Intoxication of Awareness – Original Poem

Is it my turn to wish you were lying next to me
Shared agony
Another place; another time
The sun is not warm without your touch

I’m drowning in this empty pool

In this distance, your silence is a meanness sweeping through my soul
I’m so alone; but this loneliness is not caused by the toxic acid eating away at my skin from the distance that separates us
It is within me

Loneliness is only the resistance to being at peace with one’s self
I know that now
I learned that from your kiss

Awakened by a baptism when I felt the wetness of your lips on mine

You predicted a prophecy that I would once again rise to find the extraordinary self

On the white horse you rode away toward the setting sun; not to escape our bond, but to continue my education of found glory

The teacher, the lover, the friend
An noble love from the heart of the most innocent

We look to others for purpose
You looked at me and saw hope

I share this breath with you intoxicating me with a rainbow of warm light


Moment to Shine – Original Poem

The wait is over
Blood is racing
A million hearts pulsating to the beat of anticipation

The speeches echo in the distance

This is for you
For all the sweat
The pain
The moments on the brink where the taste of your blood was the only thing keeping you going

The fight has already been won and lost a thousand times over and over in your mind

A game of winners and losers decided by the human spirit
Historians will record it from the cheap seats and write inspiration tales of courage and glory

The eclipse is upon us, when light becomes darkness
Crowds silenced
The time is now

In the blink of an eye it is gone
For now; this moment frozen in time
A destiny will be defined

The eternal torch to be carried by generations to come

Let the wind be a guiding force lifting you from the pull of Earth so you may fly with the birds

A Matter of Inches – Original Poem

Life is stupid in the way we involve unnecessary complexity
We live in a idealistic box of purpose

What is purpose?  It is a manifestation created in our minds to answer the question, why?

Eternity is not forever
Eternity is made up of billions of isolated moments creating a mural of existence

We are part of eternity
With the decisions we make and the love we give

You have shared eternal moments, each and every day

Simplify your life to a few brief thoughts
Bring those ideas to the table and look what it has become

The puzzle is no longer scattered pieces hiding in the corners afraid to come together
It is complete and inside of that puzzle you see yourself
The perfect you

Have you ever imagined something so unique it defies the logic of thousands of years of humanity?
If you truly believe, its becomes reality
It may not be actionable, but it warms the soul like sipping hot cocoa under a billion stars

Stop; let the silence swallow you
Feel the energy of this moment reaching new heights
Accelerating your senses

It is a power not proven by silence and logic
It is you, the maker of moments; the eternal self

Beautiful moments are born with each breath

In Your Sacrifice, I Find Strength – Original Poem

Years will pass and our friends will sleep in different beds but my love remains
From rooftops to the stars, there are no limits
We are part of something infinite; bigger than we can imagine
But, we are filled with passion; the fuel of the heavens

It is a truth we know
Not from the words of the bible or declarations from men of war and peace
It is the truth of the heart, written with the beat of this machine inside our souls and defined by the moments that leave an infinite footprint

Skyscrapers will rise
Giants will rule
But you and I will live this play of life with zest

We will together, hand in hand, take that leap
Only faith will keep us airborne and fight the resistant forces of gravity

Locked hand in hand, we will come home
To a place we always knew stored in the treasure chest in our minds

We are dictated by the need to help
To pursue the goal of happiness for all mankind

That is what I see in your eyes
I see a birthright of sacrifice for others
I see an unyielding faith

I love you with the strength of a thousand horses
I shout this to the end of the Milky Way

You do not know hate
Just the riches of nature
The warm of the underbelly of humanity

You have never been lost in this journey

You have given me solitude and I will be with you in all your sacrifice

Those Times Remain – Original Poem

Memories play all night in my head without sound
Familiar faces defying space and time creating a collage of thought and reflection

Friends moving on, promises made, jokes buried for another day
As we go on, we remember
Some through song; others images

The places stay the same, the footsteps have changed

Invincible to youth, we lived without despair or regret
A mistake was just our way of trying again

We kissed at the dance and promised forever, when forever was just a day away

We had the shore to sweep away our problems
Lying in the sand at midnight with the sounds of JT on the boombox and the stars peeking in on the awkward moments of two teenagers

As we lie there certain of our adolescent uncertainty, the words of our favorite poet from English class would save the moment and secure the kiss

The reflection of the moon in your eyes branded in my head
Thinking back to those life lessons; those words of our elder teachers about risk and safety
Where was the love?

