Other Half of My Soul – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Every time the wind blows, I hear your voice
Waiting for the waves to wash up your bottle
A sacred blessing in a pool of broken dreams

This rock is my home, my eyes a lighthouse, my heart the siren calling you in
Drunk on the fog and loneliness I run weary

Never to give up hope
Every minute, a chance

Sails from distant shores parade their masses
Are you on one of them?

A surprise from the ocean gods
Gift wrapped in a smile

Will the infinite sea swallow up this faith?

The congregation of dolphins sing

Pastor on the pedestal of white clouds

Waiting for my prayers to be answered
Let me sacrifice myself for her safety
Let me give my life so that she may have another

Let me be remembered in her children and grandchildren as I lay peacefully in my eternal rest

On this rock, I sit screaming silently
Each morning I arrive
Each night I sigh

Will this day bring her home?
Will this be the day I am reunited with the other half of my soul?

I sit and wait today
Rain cleanses this worn-out skin



Come Home – Original Poem

I can still see the sunlight reflect off your skin as your smile melts into my memory
Your laughter sends music to the birds up above
The video image playing in the corner of my mind is the cinematic love affair that poets can only pen on paper
On my bed your scent.

In each room, the haunting images of a life less perfect as your body is far in the distance imprisoned by reality

You are the dreams locked up in a box of serenity
Lying on a bed of grass surrounded by eyes of purity; that is my heaven

I relive each breath
I reflect on each stare
I hope with each moment you will be near

Now I can only pray that the winds of change guide you into my arms.