My Soul Dweller – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The perfect mate
The transference between two earthly souls who meet when the stars align in a moment of precision
The most splendid of life’s miracles
An event that has tempted, teased and left many empty
It tempts with the spectacle of fireworks and burns with abyss of depression

Drowning in the bottle waiting
Slipping away
A spot of weakness

Regain strength of heart

The other half to complete my journey
Who are you?
Have you masked yourself behind the many imitators that have come in and out of my life?
Were you there caressing my spirit while I fled in denial?

So many have declared their love in words, actions and promises
I read the letters over and over
I think, what if one word changed it all

So often my pride laughed away the idea of a single love
So, selfish
Why restrict, when there is so much to give

Who are you, my true love?
I see you, I hear you, I feel you
I have created you deep in the subconscious
This ideology may be a myth I am chasing in a fantasy novel written in my head

There are you are
Singing me to sleep with the voice of an angel
Sexy and beautiful with all the qualities of the girl next door
You are the one I want to come home to every night
Independent and strong
You don’t need me, but want me

The one life that can change everything

You are the devil in your sexual prowess, burning in your loins
A messenger from Heaven with your message of hope
A gift wrapped in a bow around your waist waiting to be unwrapped
The way you make me feel
So, good, it hurts

You are the smile of Hope, the eyes of Priscilla, the innocence of Jenny

You are but a few
The one that got away; the one yet to be met

Where are you?
My hand extended awaiting your touch
No more words



The Story of Us – Original Poem with Audio


As a writer, we pen the perfect story.
Boy meets girl, they fall in love and ride off into the sunset.
It is magical.
Each breath a hymn of absolute romance.
We all want that.

We write the story over and over again in our heads; on the paper, but in execution we are flawed.
Flawed by our own insecurities and idealism of a world untainted by the mistakes we make.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes and will continue to make them each and every day.
But I found you and you me.
Together we have begun to write the story of us.

I am not perfect.
I am going to try each day to be and I assure you I will not.
I want you to keep coming back.

Lay by my side
Kiss away the misfortunes of the day and reflect on the the moments of lasting memory

Our life together, more powerful than words, actions or emotions.

At the end of the day, it is always about you.
It always has to be about you.

My fortune was written before I met you.
It pointed to you.

From my first words to my last, my inspiration remains with me where ever I go.
She is you.


This is the story of us.
Each moment, a new chapter.
Each step a new adventure.

I am a better person now.
I see the world, in all its fuck up madness, from a colorful lens now.

Your glow, your shine, so refreshing.
So warm.
So comforting.

This is love.
This is the culmination of all my words.

It is you.

I will wake up each morning knowing we are writing this story together.

Audio –

Take This Fool – Original Poem


Agree to spend the rest of your life with this fool and this fool will spend every breathing day ensuring you will not live in regret
Swimming in a pool of my own mistakes, I see faces on the ledge laughing as the misfortune that has guided my life

In time, my life for you with pass the test

It is in you, I have always loved
It is your voice that soothed me before you uttered a word

Every dream ends in your arms
Acts deemed ludicrous were absurdly ridiculous enough for you to understand
My call for love screamed inside my body and you finally released it

My crime of fueling the world with happiness and rare glimpses of love is my fatality
Crashing on the bottle
Waking each sunrise with the promise of change

New cities
New faces
Mission remains

You entered my temple; destroyed and withered
Clearing the debris to find my frail body
Cut and scratched from the emotional scars


Lifting me until our eyes met
Heat exchanged
Energy flow through our bodies

It was you
It was always you

This, my letter to you is simple
Take this fool
Damaged from a life on the road
Settled now, nestled safely in your womb

Sound of My Soul – Original Poem


Can you hear me?
My heart racing with emotional bliss
Powerful impulses sustaining the will of eternal refuge
A lifelong struggle to connect
With meaning; with definition; with faith

These words I sing to you are my opus
To all of you in search of the one
The one to wake you from your deep sleep
The one to influence your journey to greatness

Not the greatness found on monuments

Nor awarded with medals
The perfection of love from soul to another
Heaven isn’t share my millions
It is a place of honor and sanctuary
It can be tasted by the purest pallet
Only big enough for two


Can you hear my soul?
It’s harmony is in sync with the beat of your heart
When it sings, shivers race down your spine
You know
You have always known

In that workshop in the sky, we were built together
We shared the same craftsmanship

Now I sing to you so that I can warm you heart and rest your head on a pillow of clouds in our heavenly home

To the One That Got Away


“…unrequited love does not die; it’s only beaten down to a secret place where it hides, curled and wounded. For some unfortunates, it turns bitter and mean, and those who come after pay the price for the hurt done by the one who came before.” – Elle Newmark

I remember her well.

In a quiet room I sit alone listening to the songs that remind me of her in fondness. Fondness for her touch, the warmth of her voice, the gentleness of her skin and the radiance of the energy she released every moment she was near.

That is the one, the true love, the absolute inspiration.

She knows who she is and she knows the power she possesses over me.

This is what is so incredible about love. It isn’t about the pictures, songs, cliches or stories. It is never about the way we build it up to something that it isn’t. It is about the moments that you lose yourself to the weakness that it has over you.

