Write Your Legacy – Original Poem

Salvation is a fate written by the wise, interpreted by the few and blessed upon the chosen
It unlocks the key to the mystery
Written on stones washed upon the shores haunted by the spirits of dying soldiers

It is our legacy spoken by heroes wearing the costumes of grandfathers
The musky odor of gun smoke linger with each reenactment of our journey to freedom

The choice is within each of us
Embrace a destiny inscribed in the chapter of birth rite and extend the miracle of life
For the blood of the pen drips for all eternity


Two Birds – Original Poem

You stir the potion of passion personified
The essence of a delicate soul

Whispering the words I need to hear as you embrace my covenant home

I looked into your eyes as they penetrate into my soul
Vulnerable, my knees weaken as the earth cradles the fall

Stillness she awakens and captures the moment with just one kiss

Up in the air we fly
Two birds with a vision of the clouds to lead the path of destiny

High above the earth, two mortals become one
As an angel is born into the heavens

For eternity, two hearts become one


Warriors at Peace – Original Poem

The day is upon us

Strength is buried in the loins of these brave warriors who have preyed on the sacrifices of the weak
A journey through the sands of the desert

In awe, an inspirational vision of the promise land glowing in the radiant flow of shadows and colors is painted in the horizon

Now weary, the defiant mortals kneel at rest in thankful prayer for the gift of survival

Small in numbers but rich on tradition, this band of brothers look upon the spirit of the high priestess to guide their path to the predetermined circumstance of the stars

They wait in silence for a sign

In quiet desperation, the world slows its rotation to almost a universal moment of serendipitous tranquility
The perfect moment

Pure as the blue in an infant’s eyes
Sacred as the bond of eternal love

Now is the time to stand tall; define a legacy and carve eternity into the hearts of millions

Crossover – Original Poem

We made plans
Promises were made

You were a bird in the wind leaving the warmth of destiny for the comfort of home

Mixed signals turned to empty hearts

You are my favorite nightmare filling my nights with passion; awakening only to the void of reality

Now your words tear through me; shredding my skin to pieces
I do not bleed, but the venom in my blood is sucking the life from my soul

It is piercing now
This chill now suffocating my frail body as it tightens its grip

I can only close my eyes and pray that you will cross over from this nightmare to my dreams

Beautiful Insanity – Original Poem

The wheels are falling off the axis of the world

Skies of purple
Seas of blue

Chaos rests in peaceful silence above the voices of the masses

My home is a smile of sweet grace
Sitting in the cave of serenity
Rocking in the chair of time, worn from generations past

It is a beautiful oblivion, masquerading in a promenade of dance and majesty

Life is an eternal spectacle woven in a tapestry of colors that are revealed with your first vision of life

Become amazed by the energy sparked by humanity

Become a Thought Leader

Global culture is undergoing a shift of interactive real time communication. To circumvent the world, one would need to travel almost 26,000 miles. Now at the touch of a finger we can be in five continents, translate a conversation into ten languages and get an enhanced understanding of multiple cultures without leaving our bed.

We have become the ultimate planet, without flaw and without limits. We have set and achieved goals our parents never thought possible, and now we are moving faster than we can we can envision. Life is perfect. We are blessed with efficiency tools, mobile technology, global interaction and information at our finger tips.

What more could we possibly need?

An identity.

When was the last time you had an original thought or idea?
When was the last time you made a statement?
When was the last time you had a defining moment in your life?
When was the last time you were the leader and not the follower?

After you calculate all the time you spend on Facebook, watching movies on your IPad, texting your friends and family, tweeting about your great alfalfa tofu sandwich, blogging about the state of the state, downloading music, playing Cityville, and uploading your mobile pictures, look how much is left.

After you figure out the remaining time, how much of it is spent on quality connections and personal achievement.

How many of you have done the following in the last five years:

1.) Taken the time to write a hand written letter
2.) Had a picnic in the park or at the beach and let time just pass you by
3.) Written a book, a song, or a poem
4.) Learned something completely new
5.) Invented something (recipe, innovation, idea)
6.) Built something from scratch
7.) Went a day without your computer, TV, radio and car

How many are scratching their heads now? I have a feeling a few of you are.

Each year certain catch phrases gain popularity and one of them is “Thought leader”. It is an interesting phrase with many interpretations.

One of the defining traits that many citizens fall under is the notion of being a follower.

For example:
Yahoo trends topics
Digg and StumbleUpon promote the most viewed links
Twitter runs the top ten topics
Foursquare trends locations

We are all fascinated by what others want to see or do.

Remember, nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.

Here is my interpretation of “thought leader” and my homework to you.

Wake UP your creative juices. Define, harness and implement something new. Take a risk and make it your own. You may fail and then you will have the courage and passion to try again. Somewhere between the Industrial Revolution and the IPod, we stopped thinking for ourselves and started picky backing on the success of others.

We need people to step up again and redefine what makes humans such an amazing race. We have thrived on intellect but without compassion and drive, that brain power is in essence powerless.

I am reaching out to everyone to ask you to find the compassion to stand apart and begin a crusade to be great again. Find what has been hidden in the cornerstone of your mind and let it out. Scream it and lead it. Each of you are destined for greatness. The hard part is finding it within yourself.