It hit us like a set of bricks

After the tans
The drinks
The laughter and pride

We just wanted to be a boy and girl and stay young forever in these simple moments

Lives change
Responsibility blinds us to a false sense of value
Time crashes into our ride giving us whiplash

As I remain still on this concrete jungle I am filled with sweet emotion
In my conscious, my friends remain forever

With my eyes closed, I think about those few girls and boys that have filled my life with fondness and provided me with the true eduction of life’s classroom

I Love the Way You Love – Original Poem

I love the way you love

The dance in the middle of the park without music, without an audience but a story of a princess and the ball running through your head
The mornings when the aroma of coffee and the warmth of the rising sun remind me of home

It is in the heart that you share
The compassion for the weak that makes you strong

If I could feel the love you feel, I would know the answers I have sought as I journey to this sunset
On this horse named Hope, I ride without direction
Listening for your heartbeat

You hug as if it is the first time seeing me
Holding tight, reminding without words the importance of touch

You laugh with the strength of Hercules; cry with the devastation of Pompeii

So much patience
One step at a time
Birth to twilight

When you close your eyes as the wind brushes back your hair, there is a connection with nature most can never understand

I love the way you love
All things
All dreams

In the rain, you see re-birth
A cleansing of the soul
The rest run

At night, you embrace the silence
In the crowds and the screaming, the embrace of life

I love that you believe in the greater good
Humanity is a gift you unwrap once strand at a time
Mental nakedness lets you feel

I love the way you love
In you, I continue to learn

Are you aggressive enough to kill for that job? (Not Literally)

Exhibit A: The Eager Beaver. She is energized, willing to learn and a true sponge in every sense of the word. You give her a task and she will embrace it and learn it.

Exhibit B: The aggressive go-getter. No need to direction. This one is self-sufficient and seeks out challenges and solutions.

Who do I want to hire?

Candidate A who shows the promise to learn and grow, but will need a tremendous amount of hand holding or Candidate B who is a self-directed work horse.

The only question I need to ask myself as a hiring manager is this: Which candidate will advance in this organization and drive positive results?

Yes, every single reader got that right. But that isn’t the lesson here. The lesson isn’t for the hiring managers or the recruiters, but the candidates.

Cultural Fit

• Personality + soft skills = Cultural Fit
• Soft skills + technical skills + adaptability + cultural fit = Long term loyalty
• Ambition + innovation + research and execution + leadership skills + project management skills = Priceless. You can’t buy that kind of talent. Actually you can.

The formula for success is not mapped out on a flow chart or a process document. This is not a long complex equation built out by a PhD at Stanford University (No intent to snub M.I.T.) nor a detailed research white paper. The formula for success is understanding your business, building a business model that promotes creative and innovative thought management and providing the resources and tools for success.

The heart of this formula is the right talent: the mix of diversification that will bring it all together. In any organization you will have your strong and weak performers. It is the nature curve of life. That doesn’t dictate that you cannot move the curve in favor of the strong.

There is an old adage, surround yourself with good people and you begin to see good results. The principles of the laws of attraction can be applied to the workforce. Find the common thread and build on it.

The common thread is culture. Find people that compliment your culture and you will shine.

The Hiring Manager has made a decision

Back to Candidate A and B. They have been sitting in the lobby sweating bullets waiting for feedback and all we are doing is talking about how to populate your organization with good people.

We know who we are selecting. Do you think they do?

Unfortunately, so many of the eager beavers don’t even realize what is right in front of them. They are nice, energetic, adaptable, flexibility and so willing to learn. Poor saps. The truth is that the big bad business wolf doesn’t want to huff and huff and blow the house down. Translated: they don’t want to put the time and effort into training. They need doers. Hard-nosed and successful doers. That is the business world today.

I was asked once, “How do I get from Wisconsin non-profits to silicon valley?” My response was, “You are adorable. I want to package you up and put a ribbon on top. You are incredibly intelligent and know you stuff, but you are a sweet talking soft spoken Midwest girl. You need a hard shell and soon. The world won’t ever see how much you can contribute unless you assert yourself in that world.” She is now a senior HR leader in the San Francisco bay area.

To all the Exhibit A’s out there, it will be hard to find companies that want to hold your hand in the workplace. Find your direction, develop a strategy and get there.