Nothing Else Matters – Original Poem

The moon more powerful than the sun for nothing else matters
Opening up deepens the wounds
Taking the risk only spreads the disease

Black is white
White is black
Death is no longer the solution

The face in the mirror is my greatest fear
It criticizes my weaknesses
It chokes on my pride
It sucks the air from the vacuum I live in

Break the glass, the reflection only grows stronger
Scream in silent tones as your ears fall to the deafening chords
Rip out your eyes and you will see through your skin to another dimension

Escape is futile
You cannot fly from this skin
You are trapped
Each morning the skin get tighter; the grip stronger

This body is full of poison slowly swimming in the veins and breaking down the organs racing to the heart
The heart is the ultimate victor for devil
In his hands he holds the prize as you pray for an end


Dark Lust – Original Poem

It is a passion that never fades
A pursuit of perfection that is a shadow following in the thick night air
Hiding in corners
Whispering in alleys
Penetrating your soul with the deepest of desires

Close your eyes to reveal the colors of this manifestation
A rainbow of possibility lusting away all thoughts of innocence
It is a betrayal of the heart when no crime has been committed

Deeper into the trenches of the heart
Bitten by life’s sin
No blood loss only a loss of humanity

Adolescence lost
Wanton desire woken by the wolfs of sensuality
Senses numbed by the thirst of violation

Chastity broken by lewd sexuality
Demons with pitchforks poking and prodding at you
You run into the fog but swept into a bed of sexual rage

Tied down by thoughts so wicked, so wrought with damnation
Fiery motives take over
Action no longer resemble rational behavior

It is in you now
This thing
This being
This animal

The ravage is free to fly
Civility is buried in a tomb of white roses

Why Not Here – Original Poem

If heaven can be anywhere, why not here
If the gates of eternal rest are a utopia formulated by faith and belief, why not here

A juxtaposition looking at heaven and earth side by side

How can we fear death if faith has led us to believe in this perfect infinite paradise of rest and redemption?

In a world saturated in laughter and love, we have found a place to call home

Born, adopted and discovered, we are surrounded by a circle of devotion, yet we continue to be infatuated by a journey we fight so hard to stop

We are on a collision course to inconclusiveness
A puzzle of unpredictability leaving behind a world of validity

Looking back we hold on tightly to the memories that have fortified our foundation
It was the mistakes that strengthened our will; the passion that made us feel; the triumphs that leaped us to the next level

How do you define heaven?
Why not here?
We live in a world created by the ruler of universe made up of beings formed by his hands

If this is the perfect habitation, why not here?

Birth is the beginning of the demise to the end
Philosophy will analyze; religion with set forth credence; love will soothe the unease but as the final moments arrive, ask yourself not are you ready, but why not here?

Time for a Rebirth (Leave your footprints on life)

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World was billed as an apocolyptic comedy but after all the laughs and surrealism about a total global demise it was a romance about two people that saved each other and found true unconditional love. Melancholia, a global apocolyptic film from 2011 was a tragedy that celebrated family and the love they shared. Earlier tonight, it was confirmed that Nora Ephron passed away at 71. A writer, essayist and comedic romantic that brought us When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. One theme carried her throughout her illustrious career and that was the power of love and laughter.

Losing a friend, especially at such a young age puts your life in perspective but defining her life and her legacy has had a much more powerful message. Spending countless hours and putting my own life on hope to seek out the true wisdom Michelle had to share and releasing the love we all shared for her each and every day of the final months of her life brought me once again to a better place. Through spiriality, happiness, comfort and love, Michelle fought cancer the way she lived life as a free spirit that was strong and embraced the ones she loved.

Life is about a series of moments both good and bad. Some pierce while others graze the skin, but each one of these markers in life feeds us food for thought and helps shape the next direction we choose. I think we need to see each day as a rebirth. It is an opportunity to begin a new journey and build off the ones from the past. Each day of life is a gift. You don’t have to see children dying of tragic diseases or infants that die shortly after birth to know how lucky we are to be in this moment, breathing, living, sharing and feeling.

I just completed a remarkable trip with my father that unfortunately began with seeking and gaining closure with Michelle. It was from her mother’s unspoken urging that I spoke for a few moments to her family and friends at the funeral home but one I would not ever regret. As I stood there, not knowing what to say and even feeling like the outsider looking in, the words started to flow. Not because I am a word smith but because the love we gave to her and the love she gave back ten times over gave me the foresight to share stories, personal feelings and lessons she wants us to carry all our days.

While on a trip to Charlotte a while back, I asked my friend Marcus if she could keep Jack and Lola at his house in Rock Hill with his one year old daughter. Marcus being the amazing friend he is of course said yes and Bethany instantly fell in love having a dog on each side of her on the couch. When I broke the news of Michelle’s diagnosis to him I remember so vividly what he said: “It is amazing how someone you only met once could have such an impact on you”. I cannot think of a better way to describe Michelle. Whether you loved her to death or thought she was crazy, she made an impact.