We always want to be in control of our surroundings and fear those times where we are defenseless to the unknown. Maybe that is why so many of us run away from the possibility of love. I embraced it. It was so rare, so perfect, so calming that I needed to be close. I needed to find the essence of the warmth it provided me. Love wasn’t ever something I pursued or sought out. It was destined to become present to me. With a simple whisper in the air, our eyes met. Two strangers, but before a word was spoken, our life together was already played out in my mind.


Fade in: Daydream

You remember the first kiss under the cedar tree as the rain fell from the sky and a single electric bolt of lightening lit the sky. Water covered our faces but it was the gentle wet caress of our lips that made us safe from the danger around us. It was the perfect union of two souls.

Then that nap in the park as you laid on my chest letting the warmth of the sun put you to sleep while I brushed my fingers through you silky hair.

Your soft curves caressing the long white gown as you strolled down the aisle, a princess at the ball declaring your eternal and graceful love.

The look in your eyes as you saw the ocean blue eyes of our first child.

That first time on the patio sitting in the rocking chair, hand in hand remembering each and every moment of perfection.

Our life was pure, deep and meaningful. It had to be because it was written in the stars far before we met.

Fade out

That daydream still plays in my mind. A play done in a lifetime of acts. You are the one that got away but I had to meet you. I knew I would not spend me my life waking to your angelic face, but you needed to be in my life for a short time.

I am glad I met you. You changed me. Not that I was down a path of despair or wrong, but in my journey of life a true inspiration needed to guide me. I know you were in my life for a short time but you will remain with me forever.

You are the soul captured in my memory box. I look at you sometimes and smile.
I know you think of me as well. That too makes me smile.

If nothing else, this is a thank you for being a part of my life, then and now.

As you are the one that got away, it is important that you remain that way.

True Companion – Original Poem


Will you be my true companion?
Will you grow old with me and more beautiful with each passing day?
Will you let me discover you with each new sunrise?

You are the blessing hidden deep in my prayers
The person I want to become
The angel from high above

Will you be my true companion?

Words cannot express my love
Songs cannot translate the music in my head

In an instant a world changed
One glimmer of light and you appeared
From the darkness to enlightenment you found me

A lost puppy in a sea of flowers I wandered
Smelling the sweet nectar of a perfect world
A perfect world without meaning; without promise; without direction

Then there was you in the distance

Will you be my true companion?


Destiny is written in the stars
Your soul next to mine high in the cosmos
In that field filled with the fruits of temptation I am grounded by you

A presence so powerful, yet so quiet and subtle
You awakened a sense left dormant by denial
An energy flourishing in the midst of your perfection

Will you be my true companion?

In you, I have found myself
In you, I will forever love

Is Marriage the Answer?..It can be


Sometimes the comfort of life is found in the simplicity of routine and awareness. Last evening a comedian asked a recently married woman why she chose to get married and she replied, “It’s fun”. I almost wish it were that simple, but as we all know it is not.

Why do we get married, raise a family, lives in the solitude of a house with a white picket fence, a dog and two cats.

  1. It is safe and comforting. There is limited risk when you have the same routine, come home to the same people and know what to expect before the day begins.
  2. Avoidance of loneliness. We never want to live alone and more importantly die alone. It is one of the darkest thoughts any of us can conceive.
  3. Life is hard enough. If you can limit excess challenge and stress, it makes the rest a little more bearable. Finding someone to comfort you at night is one of the most emotionally straining journey’s of one’s life. Finding someone to share your life with is a gift, even if it is not perfectly wrapped, it is better than constantly shopping.
  4. It is a perception of accomplishment and normalcy.  Each stage of your life brings a societal accepted level of accomplishment.  As you reach a certain age, based on culture, geography, professional level, etc, one is expected to be married and bearing children.  Those that have not reached that level are all too often thought of as failures, gay, weird, crazy or any other number of personality or mental flaws.
  5. The need for intimacy.  As you get older, your physical attributes become less attractive and the availability of physical intimacy becomes more difficult.  Marriage does not guarantee daily affirmation, but it does assure you it will happen at some point.
  6. We no longer have to dream.  I see this as a negative.  When we are young we are full of wonder.  We want to see the world, volunteer to help the less fortunate, invent the next great thing, write the perfect novel, go to the Olympics or change the world.  Marriage can bury all those hopes and dreams with two simple words, “I do.”


Here is why marriage can be incredible and stunning beyond your wildest imagination:

  1. She/he believes in you and you believe in her/him each and every day
  2. Your shared passions comes together in a perfect tapestry
  3. You laugh, cry and smile together
  4. They are the only person in focus and the vision of the them is brighter than anything else around you
  5. You want to feel the pain when they are not around
  6. You know you are not perfect and you are not ashamed to make mistakes
  7. Each kiss feels like the first.  Each morning is a new beginning
  8. The glow.  A simple day is like winning the Olympic gold as long as you can share it together.

Fall in love

Fall hard


Take the giant leap, but only when you know; when you really know deep in the depths of your your heart that this is your destiny.  When they complete you like no has or ever will again, you will know.

It is the most unbelievable reality you will ever know.

It will amaze you.