Wasted Youth – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Nothing mattered but the moment we were in
Squandered dreamers

It’s all captured now behind the glass window
A museum of memories rekindled in our dreams

Tripping over the VHS library
Scarred by the rock n roll lifestyle of a suburban nightmare
A manifestation of a perfect world
Kids played, parents loved and the world was a small bubble of safety

I remember a different time where a fifth of Mad Dog and a fantasy in the pages of Playboy behind the quick stop was the American dream

Satan toyed with our youth, not in fire or fear
Nor pain
Nor tears

Our souls locked up in the boredom of utopia
A 40 in the woods
Our future secured with one misguided orgasm

Our moms and dads pledged to love and honor for the sake of the children
Love poured down the drain as emptiness filled the bedroom

No white picket fence to protect us
Just John Hughes to keep us in high school forever
Don’t you forget about me cries Bender as he raises his arms to the air
End frame, end scene, end film

The varsity jacket still smells new as I slide it on listening to the chimes of achy bones

You can’t go back
On the field, the jerseys read the same numbers, but new faces
Cheerleaders soon to be moms because they trusted he would pull out
Players running a 4.4 today then holding a 44 to their forehead tomorrow

The curse of youth is not the unattainable; but the unrealized

With wings on our heels, we raced for the finish line
What if we stopped?
What if we questioned what are we racing for?
What if we fled?

I’m leaving on a jet plane.
I didn’t.
I took that minimum wage and squandered it on I don’t know

On the corner
In a town
Like any other town
In a place
Like any other place

I watched the world pass by
From feet, to bike, to car, to wheelchair



I Need A Place to Hide Away – Original Poem

hide1I need a place to hide away
A solitary escape to call my own

Through the desert heat, rising waves and the highest mountain peaks
Battling the demons laughing along the way

I need a place to hide away, but I should first explain

I offered my heart in hopes you would find happiness

We are born into a world flawed by an ideology of innocence
An apple tainted by the first breath

Still I fought for redemption
To complete a great unknown and find a happiness never clarified in the handbook of life

I struggled, swatting away the gifts raining upon me not realizing the happiness I wanted for you was all in a single touch
The power of a shared journey was right before my eyes

The legacy is not in a trophy case or a plaque, but the memories that carry on

I pushed forward and now I know, I should have just shared in the blessing of the moments with you

escapeNow I need a place to hide away

To reflect; to seek a rebirth
In this place I will build a womb, nurture my wounded soul and cleanse my mind to the point where I first got lost

Now I have explained
Now I need a place to hide away

Truth – Original Poem

hand1Truth has no cost
No oppressors; no accusers
It is not bound by law nor governed by principles of acceptance
It is free of judgement

Truth: a wicked play on words
Often misunderstood and feared
It lives to be free, but hides from most

I have found truth
I have been hypnotized by love
I have experienced the idealism of a life complete

Caged by societies book of notions, rules and behaviors
Words twisted into law
Freedoms handcuffed to the fence of resistance

I have found truth
It shines in the stars
Echoes at the speed of light in moments of wonder

In the moments that touch us with the vigor of a rolling train
They move mountains; silence screams
In these moments time stops long enough for us to reflect on the importance

pic2Truth is in the education of nature
The emotional strain of mistakes made
Adorned by the gift of a heartbeat
Why do we wait for it to seize?

I have found truth
For all others, I am sorry

Deperately Wanting – Original Poem

With love in her heart and flowers in her hair
Dancing through the sunflower fields exhilarated by the power of the sun
A free spirit gliding with the birds hovering over the clouds with scents of rosemary and basil showered down from the heavens
In an endless spin, the daisies fly off the sundress as it flies above her knees and the daffodils kiss the ankles
A guardian of creation; cherub watering the seeds of life with every twist and spiral

We are all desperately wanting

Hitchhiking through life looking for drivers to connect with until the road ends
A new face, uncharted roads; road blocks and open air
He offers you a drink, a small delight; a hallucinating escape
He sings a lullaby about the road
One about loneliness and the unsettling comfort of a world without boundary; without connection

We are all desperately wanting he says, as I depart at my next stop

A storm is awakened in the west
Dark grey clouds form on the battlefield in the sky
Ready to attack
A victory is near
Casualties will be drenched
Children drowned
A new beginning
Crying is heard as the clouds load their weapons.

All, desperately wanting

Families hold hands as they kneel in prayer
Sunlight pierces through the stain glass images of Jesus holding out his hands of acceptance
A boy peeks through one eye and see fear in the closed eyes of the congregation
They sing praises of uncertainty
Clinging to the hope of an eternal answer

As the man in white between the pillars leads his orchestra with a staff of written scriptures, we are reminded

Desperately wanting


What if – Original Poem

regret1What if we suspended the normal path of life’s train and set it off course?
What if every regret was a sign of a better tomorrow
What if her death taught me to love

In an instant
A crash louder than a sonic boom changed everything
In an unforeseeable act of tragedy, a life is stripped
The living remain; naked
Beating hearts still
Unanswered questions blowing in the wind

What if the story of my life is only a preamble to something much larger than my self; this place; this existence

Hidden behind a secret identify
Up front; masked in insecurity
Secure behind the mask

What if love only exists for the few
The pure

I have sinned
I admit that
I have lived a life of fault
Slightly broken and imperfect

regret2Each day I awake, I promise myself I will break the chain and move forward
Only to repeat once again
Over and over I cry
Wanting more
Yearning for someone to hear these screams

What if they all had a purpose to protect me; to guide to
They walked away, but never disappeared.
Resting comfortably in my mind

What if I follow that light now?

Shattered in Pieces – Original Poem

Every night as I lay alone, I dream
Dream of a perfect life I am yet to find
A life of fulfillment; a life led with meaning
A purpose buried deep beneath these footsteps that repeat in an infinite circle

Sober with this bottle, I wander without a single movement
Still as a statue
A brain trapped; absorbing all around

In this darkness, I see everything
I feel without touching

See the infinite soul of Galileo
The pen of Dylan documenting the angst of a generation
The confused brilliance of the brain of Brian Wilson
The pain of the migrant workers from the misguided perfection of Steinbeck

I am broken, savoring in the pieces scattered in the wind

Someday the winds of change will take me home to a place I can close my eyes in peace
The voices will silence for just a moment
One brief moment to find my way back to a time of innocence; a time of love

Under the stars, head nestled on a volume of the scriptures
Heaven and hell a two voided bubbles neutralized by the staff of life

What will I be?
Beyond the bang is the answer
Written on a piece paper from the feather of an angel
Hidden away for just the right time

Your Soul is Ageless – Original Poem

Your soul is ageless
You don’t break; nor falter
No sign of suffocation when there is no air

From Audrey to Kathryn to Marilyn, you define a classic look
As delicate as porcelain; fine as crystal

Boys whimper at your presence
Men brought to their knees in silence as worlds shatter before their weak eyes

A tiger without a roar; shark without a bite
Kingdoms crumble with a sign of a smile, the look

Long soft eternal legs linger with satin softness.
A journey to the highest altitude
A milestone of precious lips only found by a few brave men

Sliding down a pillar of ice in slow motion to watch her dance on the clouds
A moment of moments; the price of perfection; unattainable,

poem2She rides off on the back of a unicorn; head to toe in a thin white dress
The curves of her body translucent through the thin layer of silkiness

With the weight of a thousand horses, she stands firm
Solid and free

She is the sunlight that guides journeyman to a better tomorrow
An ageless soul to be inspired by all, shared by none