Everything’s Zen – Original Poem


Everything’s Zen
Everything’s dead

Sex, blood, tears and pain
Swimming in a pool of misery
Gluttony is laughing as we bleed out our innocence into this dirty pool we call life
Once clear with a future of hope; now murky and hazy

Everything’s Zen
Perfection in our eyes
Each drink a new beginning; a new hope; a new lease

There she is
Is she a trophy for the night or the answers you seek?
She is beautiful in all this blindness
A nectar of temptation

Looking back you get the secret smile
The drink tells you she is the one
All your dreams wrapped up in this vision

You swim over only to be pushed to the point of drowning
Swim for the dream or the shore for survival?
Confusion sets in


Another drink
Another drug
Another voice telling you to go

Everything’s Zen
In this perfection, doom is your destiny
Traveling down a road filled with bones and decay

Everything’s Zen

Just smile
Hold your breath
Let gravity pull you to your final rest


Morning Break – Original Poem


Hold me close, don’t let me go
You are the dancer sliding across the stage in my dreams
Swift as the wind, you glide through life with ease weaving through this tapestry of beautiful chaos

You are the music that awakens my feet and breaks the cement barrier holding me down
The day breaks me
The night even more

Freedom is a matter of principle to those that chose captivity
In this home, four walls define our next move

No way in; no way out
Apathetically, I wait
No hurry; no urge; no magic carpet to whisk me away

Hold me close, don’t let me go.
I’ve never touched you or felt your wet lips moisten this dry fleeting body


It is in this dream you dance closer to me
I stand on the edge of the stage waiting for you to leap off into my arms
Outstretched still, they are empty

One step closer, two steps back
Retreating further away from my invitation

Forever and ever I stand
No barriers, no walls, no love

Hold me close, don’t let me go

I open my eyes, touch my cold soft sheets slightly warmed from the sun’s light and sigh