Moment to Shine – Original Poem

The wait is over
Blood is racing
A million hearts pulsating to the beat of anticipation

The speeches echo in the distance

This is for you
For all the sweat
The pain
The moments on the brink where the taste of your blood was the only thing keeping you going

The fight has already been won and lost a thousand times over and over in your mind

A game of winners and losers decided by the human spirit
Historians will record it from the cheap seats and write inspiration tales of courage and glory

The eclipse is upon us, when light becomes darkness
Crowds silenced
The time is now

In the blink of an eye it is gone
For now; this moment frozen in time
A destiny will be defined

The eternal torch to be carried by generations to come

Let the wind be a guiding force lifting you from the pull of Earth so you may fly with the birds

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