So many of us use sarcasm to hide our feelings or make fun of others we are jealous of. We stereotype and prejudge and tend to avoid the one thing that in the end brings us all together: love. What is the fear of love? I can spend volumes trying to interpret that last comment, but I would rather spend it telling the truly important people in my life how much I care about them and instead of waiting to get old and die, start living.

After leaving Ohio, we went to Toronto, Mississagua and Niagara Falls and there were moments I thought about her lifeless body but most of the time I thought about Michelle and smiled. Each summer along with the many other times I spend with my dad, we take a father/son trip north. We have our moments of disagreement, but always the trips with him are memorable.

I too sometimes hide behind my thoughts and words, but I try very hard to make each day unique, memorable and full of as much love as possible.

When you wake up in the morning, think about who is important, tell them and find a way to make each day a personal triumph full of happiness and laughter. At the end of the day, those are the memories that stick.

I Went to a Zoo

I went to a zoo on Saturday. First it was chocolate and raspberry crepe and hot chocolate then off to High Park Zoo in Toronto, Ontario. Why is it important that I share a story about a small quaint zoo with emu, goats, bison, wallaby, reindeer and cows?

First, it is a zoo. If that isn’t enough to celebrate then what is? The thought of exotic animals from every continent around the world cohabitate in one place and being able to touch, talk and learn about them is just one of the most amazing concepts on earth. It is a utopia of life from the simplicity of eating and pooping to the complexity of mating. We get to bear witness to how other animals and species live around the world all at our finger tips.

Second, The National Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY and zoos are a bit of a holy grail to me. I can sense them, I can feel them but somehow I never thought I would see them again. Like many people, when I have a quest, I will stick to my guns until that need is met. Now The Hall of Fame has become more of a joke between my father and I so the likelihood of meeting this destiny may not be in the near future but I was able to go to Yogi Berra’s Museum last summer and that helped ease the pain.

Now back to the zoo. Due to a calendar overlook, we were not able to go to Shakespeare in the Park last night and see A Mid Summer Nights Dream but through a little additional research, I learned that High Park had a zoo.

Yippy! Are you feeling the excitement now! So after bribing my father with a nice savory sweet crepe, it was off to the zoo. What a time was had. I had a nice conversation with an Emu who posed so nicely, watched a couple of young goats experience true love or mounting, watched a bison poop for what seemed like an hour, was amazed by the wing span of the peacock, cringed as the goats who were in mid shedding and laughed at the reindeer with their furry antlers.

A zoo is one of the rare places you can feel like a child each and every time you walk through the open gates. As I walked on the medium like a gymnast in the Olympics minus the style points and eloquence, I felt like I was ten again. It is nice to get an hour sometimes to forget about life’s problems and just be an innocent child once again. I wanted to pet every one of them and even may have renamed a few. I liked the names but some just didn’t fit based on the relationship I created with them.

As the sun was setting so too was my visit to the zoo. You can give me a 50 acre zoo with an IMAX theater, a dolphin experience, a one of a kind albino alligator, giraffes that touch the clouds and elephants so massive you won’t believe your eyes, but in my mind, if you can find a small zoo where you can make an intimate connection with the animals in a small setting, it is so worth it.

So there you have it. I went to the zoo. I hope you enjoyed my little story and maybe, just maybe it too inspired you to want to befriend an animal or two at the zoo.


Eternal Love – Original Poem

You are tattooed in my heart
The ink bleeds through my veins

You are my eternal love

The music that is harmonized by birds
The graffiti that fills the concrete jungle that is so focused on black and white
The inspiration not written in words; the hero not spoken about in speeches

You are my eternal love
Like a finely woven stitching that tapers off and returns to a perfect pattern of love and harmony

It is in you peace is a reality
It is in you I can once again dream
It is in you I find truth hidden under all the lies

Void of fear, you only seek solace in the tears of my loneliness
Comfort is waiting in your arms and whispered in the presence of angels

You are my eternal love
Now as I rest, my dreams and reality become one
My eyes will open soon to an angel by my side

A shower of illumination is the evidence of your presence walking toward me and easing all the pain

Journey Into Night – Original Poem

The night sky dark and clear
A spectacle of stars fills the night sky
An Imax of universal proportions free of charge

Into the night to the chats of go west, a journey begins with one step and ends with closure

Two journeymen brought together by blood; torn by life’s choices
It is with wisdom and sacrifice they find common ground

Strength of will to guide them along the black abyss
Deeper into the darkness, clarity is found

In the moment of weary indecision a sign is thrust upon them
In a burst of hallucination and clairvoyance their mission is clear

A force, more powerful than time provides a spiritual sleigh to bring them home
Legs weak
Thoughts clouded
Wills nearly broken

The light of day rises from a blissful rest and brings vision to the blind
It is a warm blanket of comfort

Now the journeymen must rest
Lay their bodies down and replenish for this road is only begun

Another dawn; a welcome hug; a time for healing