Last Words – Original Poem

When the words stop forming and the desire has faded away
The mission no longer has meaning

A life fulfilled; or perhaps run a course with no clear ending
A legacy as defined by the rising sun; lonely as the still air

Have lives been touched?
Wrongs righted?
Faith restored?

This has been a life of intimate seclusion
Temporary voids filling the space of time
The touch of her skin; the seduction of a kiss; the silhouette of her shadow in the distance

We will come and go but the river will never seize to flow

For now, these are my final words
One last goodbye sealed with a kiss
This disease inflicted with the first heartbeat takes control

One last night with only my thoughts to keep me company
So much peace in this silence
A welcome invitation

Civilizations in ruins
A bird in flight
A song of hope
A prayer of remembrance

I close my eyes and feel the setting sun.
It’s getting darker


Undiscovered Self – Original Poem

folly1Am I really who I used to be?
I am who I want to be?

Songs of yesteryear playing in my head
A merry-go-round of familiar faces reminding me
Reminding me of the paths I did not take; the roads I did not pave
Each turn I reach out for the comfort of another heart

One that wrote me the letter that sits in a box
Those words still ring true today for another

Love is a splendid demon filled with fire and rage; subtlety and pleasure
Like a bed of roses, it teases me with its fragrance and cuts me with its thorns

The blood is dry now, no longer flowing through my veins bursting in scarlet red

I sense you
Holding on to me, holding on to you
It is a sensation I have not felt since we walked the beach alone, tickled by the stars
The waves reminding us of second chances, always returning to the big blue sea

Am I really who I want to be?
The answer is in these tired eyes

A warrior without armor, vulnerable and exposed
A fighter with no hands, void of the power to retaliate
Spited without being wronged

I look behind at my shadow
un1An outline of who a used to be
I look ahead to a blank sheet waiting to be written

Am I really who I want to be?
This is a question for the wise men resting on the mountain tops

For now, I take comfort in the undiscovered self

Metaphysical Journey – Original Poem

meta1It’s a metaphysical journey of impulse

A light glimmering through and optical lens of wonder

Blink once; uncover the light
Blink twice; the piercing of the skin
Taste the blood of life
Dripping off your tongue and nose diving in a gravitational roller coaster to feed the roots of new existence

The molecular structure of a flower bud coddled by the open arms of the sun

Continuing now

Stepping through the morsels of sand and looking back to see the history formed
A journey forward; a lesson back
The quest continues quenching a thirst and fueling a pursuit of the appetite of knowledge

Racing to the spherical ball of toxic flames
One step ahead, always
Run faster; dig deeper in the trenches of a great unknown

Closer look

met2The cowardly yellow ball is turning orange as millions of angelic flickering bodies chase it to the abyss of darkness

These heavenly bodies dance on the sound stage of the universe
A light show, naked and exposed, with an audience a million light years away

A day has come and gone in this metaphysical journey

The optical lens grows heavy
Fade to darkness; dream of the light


A Birth of Humanity – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Born Again
The final page of the novel lingers with unanswered questions

Eclipse of the sun

Like perfect porcelain shattered creating a jagged path to a new beginning

A new chapter
The corruption of untainted paper drenched with disillusion
A life in pieces scattered with fondness and regret

Prose of a morning swallow
Singing the song of loneliness awaiting the return of mother
A bounty netting on her beak as she flies in for a swift glide of heroism

The song of inspiration from the subway tunnels ignored by thousands of ants marching
With his guitar he sings for the moment
Reminding thousands of deaf ears the gift of music

A baby cries confronted by the beast
A grown self looking back praying to return to the safety of the crib

weeping1Billions of cries lost in a digital meteor shower swallowed into a black hole

The burden of life is but an illusion
A magic trick
The explanation written so clearly by the holy prophets
So much clarity to the magic
The trick now becomes the guiding force

One weeping angel frozen in concrete for the crimes of humanity
Forever in tears

A new world world unified not by words, not by actions, not by the promise of a renaissance

