A Comforting Thought – Original Poem

drownCan you hear me?
Do you still think fondly of me?

Every night I set time aside for internal mediation surrounding my aura with memories of our time together

A potion to my anxiety
A calmness to a storm brewing deep in the ocean of my mind

I do not know my plan
A manifestation from a deep belief in a faith larger than existence
A warm thought
Scripted by suggestive prophets and edited by jesters in courtyards of solitude

Swimming now
Keeping my head above the water imagining being six feet under feeling the ocean water and my inner body pool become one
Crushing my lungs squeezing my claustrophobia like a squid out to play
Soon a million memories will drown in an instant leaving behind a lifeless corpse

A comforting thought
Piercing this fragile shield of plastic
Are we all plastic?
Coated from emotion
A paradox
Betrayed of emotion; abandoned

drown2A synthesis of sound, now flat lining in one harmonious buzz
A frequency so high, life is unable to hear

A comforting thought
Deaf from the light
Blind from the symphony of love songs

This is what has become
Footsteps washed away
Clean particles of sand fused for all eternity


Tired – Original Poem


I’ve been tired for twelve years now
Since the last breath of the one that bore me

Tired of being alone
Tired of unanswered questions

Mentally worn

I can’t think anymore
A thousand screaming voices inside my head
Make it stop
Will the silence

All the conflict floating in guilt raging through my veins
My capacity for happiness has sunken into the depth of the ocean

Eternal silence is near
So soothing
The end of this journey


A long road filled with thorns and stones
Cutting me deep leaving drops of blood behind
Food for the predators hiding in the darkness

I hear them linger; breathing deeply

On my knees; eyes closed

I wait…..