I’ll ever seek
It makes me want to cry no more

I found you standing there
Alone and scared without a prayer

I dreamed you into my life and now I stand beside

Strangers no more
Strangers no more

In a world to crowded for to see
You opened my eyes
Spreading your wings, I lie on feathers so free
Cuddled in your arms for all to see
This world is for you and me

Strangers no more
Strangers no more

I fell too many times
Fear left me blind
Too many chances lost
A youth wise no more

Waiting for the finale to confess, I never loved the rest
I waited all my life for this sacrifice
Now I know
All those words
Promises made
Emptiness burdened

A prelude to your kiss

I will fall from this sky
In your arms, I will subside
A phoenix rising from the fire

When the smoke clears

Strangers no more
Strangers no more



Why do we accept the love we think we deserve…


Do you want to be loved or do you want others around you to find happiness at your expense?
Do you want to settle or define of a life of happiness?

These are loaded questions filled with many options.

The pursuit of love is a passionate ride filled with bumps, obstacles and for some devastation. Too take another life and grant it permission to your heart, the most fragile thing in all existence is one so many of us are hesitant to do. You never want to willingly put yourself in a bad place and if you isolate yourself from emotional vulnerability, you won’t get hurt.

But if you do not live these moments, embrace the beauty in front of your eyes and realize that life is not about infinite happiness, but about individual moments that collectively make us infinite, then you are missing out.

What is it about our inalienable unconscious decision to settle that makes us so damn cliche in our pursuit of unhappiness and boredom that sets in and manifests itself into a slow journey to death?

Do we wake up one day and decide we no longer want to try?
Do we look in the mirror and realize this is the best we will ever be?
Do we accept that time is our deep rooted enemy and no matter how hard we try, they will win?
Do we just say, screw it. You like me, so why not.


We all deserve better
We all earned better

We are all kings and queens. That doesn’t stop when you turn six and start seeing the harsh realities of life. That little boy and girl on top of the snow hill with the whole world in front of them needs to be you, always.

Ask yourself this: What moments defined you?

  • Was it a song?
  • Was it an event?
  • Was it a movie?
  • Was it a kiss?
  • Was it a tragedy?
  • Was it a success?
  • Was it the first time you felt scared?
  • Was it a quiet moment alone in reflection?
  • Was it when you looked in her eyes?
  • Was it the first touch?
  • Was it a line in a book?

Think very hard and don’t just remember the moment; remember the feelings you had and the thoughts running through your head.  You know what those thoughts were.

They were dreams, ambitions, ideas.  All things that make us great.  You wanted to run through the fields screaming in joy.   You know this.  You can feeling it all rushing back now.


Find that again.

  • Find the first record that made you cry and cry all over again
  • Find the first boy or girl that helped you discover love and thank them
  • Remember your greatest accomplishment and then make a list of five more better than that and achieve them
  • Make a better tomorrow for yourself
  • Find love; true love; great love; infinite love

That is when you will stop accepting the love you think you deserve and starting loving the way you are meant to.

Essence of Love – Actual Letter of love (Couple separated by life and distance)

“Believe in the power of the pen and the words will guide you to your destiny”

(Actual Letter)

My dearest Hope,

I have to say that there are certain days in your life that are better off not being repeated. Saying goodbye to you was in all sincerity the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. My heart has been aching inside every free moment I have alone to think and ponder. Unfortunately, this is my entire life now. The woes of my day are lengthy in nature. I missed the 5:25 flight because I was on line in check-in for over 45 minutes. They didn’t seem to care much. They put me on the 7:00 PM flight that did not take off until 8:45 due to thunderstorms. Now I know why I love Continental. I am in the air now. It is 10:10 and you are on your way home right now probably day dreaming about all the special moments we spent together. To top it all off, I have been sick to my stomach from the moment I entered the place. Of course the guy at the end of the aisle, who by the way is in my seat has his bag in the middle and both trays down. The people in front of me have the seats back. Can we say claustrophobic?

You letter was so eloquently written. You have a wonderful gift for writing. I am now eager to express our inner most emotions and feelings in words. If love is about feeling empty inside when you are not near and all your thoughts and dreams being filled with visions of you, I am madly in love with you. A love that can free our souls and take us to new and exciting heights.

In a weird and twisted way I am upset with life. Not because we are separated by 1200 miles and not because our love has provided a lifetime of gifts that we have shared in a short month. What is upsetting is that we are separated by a job, a societal norm that has forced us to live up to the standards of our civilized being and work to sustain an income and live. A job. A 9-5 Monday through Friday set of tasks that will help the gross national product of this country. It hurts me to know that this is the only reason we cannot be together. Do you know what I mean. Together we can tackle any obstacle and make the sun shine on a rainy day but I can’t be with you now. Why??? I’m sorry this train of thought has gotten me a bit riled up. Deep breath. I am better now. By the way, I haven’t seen Braveheart either.

“A fury races through the hearts of all men. A firey flame of passion clings to the inner soul and unleashes a thundering roar of sensual power and sexual lust. Their hearts shatter the walls that bondage their love.”

Quote by Me

You’re not the only one that can throw in a quote. I love every moment that we were blessed to have together. I love the touch of your soft skin. The feel of your moist lips on mine. The look in your eyes when I can gaze in and see forever. I love touch of your golden silky hair. The security of holding your hand on a crowded street. Lying next to you on an open field. The caressing lather of soap covering your body. Every touch, every kiss has the feel of uncertainty and intrigued like the first time we held each other close. I love you with all my heart and might.

