Innocence, my friend – Original Poem

Hello Innocence
Where have you been?

The protector of my dreams; the bearer of my actions
You guided me through the age of awakening and brought me from infancy to awareness

Life is a beautiful path of thorns
Each step a challenge to the next moment of enlightenment

Now faced with the reflection of myself, I stare at the child inside my soul
You never left me, but left me alone to learn the truth

You were always there, a star in the sky guiding me to my destiny

The sun and the moon, your eyes
The wind your extended hand
The waves of the ocean your voice

In you, I possess the power to dream

Hello again innocence

My friend, my passion, my guiding force of discovery


I Wrote a Song…Show your true talents

I wrote a song. Don’t get me wrong, I did not write the music just the lyrics. I am not yet a self proclaimed John Mayer but I do have a guitar.

For all of the talented songwriters who may stumble upon this, if you feel there is something in the words that inspires you, I welcome the opportunity to put music to the lyrics. Please reach out if you feel the stir of inspiration.

I wanted to share this song I wrote many years ago as an expression of my feelings as a youthful innocence of a young man in love. Remember, for all of you out there with hidden talents or a little gem hidden in the corner of the attic, let it out. Share it with others. Show your true colors because we only have one turn at this gift called life.

Ladies and gentleman, for the first time ever, True Wonder, original lyrics by Recruiterpoet (Cue in claps and cheers)

True Wonder

The soft curves of your satin skin caress the edges of the sheets
Your gentle smile provides comfort from across the bed as our eyes meet in an endless stare
Lips as sweet as nectar whisper words written by angels as your hair waves like an ocean breeze
I touch your resting soul one finger at a time and now I know

What is this feeling that has captured me?
Your body is a temple
Your soul its keeper
Let me pray on your beauty
You are my true wonder

In your heart is the key to unlocking my happiness
I wait now longing for you to enter my inner cave and unleash the secret we both share
With each turn one step closer

What is this feeling that has captured me?
Your body is a temple
Your soul its keeper
Let me pray on your beauty
You are my true wonder

The wind sings a symphony of flowers and birds
Sitting alone under a sky built for you and I, dreams of a future not far behind linger in my mind
My words are but a reminder of a deep passion covering my soul like a cancer

What is this feeling that has captured me?
Your body is a temple
Your soul its keeper
Let me pray on your beauty
You are my true wonder

Tonight you and I hold each other close leaving the world behind
Alone we are a million miles away but with one thought shared we stand as one body, mind, and soul.
You are my true wonder

What is this feeling that has captured me?
Your body is a temple
Your soul its keeper
Let me pray on your beauty
You are my true wonder

Age Old Question – Contract or Full-Time?


“I interviewed with another company and while the full-time req was just put on hold for a bit, they wanted to know if I would be interested in contracting until the req is approved. Under any circumstances would you advise someone that currently has a full-time job (with benefits) to do a contracting gig with another company? It’s quite risky with no guarantees that the req would ever be approved, and I’d lose benefits (as I’m single). But, in the short-term, it would allow me to make some good money. Thoughts?”

For those of you having war flashbacks to the LSAT exam, I promise there is no logic or analytical thinking necessary in this piece, but it will raise some thought provoking conversation.

I was listening to CBS radio recently and an interview was conducted with the owner of a tri-state area retained search agency. The interviewee believes that many organizations will remain with a skeletal work force and hire contract support as peaks in service and product need arise. More importantly he sees this trend continuing for many years if not permanent for some companies. Makes you wonder if this one opinion outlines the future of American business.

Back to the scenario…

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. First we need to look at the situation of the candidate.

Factors in ones decision:

Single or married?
History of family illness or disease
Debt concerns
Upcoming expenditures
Short term and long term goals (Immediate income vs. retirement income)
Growth opportunity vs pure skill niche
Training and development

Now everyone’s favorite past time, pros and cons lists. I will admit, it has been many years since I donned such a list, but it did prove affective toward leading my career in the right direction.

