The Difference – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The difference between a hell hole and shit hole is just a point of view
Every town tainted with broken dreams
Lonely roads keep my company
Every day closer to her face
These pockets empty except for the dust and the faded memories of the last fruitless road

A pill for the pain
A pill to just keep me sane

Love burns to the core
Raw and gutted

Under this blood red sky, I pray

All that is left is a picture from another day
Another time when you found comfort in my arms

Now this life is breaking me
Every day, I ask for another chance, but time plays a wicked guitar
Riffs so harsh, days so long
Like a soul singer alone on stage, I suffer for the art of survival

Here I am, half a world away and no direction on this pointless compass
The sun directly above
No tilt to the left, nor to the right
Still and burning for another victim

I think back to those that had faith in me
Those that believed
Shared a vision of something; a powerful meaning in these words
No genie
No magic lantern
No turning back
A blank page remains in this journal, but has the ink run dry?

On the side of this road I will rest this head
Flooded in thoughts
Too tired to think
With the taste of clay, I look to the mountains in the distance
Eyes heavy; darkness lurking

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow
Another day to continue


On Our Wedding Day – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The stars align, the sun will shine on our wedding day
The sparkle in your eyes; what a big surprise
It will be our special day

Under that veil, I must reveal, that look upon your face
A silly grin; a playful laugh; a lifetime for us awaits

I see the world so clearly now, this I must confess
From the moment I saw those baby blues, my life became one big mess

Seeing you sitting alone in that sunflower dress on the warm spring day
I was forever yours and blinded by all the rest

Today I stand, eternally by your side
A picket fence, a rocking chair, this life promises a crazy ride

The places we will go
The wonders we will see
Together on this magic carpet ride, just you and me.

The steamy sex
The wild nights
Our secret it will be

Heaven and Earth meet when I touch your soul
A fire of life burns for you every second
Existence has meaning and you the words that finish my story

Here before the angels above, a pledge
Before the ones who have loved us, a promise
To the pounding hearts of two former strangers fated to this moment, I am yours
On our wedding day and for all eternity

Now I will rest these tired lips upon yours
A soft wet embrace to seal our bond

Let this moment forever hang on the mantle above the fireplace in our memory bank
I have never loved so much as I do now
My savior, my love, my eternal home

Weak and Wicked – Original Poem

Passionate couple foreplay black and white

By Mark A. Leon

It gets harder to breathe without your lifeline

A toast to the night
To our time together
To the sensual touch of your kiss
The lingering taste of your fruit

I lied when I met you
I promised the now, but yearned for eternity
I prayed for you, before our eyes ever met
I yearned for you, before I thrust into the domain of your soul

I dreamed about the forever story, but lived the now or never mind
A fairy tale thought, a realist outcome
A fool I am
An ignorant servant to the hand of the almighty
Weak and wicked

You are a symbol of grace; a classic reminder of the greatest gift bestowed upon this Earth
Mother Nature’s favorite child

With the curves of life’s highway
The soft skin of the nectar that feeds the romanticism of it all
The sensuality of penetration

Deep and slow
Breathe, control, balance

I woke this morning to the sound of pouring rain
I swore I heard your voice call my name
It was the ghost of a past I could not shake
It’s time to re-awake

Your body is my canvas
The colors of my life
The rich blues and warm greens and the red hot steamy nights

I need to breathe again
That I know
I need your touch
Inside you, I will show

Queen of My Night – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Weeks have passed and I have shared many a lonely night
Strangers come and gone
Promises made in the wind
Nothing, but a glass to keep me warm
Bourbon for the pain
Whiskey for the might

I’ll never forgot those words; recited in the dimness of the candlelight

“As long as the clouds fly above these skies
Until the sun burns its last flame
I will be by your side
Wherever you will go; together we will be, under this vast sky letting the stars guide our path”

You are the queen of my night
A princess in a palace of two
Elegant as the wistful feather of a dove
Free as the ocean wave

Love letters in the sand
Washed away, but never faded from my memory

As the phoenix rises from the ashes, you are my savior
A pillar of light in a sea of darkness
My queen of the night

In fondness, I carry a piece of the heart I damaged so long ago as I walked away
It keeps beating to the sound of your faith and the lyrics of your promise song
Each beat a reminder of my impending return
A life complete
A new journey larger than the likes of you or I

I want you to love me again like you loved me before
Never let go of yesterday and embrace tomorrow
Forever in your kingdom
You are my Queen of my night

A Ripple in Time – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rock skips across the crystal-clear river stream
A ripple in time

Baby cries; a man lies under the moonlit night sky
A leaf falls; a winter breeze; a homeless man dies; a soldier falls to his knees
Time laughs, time teases
A simple man singing a song of reason

Today we dream
Tomorrow we die
A legacy of hope
Time goes by

Today, I met a man who turned to dust
I fell in love with a woman
Knew I must
Be true to one’s self; be fair to a tee
Tomorrow we look back in sorrow and glee

What does this all mean, this ripple in time?
A lesson for tomorrow or a burden in rhyme

A singer sings
A poet rhymes
The philosopher rests on laurels of the mind
To me, I’m you; To you, just be

In the end, it is all about she
Fragile as a flower caught in the storm
Fierce and free
Beautiful as the sun coming out to play
A tingle of warmth on a quiet Spring day
She is wonder vast as the sea
When the chapter is written, they will say, she completes me

To the mountains, we ride
It is truth we seek
Figs and leaves

Through the valleys, we hide
In the depth of mystique
Spice and vine

The prophet awaits with the wisdom we ache
The answer is written, this promise I make

She is pure; she forsakes; she is the power to take
Take one, take two, lest not we fail

In love, the truth lies on this boat we now sail
In the sunset, into the night
I will lie with you until the next guiding light