Fallen Under a Southern Sky – Original Poem

angel1Fallen from the clouds
Under a southern sky you perished
Not to be forgotten; not to be mourned

A protector of humanity
Behind the uniform you stood
Humbled by the embrace of a community shielded from danger; welcomed by the hug of family

Each day a promise to the smiling faces of our future
To lead, to protect, to honor

Under the warm spring sun surrounded by eternal reminders of lost sons and daughters we stand in silence
Only the cinematic mental images of memories make any movement

Alone a wife, three children and a void
By the grassy knoll they stand in tears
In the final moments, his body lowered to a resting place
So peaceful

His spirit will continue to teach life lessons
He will not throw a ball or tell a bed time story, but he will always be there

With the brush of the wind, his hug will be felt
With the raindrops, a kiss on the cheek

pic1A loyal servant to the people
Five years, a patron to the citizens of the Holy City
Now an angel to the heavens

Look up
Look up fondly
He remains with us always


Running from You – Original Poem

sinkinSometimes she crises

From the lens of a camera a vision seeing the world from the shadow of others
Documenting the romance of life though a single frame of black and white

Water rising from the tears of sadness
Bound by this concrete at the bottom of the ocean, she looks up to the sunlight shining through
Stripped naked
Swallowing the salty emotional drainage of lives losing their way

On the walls, the memories speak
Telling stories
Open thought
Footsteps of eternal memory

A picture for today
A reflection of yesterday

Running from the shadows
Blood soaked feet
A trail for the hounds to seek

The room empty except for the pictures on the wall
Camera rests

She runs


Homeless Lovers – Original Poem

run1You are you
I am I

If we end up together, the alignment of fate and chance will dance in the cosmos

A tango of the heart
A shooting star of passion

Homeless vagabonds pursuing the dream of love riding the tail of this comet as long as it will allow

In this field we lie
In this field we cry

Next to you, I feel your heartbeat penetrate this weary body
Aching to the touch of home
A place to call our own
A promise realized

Walk with me to the river
Let me refresh you with the bounty of Earth’s gift

run2.jpegSoon the sun will rise corrupting this darkness
We will be exposed to the demons chasing us from behind

Drink the water and remind yourself how it feels to be alive

You are you
I am I

Defeated – Original Poem

edge2I once held you in my arms and you slipped away
Now, as I face these final moments I see your face; an angel easing my pain
Resting on a razor’s edge, balanced between the breath of life and the pain of the unknown


Beaten down by the winds of change
Dust blinding my ability to see
A treacherous storm reaches out from the horizon
Impending exit awaits


A blissful journey of scathing memories
Bumpy roads tripping up the race for sunshine
Sharp edges cut me to my knees


Now I lay still overpowered by these thoughts racing slowly through the caves hidden in my brain
The hourglass is flowing with the aid of gravity to its impending completion

A young woman lying on the edge of a bed

Balanced on a pin hovering over the cliff letting fate, destiny and chance play this silly game with my life
With the spin of the dice, they laugh
Without the ability of movement, I am defenseless to their whims
It’s snake eyes

Time to move from the edge