Deep – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Deep inside you is all I want to feel
One night exposed to the warmth of your touch
Vulnerable in this betrayal of innocence
Crippled by this lust
Motionless to your touch
Tortured by adolescent dreams; not reality
Subtle, soft and empowering

A night of passion tattooed with drops of sweat glistening off your skin
Darkness ensures with the last dim reflection of moonlight
Staring at the ceiling rested between your breasts
The world safe and at rest
A fantasy between the sheets now laid to rest welcoming a new dream
My reflection so clear
See inside you, shedding a tear

Only when I let you go does the flame burn out
This fire still ignites by the dawning of a new light
Eyes grow heavy; subconscious begins to awaken

Warmth between your legs shivers my inner thigh
Friction magnetizes our senses in this erotic fantasy
As strong as the eagle soars in the sky

Inside that warm safe place, I will hibernate
A gift of perfection beside me
So peaceful; so tempting
A morsel of skin
A scorching tingle of hot wax

Love me to tears
Love me til I fall
Love me til the end of time
I can’t explain
I don’t want to know why
I just want you

I’m going to dance with you in your dreams
High in the clouds of our love
Until I awake and see that pretty smile, those soft eyes I’ll be deep inside you


The Most Romantic Ending I Have Ever Known – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

You are the most romantic ending I have ever known
The rain falling on our wet lips clenched in a moment of endless passion
The music orchestrated to our every move
The natural light of sun warming your skin
The conflict that heats the passion
The letters, the regret, the pain, the times that were almost so right

You are the romantic ending that will be studied for generations

A cure for the broken heart
So many lost moments earlier in the film
What almost was
So many times
Drown by meaningless affairs of the heart
With every passionless night; so many faceless beauties, you were always in the shadows
Lingering at the edge of my unfulfilled heart

The benchmark of this existence
My reason for being
A helpless soul, I was, always searching for what I already found

A wonderful misadventure this has been
After all this time
I know
You are the most romantic ending to this story

I see now, with this dried up pen, there is no more to write
It is now time to live in the moment after the credits have run their course
The part that is just meant for you and I
Our sequel
A continuation
Bury the mistakes
Close our eyes to what might have been

See me for the first time once again
Feel the glimmer that began so long ago
Raise your beauty to the sun and hear the music intensify

Because this is now
This is the most romantic ending I have ever known

Surrender to Your Senses – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

It’s time to close your eyes and awaken
Surrender to your senses
A phoenix has risen from the shadows
Doubt, despair erased
A sunrise beckons from the sky
A hymn whistles in the distance

Release yourself from the edge and fall into the arms of the one you love
A gravitational pull
Falling, falling to a cloud of light

Let fear subside from the hands of a magician performing his greatest trick

It is time
Close those eyes
Clear the mechanism
Mind, body and soul in rest

Can you see the future wrapped in the smile of admiration?
Like a fortune teller with a crystal ball, your life is so clear

In the arms of an angel you will fly
One of god’s creatures of light
A messenger with a message of peace

Serenity in motion
A liberating force guides those traveled legs
Paved with good intention
Sprinkled with springtime lust

Fulfilled prophecy, one so long darkened in doubt
A page, a chapter, a word so secure

A mother’s love, a child’s hope, a destiny yearning
A memory unlocked

Are you ready?
Ready to awaken

It is such a sweet surrender to find your place and let go

Break It To Me Gently – Original Poem

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By Mark A. Leon

Break it to me gently
Just don’t break me too hard
Be gentle and candy coat it with your soft voice

Right now, you are breaking me to pieces
Let me love you for just one more moment
Hold you one last time
In your arms, I want to feel your heart beat with mine

Break it to me gently
Find the words to make it all right
To ease the heartbreak
Time is all I need to heal the wounds hidden under this skin

I know there is no easy way
We tried so hard to make it right
To make it work
To force the love
The heart knows not how to lie
The lies rested in the belly of our wasted hopes

Prayed to the stars to find the magic dust to sprinkle back on this fairy tale
Now we have come to the final page
No happy ending
No romantic sunset
No tomorrow

Break it to me gently
I haven’t accepted the reality of this dream
Not yet
I will, someday, somehow, somewhere