Just stop

Pilgrimage – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Good morning sunshine
Good night darkness

Love and pain; tears and laughter
The ingredients of a soup scorching us as we swim for survival
Reaching for the edge, hanging on for one more breath

We are the property bearers of body and soul
One deed
Lease for life, own for eternity

The terms are clear
Two guarantees a birth date and expiration

In between lies a dash
A great and powerful unknown

What we do
How we act
The steps we take
The wings we spread

That is the definition
That is what remains forever

pil1As I swim alone in the murky waters of life, I am not alone at being alone

I am a vessel, deed in hand, horizon in the wake
Causing waves in the pursuit of the perfect calm

Hello darkness
Goodnight light

I hear the sounds of a mother’s lullaby; clapping crowd; a proud tear

The waters part as I search for land to call home

Defeated – Original Poem

edge2I once held you in my arms and you slipped away
Now, as I face these final moments I see your face; an angel easing my pain
Resting on a razor’s edge, balanced between the breath of life and the pain of the unknown


Beaten down by the winds of change
Dust blinding my ability to see
A treacherous storm reaches out from the horizon
Impending exit awaits


A blissful journey of scathing memories
Bumpy roads tripping up the race for sunshine
Sharp edges cut me to my knees


Now I lay still overpowered by these thoughts racing slowly through the caves hidden in my brain
The hourglass is flowing with the aid of gravity to its impending completion

A young woman lying on the edge of a bed

Balanced on a pin hovering over the cliff letting fate, destiny and chance play this silly game with my life
With the spin of the dice, they laugh
Without the ability of movement, I am defenseless to their whims
It’s snake eyes

Time to move from the edge

Caution: Some content may be too difficult to read

silenceI have a green coffee mug that I have had since 2013.  It cost a dollar.   I know that because I saw it at the Dollar Store.  I use it almost every week and plan to keep it until I lose it, break it or die.  Why?

It was given to me as the final gift of a 41 year old friend that lost her life to brain and spinal cancer.  She didn’t have a lot of money or the chance to shop as she spent most of her last few months in hospital beds, but she felt the need to get gifts for her special friends that spent days and nights by her side.  She also gave me scratch offs that yielded me $7.00.  All in all a nice bounty.

I am reminded on a daily basis that life doesn’t run by any simple rules of fairness or equality.  In fact, for many good people, it sucks.

So often in my past, when I witness or am impacted by something heinous, I look to something good to balance that out.

Lately, that is becoming more difficult.

Recently, I was impacted by some events that sent shivers down my spine.  Here are only a few:

Last June, nine innocent worshipers were senseless assassinated in their church where they sought salvation and prayer because they were black.

In October in Carlise, Pennsylvania, a 61 year old HIV positive man raped a six year old boy while another man videotaped.

In October, Derek Jones, 37 of Rocky Mount, NC was arrested for the alleged rape of an 11 year old.

All three men are behind bars, but awaiting a fair and just trial.  For the murderer of nine, the initial opening statements will not occur until 17 months after the slaying.

touch1On Thursday morning at 6:00 AM, just hours after the EmanuelAME shooting that left nine dead in my home city of Charleston, I watched the sunrise and stood in silence listening to the water in the harbor and wondering how and why.  The silence in the air was deafening as I waited for some sign to tell me there was a purpose.  There wasn’t.  The victims wanted to go home to their families and live a full and long life.  To this day, I have not stood on the sidewalk in front of that church.

Several months ago, I was in mixed company and current events came up and I was lost as I don’t watch much television, watch any news or read newspapers.  One woman was shocked.  She couldn’t comprehend why.  I explained that the important things in my life are all around me.  They are the people, things and events that shape my life.

Millions will react to every celebrity death, every plane crash, every bombing and for a few brief moments (because that is all this world of immediacy will allow us) we will mourn and move on.

I wish we all took some time to think and be still.

A song found its way to me and it symbolizes my goals for 2016 and beyond.  Be still for a moment, left emotions absorb into you and find a way to give just a little goodness.

Lets Be Still – The Head and the Heart – Video