If you close your eyes tight and clear your mind of all thoughts, you can feel me holding you closes and whispering words of love into your ear.

I miss you to the point that it hurts. I cried when I read the words on that letter. To me they weren’t just words. I could feel the emotion that went into the letter. That is part of the special bond we share together.

I miss you so much. I said that already didn’t I. I can’t express it enough. If I have to, I will write you every day with those words until you know without a doubt how I feel about you. When I left this afternoon, I did leave something behind. I left a piece of my heart with you.

It is about time to landing in the great state of Minnesota. In about 10 hours I am going to begin the first day of the rest of my life. One thing I do know, no matter where I work, no matter where I live you we be with me forever.

Love always
Hugs and kisses all night
Holding you in my dreams

Networking Needs Compassion

2010 – 2014 have witnessed many trend setting activities not to differentiate from previous years. If we didn’t show signs of change then we would not have so many end of the year periodicals, lists, blogs and opinions about the year that was. In a world overshadowed by economic turmoil, housing collapses, unemployment levels reaching record highs and tension mounting, one of the trends that has come out of this pile of uncertainty is the need for strong efforts in networking. What is networking and what makes your endeavors a success or failure? Some view networking in numbers. How many people can I connect with on Linkedin or Twitter Some view successful networking as a hands on approach – Conferences, charity events, seminars, etc. Some take the magnet approach – Throw it and see what sticks. How many business cards can I give out and hopes one of them will call me. Of course some also take this approach toward job applications. Maintaining periodic contact with former colleagues, vendors, suppliers or classmates is another way to develop an effective networking strategy. Some approaches can be successful but one must always remember a few key principles of networking. 1.) It takes time. Networking is like a fine red wine. It takes time to age but when you finally open it, the rewards are bountiful. 2.) Networking needs compassion, trust, and respect. We will get into this further on in this article, but the bottom line is don’t be a selfish networker. You know who you are. You only reach out to people when you need something. You play the sales role well by shaking hands, taking cards and buying a drink or two but never follow up unless you need something. Bad, bad, bad networker. 3.) Diversify your network. Now I sound like Jim Cramer. Use a variety of means of networking including face to face, social media and internal corporate channels. Do not limit yourself, but also do not over extend yourself. 4.) Continue to evolve and grow. As your professional, personal, volunteer, publications, events, and other aspects of your life add to your life summary, update that information and ensure that all the individuals in your network are aware of how well you are developing and diversifying. 5.) Be cautious of hitchhikers. There is nothing wrong with aligning yourself with open networkers but be careful of their message and what they are trying to gain. Aligning yourself with the wrong individuals could have an adverse affect on your reputation. 6.) Be generous but be aware. Be generous with how your share your time and connections but do not over use your power. Your closest networking counterparts put a tremendous amount of trust in you and if you use them too much that is an abuse of the trust and it could damage a relationship. Compassion in Networking I would now like to take a moment to talk about the second bullet point for a few moments: Networking needs compassion. I have had the fortunate opportunity to live in various regions throughout the United States and abroad in Western Europe. I have been engrossed in unique cultures and observed trends of behavior. Some regions are more in tune than others when it comes to developing and harnessing long term network relationships. Over the last several months I have connected with a Young Entrepreneurs group, two art gallery owners, a photography and a band all offering free assistance on effective online marketing and branding strategies. All were enthusiastic and welcomed the ideas I had to share. I left it to their initiative to schedule time and we would get the ball rolling. Not one took me up on the offer, but most remembered me. In this region, networking for a better term is very fickle. It is about immediate give and take, not long term personal connections. This is a part of the country that is comfortable with the status quo. They make a humble living and are content or perhaps afraid of the possibility of change or success. Without the benefit of reading minds, I cannot determine the truth factor. Whether they didn’t come to me because I didn’t buy an expensive art or photography piece may be a reason or the fear of taking the next step toward success or they didn’t want to take the time to see if they could trust me. No matter what, these were examples of potential strong long term relationships where I take an admiration for their work and in return offered an expertise that could help them grow. If we all look at our professional connections on Linkedin, Twitter, Plaxo, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Slideshare, Ushi, Ning, etc, etc, etc, many of us will draw the same conclusion: there are only a few trusted people in my network community I would trust with my life and many more I can count on. Why does that list narrow down so quickly? Networking with compassion. A true networking relationship is a partnership between two people. It is built on respect, space, compassion, and time. Like any relationship similar to a marriage or family, it takes time to build and develop and maintain. Once that bond is secure it is permanent. Last year, a very close friend of mine was trying to get into medical systems for a military development installation post and I reached out to a program manager for new army development programs that I worked with over 9 years earlier to see if he had any connections. This was a gentleman whom I had not exchanged a word with in nearly a decade but he responded to me quickly and provided me with assistance with my request. That is a strong bond that connect be broken. I was not abusing my privilege and not asking for anything in return. The reason we have networks is that every one of us has an expertise and a community. We are blessed with certain talents and paths in life that have gotten us to this point. We rely on others who have followed different paths to complete us. If you build a strong relationship, do not abuse your privileges or take on a give and take attitude. Show compassion in your partnership thus making you an amazing networker and in return you will be surrounded by all the right people.