Let us begin with the route of contractor:


A. High hourly rate yields more immediate cash flow
B. Flexibility to jump from assignment to assignment
C. Immediate results. Whether you are three months or eighteen months, the likelihood is that you are
brought on to assist or lead a solution effort
D. Independence. You are your own boss. You fall under the ethics and morals guidelines of the organization
but you manage your money, taxes, hours, and career movement


A. No long term savings factored in except by the individual (401k match, pension, etc.)
B. Typically, benefits are self provided and at a higher cost
C. Job security. It just isn’t there
D. Long term relationships. It is difficult when moving from assignment to assignment
E. Taxation law could adversely affect a self employed consultant on the FICA and Social Security
F. Not paid for holiday time off

Full Time:


A. Job Security
B. Long term relationships in and out of work
C. Retirement planning
D. Wellness options and benefits
E. Opportunity for growth and development
F. Training assistance
G. Bonus potential
H. Paid for holiday time off


A. Lack of overtime pay for exempt level professionals
B. Total Rewards factors in pay, benefits and other non-monetary rewards so the immediate financial gain
tends to be smaller

There we have it, the pros and cons of choosing a career path on the contract side versus full time associate. Of course there are many more we could have added to the list but it is a good baseline starting point for many.

There is no right or wrong answer. It is about personal choice, family situation and short and long term focus.
One factor that needs to play into this question moving forward is that the face of business today is changing and choices individuals and business make now may not be as black and white as they were just five to ten years ago.

Be careful as you make your next career decision because you may not be making it for yourself, but for others around you that are impacted by your choices.

A Poet’s Journal – Original Poem

I am engraving my face with the legacy of my writing

In vulnerability and narcissism, I open my thoughts to the world

I am a poet in a world frightened by the written word; the emotion of the unspoken heart

Verse is a fumbling attempt at organized feeling

Lost are we in the uncertainty of eternal rest

A cloud to lay our weary soul or infinite void

Restful are we, the authors of humanity

Burdened by the prose of our forefathers; heightened by the notion if a new generation of followers

Unfulfilled – Original Poem


Looking into the eyes of another I can only see you.
From smile to toe, I am a vision of beauty to a man I cannot love
My emptiness inside is the void that can only be filled by the warmth of your touch

Give me the strength to hold you in my thoughts
Can you see now; I am using the power of our energy and love to retain this last breath of sanity hanging on the edge of a cliff

If I fall, will you catch me before the abyss swallows me whole?
If I close my eyes, will you be waiting in my dreams?
If I pray for your love, will you arrive with a bow?

I will continue this charade of matrimony
I will shed blood on this life long promise

He is by my side under the satin sheets but alone I lay
My heart beats faster and faster as it is torn into metaphoric shreds

I cannot escape this game of love that has become my life

What can I do?

Kiss the man whose name I have taken or rest beneath the stars that I share under the dark sky shared by my true love

Why Do We Stop Imagining?

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

The young king awakens to a brisk winter breeze. The territory is calm as the battle ground has seized. As he opens the castle door, he is awakened by five feet of fresh powdery snow. He looks upon the snow covered land with septer in hand. The glow of the tip reflects into the snow as the sun shines on the face of a king who has successfully defended his land. He does know that hiding in the trenches are his enemies. Soon the rules of war will come forward as a new battle will begins, but not before the agreed seize fire of 100 minutes.

The king puts on his royal coat and walks to the stables to mount his horse and scour the land in search of survivors from his brave army. The land is quiet and only a soft breeze is singing in the air. As the king looks out into the distance, the site of trees and villages become brighter as the sun rises in the sky and a new day has begun.

Today will be great. Victory will be ours and our land will once again be free of tyrants.

I was the king of that castle. With a cardboard box, a wiffle ball bat, horse on a stick, a neighborhood game of hide and seek and a nice 12 inch snowfall, I was able to create a world of fantasy and vision. I was the king of my box and my septer would soon help me to become the next Mickey Mantle when the spring flowers arise. My castle would later store my old school books and the horse has been retired into the stables now disguised as a garage.

This is an example of the level of imagination that every young child envisions. Every day of a newborn’s life is a day of discovery and wonder. Each touch, smell and feeling is new and exciting. Youth is a time of evolution as we shape who we are by our surroundings and our ability to create whatever world we want.

