Last Words – Original Poem

When the words stop forming and the desire has faded away
The mission no longer has meaning

A life fulfilled; or perhaps run a course with no clear ending
A legacy as defined by the rising sun; lonely as the still air

Have lives been touched?
Wrongs righted?
Faith restored?

This has been a life of intimate seclusion
Temporary voids filling the space of time
The touch of her skin; the seduction of a kiss; the silhouette of her shadow in the distance

We will come and go but the river will never seize to flow

For now, these are my final words
One last goodbye sealed with a kiss
This disease inflicted with the first heartbeat takes control

One last night with only my thoughts to keep me company
So much peace in this silence
A welcome invitation

Civilizations in ruins
A bird in flight
A song of hope
A prayer of remembrance

I close my eyes and feel the setting sun.
It’s getting darker


Undiscovered Self – Original Poem

folly1Am I really who I used to be?
I am who I want to be?

Songs of yesteryear playing in my head
A merry-go-round of familiar faces reminding me
Reminding me of the paths I did not take; the roads I did not pave
Each turn I reach out for the comfort of another heart

One that wrote me the letter that sits in a box
Those words still ring true today for another

Love is a splendid demon filled with fire and rage; subtlety and pleasure
Like a bed of roses, it teases me with its fragrance and cuts me with its thorns

The blood is dry now, no longer flowing through my veins bursting in scarlet red

I sense you
Holding on to me, holding on to you
It is a sensation I have not felt since we walked the beach alone, tickled by the stars
The waves reminding us of second chances, always returning to the big blue sea

Am I really who I want to be?
The answer is in these tired eyes

A warrior without armor, vulnerable and exposed
A fighter with no hands, void of the power to retaliate
Spited without being wronged

I look behind at my shadow
un1An outline of who a used to be
I look ahead to a blank sheet waiting to be written

Am I really who I want to be?
This is a question for the wise men resting on the mountain tops

For now, I take comfort in the undiscovered self

Antagonist of Life – Original Poem

dark1Deep in the swells of our hearts we are all waiting
Waiting for the end of the world

An ugliness of chaos and insanity swallowed up by despair and then nothing
Silence; existent void

We cannot stop time
Merely we can play with its emotions
Tingling, toying and declaring a statement of invincibility
We are but immortal fools

The clock ticks
Louder it seems

Time is running out on the bucket list
Once filled with sunshine, now drowning in sand

We throw props at our maker
Quoting his verse
Buying time with our riches
Like a force field without weakness, the brides bounce off

dark2Wrinkles entered uninvited
Settle until the lease runs dry

Philosophy takes flight
Fear death?
Fear unknown?
We look around for answers and only darkness is clear

It’s all forced agony
Life, the great antagonist
Rolling the dice and forcing your next move

I Don’t Want To Wait – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I don’t want to wait for you to burn the flame of stubbornness
For the slow penetrating disease to take control

Torn between creation and death

Pour the sweet rains of love upon me and let it shower my pours with the healing power

I don’t want to wait because life gets in the way
It is a road block with no way around
Quick sand gravitating to the nucleus of an abyss of no return

You are the one that cleans my wounds
Brings sunshine in a room of darkness

You are the one that protects me from my own demons
A guardian
A voice
A mirror to my heart

I don’t want to wait until the sign on the side of the road reads, next exit too late

It’s a trap
But we can avoid the cage of despair

kiss1I see freedom in your touch
Salvation in a blanket of hope
A pool of transparency filtering out hate
Inhaling love

I don’t want to wait any longer
You are my everything
A feeling I cannot deny
An everlasting gift waiting to be unwrapped

I’m Not Giving Up on You – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Hell is easy, but Heaven’s worth the fight
Our love has see the highest light

Darkness falls upon our cradle
Still, alone and unable

Now I stare upon these words
Torn, chastised and left for scraps on the street corner of broken dreams
A heart bleeding its ink upon my toes

I’m not giving up on you
Through this shattered glass I cut myself staining it with the blood of a heart I pledged to you

To feel again
A tunnel of pain I must pass to find rebirth

To you I will come
Visions of your head resting upon my vulnerable mass

To you I will come
Wet deep kisses rendering my voice silent

To you I will come
Rekindle this flame that burns high above the mortal world we share

I must find a way
A way back to the place that was safe
A harbor welcoming me with the glow of its lighthouse

give1To touch the sand and hold your hand
To feel the sun and remember the fun
To caress your skin and wash away the sin

I’m not giving up on you
Not now

Running from You – Original Poem

sinkinSometimes she crises

From the lens of a camera a vision seeing the world from the shadow of others
Documenting the romance of life though a single frame of black and white

Water rising from the tears of sadness
Bound by this concrete at the bottom of the ocean, she looks up to the sunlight shining through
Stripped naked
Swallowing the salty emotional drainage of lives losing their way

On the walls, the memories speak
Telling stories
Open thought
Footsteps of eternal memory

A picture for today
A reflection of yesterday

Running from the shadows
Blood soaked feet
A trail for the hounds to seek

The room empty except for the pictures on the wall
Camera rests

She runs


Homeless Lovers – Original Poem

run1You are you
I am I

If we end up together, the alignment of fate and chance will dance in the cosmos

A tango of the heart
A shooting star of passion

Homeless vagabonds pursuing the dream of love riding the tail of this comet as long as it will allow

In this field we lie
In this field we cry

Next to you, I feel your heartbeat penetrate this weary body
Aching to the touch of home
A place to call our own
A promise realized

Walk with me to the river
Let me refresh you with the bounty of Earth’s gift

run2.jpegSoon the sun will rise corrupting this darkness
We will be exposed to the demons chasing us from behind

Drink the water and remind yourself how it feels to be alive

You are you
I am I