My Emancipation – Original Poem

yoga1Stop, breathe, be still
It is the moments that freeze in time

Forced thought
Derived emotion
Filter out the bad to penetrate the good

This is my emancipation
I have loved

A flawed soul in a flawed world
In mistake, I have found fortune

A bounty of unconditional devotion
A river of enchantment that flows through this wonderland

I have scripted a blessing to each of you that has touched this delicate heart
A proclamation spelled with a hug
A letter to thank you. A letter not defined by its words, but a message of tenderness the requires only a tingle

In this life, I have cried the tears of happiness
For each of you has devoted a piece of your being so I may learn the art of appreciation

In this life, I have fallen
Each time I squirt at the sun, a hand of generosity lifts me

In this life, I have lost
Alone in an abyss of infinite existence only to be found

In this life, betrayal has been a shadow until I found the light

yoga2My being is a sculpted piece, unfinished
A work in progress
With chiseled corners, I take shape
Each touch brings the energy of life and closer to invincibility

This is my emancipation
My beginning
Let the masses hear my song
It is loud and pure; hopeful and alive

What a feeling this is
A personal zen

Antagonist of Life – Original Poem

dark1Deep in the swells of our hearts we are all waiting
Waiting for the end of the world

An ugliness of chaos and insanity swallowed up by despair and then nothing
Silence; existent void

We cannot stop time
Merely we can play with its emotions
Tingling, toying and declaring a statement of invincibility
We are but immortal fools

The clock ticks
Louder it seems

Time is running out on the bucket list
Once filled with sunshine, now drowning in sand

We throw props at our maker
Quoting his verse
Buying time with our riches
Like a force field without weakness, the brides bounce off

dark2Wrinkles entered uninvited
Settle until the lease runs dry

Philosophy takes flight
Fear death?
Fear unknown?
We look around for answers and only darkness is clear

It’s all forced agony
Life, the great antagonist
Rolling the dice and forcing your next move

I Don’t Want To Wait – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

I don’t want to wait for you to burn the flame of stubbornness
For the slow penetrating disease to take control

Torn between creation and death

Pour the sweet rains of love upon me and let it shower my pours with the healing power

I don’t want to wait because life gets in the way
It is a road block with no way around
Quick sand gravitating to the nucleus of an abyss of no return

You are the one that cleans my wounds
Brings sunshine in a room of darkness

You are the one that protects me from my own demons
A guardian
A voice
A mirror to my heart

I don’t want to wait until the sign on the side of the road reads, next exit too late

It’s a trap
But we can avoid the cage of despair

kiss1I see freedom in your touch
Salvation in a blanket of hope
A pool of transparency filtering out hate
Inhaling love

I don’t want to wait any longer
You are my everything
A feeling I cannot deny
An everlasting gift waiting to be unwrapped

Metaphysical Journey – Original Poem

meta1It’s a metaphysical journey of impulse

A light glimmering through and optical lens of wonder

Blink once; uncover the light
Blink twice; the piercing of the skin
Taste the blood of life
Dripping off your tongue and nose diving in a gravitational roller coaster to feed the roots of new existence

The molecular structure of a flower bud coddled by the open arms of the sun

Continuing now

Stepping through the morsels of sand and looking back to see the history formed
A journey forward; a lesson back
The quest continues quenching a thirst and fueling a pursuit of the appetite of knowledge

Racing to the spherical ball of toxic flames
One step ahead, always
Run faster; dig deeper in the trenches of a great unknown

Closer look

met2The cowardly yellow ball is turning orange as millions of angelic flickering bodies chase it to the abyss of darkness

These heavenly bodies dance on the sound stage of the universe
A light show, naked and exposed, with an audience a million light years away

A day has come and gone in this metaphysical journey

The optical lens grows heavy
Fade to darkness; dream of the light


The Cycle of Raquel – Original Poem

lost1It is a whimsical cycle of love lost; love found; love lost; repeat
A playful tilt a whirl on the playground of life
A sandbox child trapped in a quicksand world

This is the story of the cycle of Raquel

Boy meets girl; souls collide
He knows; she knows
It’s a suicide mission volunteered with honor
The Devil laughs

In a promise made by two unspoken hearts, they agree to meet on the platform at sunrise
Station number two
All aboard the train of love, next stop is eternal bliss
She boards the west bound and he the east

The jukebox plays “Just Once” as the Devil fiddles off

Alone on the swing he sits watching a cinematic biography of what if
A life story played in IMAX 3D

lost2Soon she will arrive
Young and careful
A seeker of love and he with the key
A new face, new look and same feel

Together they will dance and sing and ride the cycle of Raquel
Soon sunlight will turn to snow

In the wings, the fiddler awaits tuning away for another day

The Greatest Love Story – Original Poem

love1We’re gonna be the greatest love story this small town has ever seen

To the highest mountains we will climb
Tasting the soft wet crystals of snow on the capped tip overlooking the heavens
As you lay you body up to mine, the smell of your worn denim feels like home
Sun setting into the night sky; your face a bright ball of love

Right now, I ain’t scared of dying as long as I spend every breath with you

Down by the river up on the tree together
Hoping the strength of the branch will win the battle against gravity
Watching the bark drift with the current
Kids splashing away their worries
Clouds giving the sun a temporary bed

On the open road, you hair blowing in the wind
With the spirit of a thousand horses, you rejoice with grace
Scenes of Americana racing at 85 miles per hour
The most beautiful picture in my mind
Forever branded in technicolor

love2In a crowed bar
In a world with no rhyme
Blues and greens mixed with black and white
You picked me
In the briefest of insane clarity, your heart took hold of mine

You looked me in the eyes
Two strangers in a strange land
Without direction; without a home

You looked deep past the cloudy mist of uncertainty and said this simple phrase, “ours will be the greatest love story”.

A Birth of Humanity – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Born Again
The final page of the novel lingers with unanswered questions

Eclipse of the sun

Like perfect porcelain shattered creating a jagged path to a new beginning

A new chapter
The corruption of untainted paper drenched with disillusion
A life in pieces scattered with fondness and regret

Prose of a morning swallow
Singing the song of loneliness awaiting the return of mother
A bounty netting on her beak as she flies in for a swift glide of heroism

The song of inspiration from the subway tunnels ignored by thousands of ants marching
With his guitar he sings for the moment
Reminding thousands of deaf ears the gift of music

A baby cries confronted by the beast
A grown self looking back praying to return to the safety of the crib

weeping1Billions of cries lost in a digital meteor shower swallowed into a black hole

The burden of life is but an illusion
A magic trick
The explanation written so clearly by the holy prophets
So much clarity to the magic
The trick now becomes the guiding force

One weeping angel frozen in concrete for the crimes of humanity
Forever in tears

A new world world unified not by words, not by actions, not by the promise of a renaissance

Just stop