There is a beautiful song by Jimmy Buffett, “Love in the Library” where he refers to the library as a place where you can be anywhere and anyone all through the pages of a book.

“I was the pirate, she was the queen
Sir Francis and Elizabeth, the best there’s ever been
Then she strolled past my table and stopped at the stairs
Then sent me a smile as she reached for Flaubert

Love in the library
Quiet and cool
Love in the library
There are no rules
Surrounded by stories
Surreal and sublime
I fell in love in the library
Once upon a time

She gathered her books, walked while she read
Words never spoken, but so much was said
You can read all you want into this rendezvous
But it’s safer than most things that lovers can do

Well stories have endings, fantasies fade
And the guard by the door starts drawing the shade
So write your own ending and hope it comes true
For the lovers and strangers on Bay Avenue”

Love in the Library

Jimmy the true modern day pirate gets it. Never stop dreaming. You don’t have to be rich to travel the world. You don’t have to be born into royalty to be a king. You can become the greatest legend of all time through the use of imagination and the passion to let yourself go.

Why do we stop imagining?

There are a many theories and opinions behind the phenomenon known as adulthood

1. Responsibility takes control of our lives with work, family, bills and schedules
2. Reality takes over as our thoughts move to mortality, war, crime, terrorism, and hatred
3. Our perceptions have been tainted and we are set in our beliefs
4. Society has deemed a level of maturity that we must adhere to and imagination is not mature enough
5. Jealousy or depression from growing older
6. We forgot how to imagine
7. Social class has determined our place in the bubble of life
8. To dream is to wonder. To wonder is to suspend reality. To suspend reality is to take us away to a world
that is so perfect it can only be created in our minds. Maybe that is too much to swallow.

We should never stop imagining and dreaming. When you are being interviewed and you get the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, your first thoughts are typically, “I hate this question” and then you answer the with what you feel the interviewer wants to hear. Maybe we need to re-phrase the question as “What are your dreams for the next five years?”

Perhaps the greatest sports moment of the 20th century should outline the true meaning of these words.

“Do You Believe in Miracles” – Al Michaels

One of the most memorable lines in all of sport and humanity. Spoken from the heart as the United States Ice Hockey Team made up of college boys defeated the greatest hockey team in the world who had once defeated the NHL All-Stars 6-0 and 14 days earlier defeated the same United States Team 10-3 at Madison Square Garden. It was a moment the brought a country frightened by recession and global turmoil back to its feet. It single handedly raises us up to a new level and gave us hope for a better tomorrow.

Herb Brooks, the coach of the United States Hockey team was asked about that moment and stated:

“I’ve often been asked in the years since Lake Placid what was the best moment
for me. Well, it was here.

The sight of twenty young men of such differing backgrounds now standing as one; young men willing to sacrifice so much of themselves all for an unknown.

A few years later, the U. S. began using professional athletes at the games; Dream teams.

I always found that term ironic because now that we have
dream teams, we seldom ever get to dream.”

Miracle – Final Scene

I don’t want to ever stop dreaming. I still believe the cardboard box is my castle and that yellow wiffle ball back is my royal septer and as long as I can be king of the land, I will never let my imagination rest. Without the ability to imagine, we would never achieve greatness and innovation.

If you ever feel like life is bringing you down and you cannot escape the darkness, just close your eyes and imagine a better place.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” – John Lennon

Happy Birthday Dad

“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” -Anne Geddes

We may not agree on much. We may have different lifestyles. We may even have different takes on just about everything, but one thing is certain, I always have and always will be able to count on you to be there for me. You are my rock and my true foundation. You keep me grounded and set me straight when I really need it. You provided me with the education and upbringing to be independent, strong and moral.

Throughout my life you have provided me with a good home, a solid education and been an avid travel partner. Though thick and thin, good and bad, you are still by my side. To you Dad I say thank you for making me the person I am today.

I am proud to be your son and proud to wish you the warmest of birthday messages.

Today is a special day for you and I hope by spending this day with you, I can share in it and remind you how much I care about you and how much I value you in my life.

To my father, on his birthday, thank you for being such an incredible and supportive part of my life and I wish you the warmest wishes for a great day and many, many, many more to come.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Love your son, Mark