One day I will wake to a new day
A sunny day and smile
In the eye of the blue sky I will see you grinning in the clouds
Fondly I will remember

For now
For this final encore
Oh, please
Break it to me gently

Looking Down On Me – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

In the distance of my dreams, I can see the town where I was born
The sign said, you’re a long way from home young man
Worn by the force of life’s wind, a trek begins
I can feel the safe night air and the welcome scent of my mamas perfume
Crickets in the distance
Silent awakening all around
Cradle rocking through the years

Can’t you see
Can’t you see
What I am looking for is looking down on me

These tattoos, a permanent reminder of the journeys going on in my head
Piercing images of the loves, lessons and demons
Hold on
Hold on a little bit longer
I’m drowning, but learning how to swim

Can’t you see
Can’t you see
What I am looking for is looking down on me

Sleepwalking in my insomnia
The songs that lead my unconscious journey remind me of you
Led by the quiet beating of the heart

I didn’t want to leave
I just got scared, that’s all
I drank you away
With one last kiss, I ran
I ran so far, I got lost
Lost in the desert
Thirsty and covered in salty sweat

Can’t you see
Can’t you see
What I am looking for is looking down on me

Counting the days behind me
Praying for some ahead
A world overpowered by wrongful might
This time it just feels right
A force beside me bringing it all back home
The place where it started, so long ago

Can’t you see
Yes, baby, now I can see

In My Neighborhood – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

In my neighborhood

Boys played ball til the last glimmer of daylight
While the girls dreamed from their windowsill of their star athletes shining under the Friday night lights

We wore our Chiefs jackets with pride and waved our flags on the Fourth of July
Basketball in the park, drinks deep in the woods, making out wherever we could

Cheers from the soccer field heard far and wide
Mothers calling from the windows rounding up their children scattered outside
Neighbors were friends til the very end
Streets were quiet
Our doors never locked
In my neighborhood

Mischief filled the Autumn air as the leaves painted a rainbow covering our yards ushering in signs of cold to come
Winds of change or so it seemed
Winters raged in a white powdery wonderland
Snowball fights, castles high into the sky and Christmas lights lit up the star lit night
Hark the Herald Angels and Jingle Bells

We traded up the first cards of the season
Loitered from Mario’s to the Quick Check on the corner of Durban and Heaven
We shoveled driveways and grudged the sidewalks and prayed for the warmth of Spring to appear

April rolled in, a joyous time
A musical, a race or maybe a dip in the lake for just a short time
Sneaking a kiss or a sip of whiskey was alright

It was the end of another school year
No more teachers, no more books
Three months of nothing but those skinny bikinis and adolescent boy looks

Soon the fall would come a day, where we would return to stay.
One day, one year, one blink of an eye, a gown, a hat and no looking back

We went away, wishing we could stay just after Graduation Day

In my neighborhood
In my neighborhood, nothing ever happened and that was okay

At Seventeen – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Just to the side of the bleachers leaned up against the cold metal frame, I looked to the distance, but she didn’t even know my name
Porcelain skin, perfectly shaped cheer outfit and that smile
I was a small-town boy, just wondering why

At seventeen, it was all so clear
Nothing meant everything
Power was all in the stare

Alone on the eve of prom, singing “Never Say Goodbye” with only a lava lamp to light up the night
Limos passing below
Shouts of a memorable night soon to be had

Reflecting now on the adolescent dreams
It was all so simple
A bottle of Boone’s Farm, a 40 and Bartles & James
Under the stars, in the woods, out of sight
No cops could bust us as we owned the night

At seventeen, it was all so clear
The world was safe
We had no fear
Being with friends was all we had until the day it turned sad

On graduation, we tore up the streets
Wild rebels and sexy beasts
A toast to you, a toast to me
This is the best it will ever be

This is the time to remember, Billy once said
We ate that up, forgetting what was ahead

One last night, before school ends, army calls or the first child bore, to celebrate the times we shared
The trophies, medals, honors and feats
To the intimate nights by the lake filled with false promises of eternity

We found love in the lyrics of songs forever etched in our hearts
We regret the times we should have embraced before they fell apart

One last chance
One last dance to tell her this

I loved you from the first day of school and dreamed of our first kiss
For now, I say goodbye, but always know, you will always be my inspiration why

At seventeen, it is all so clear