Recruiterpoet Blog – 2013 In Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 93,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

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Under The Same Sky – Original Poem


Under the same sky, I sleep by your side
Looking up at the infinite darkness as black as your eyes
I sense the angels above
You are so far now, but I can still feel your breath

I want to hold you for a million years and then a million more
To feel your embrace

Your voice, a melody
Your heartbeat, the rhythm of our love song

Under the moonlight, I share this dance with my love
Feet soft, gliding across the meadow of sunflowers

I wish this song would never end
Forever in repeat
Each lyric more meaningful than the last

I didn’t know until now how I felt
A shooting star falling to the earth to remind me of how fragile our bond

Under this sky I pray


I pray for strength to find my way back to you
I pray for courage to be a better man
I pray you believe in the power of us

On my knees
Reflections in the moonlight
The stillness of the pond
The vastness of this great land

One lone star, alone in the sky
Bright and inspiring
Guiding my journey back to you

Bells Ringing – Original Poem


The bells are ringing from the sanctuary inside this decaying head
Churches empty
Chapels dark
Temples remain in ruins

I can’t get over the lives we have led

Over our shoulders we look in fondness
Reaching, in hopes of a repeat down this tunnel

The bells ring beyond the abyss of bright lights

Can you hear them now?
They are getting louder, defining our final destiny

Breathing is a little more difficult now
My eyes fading into the night

Someday I will hold you no more
For so long I refused you
Now, I need you
I long for your touch
To see the lines on your face as you smile my troubles away

Things have changed, yet still the same
The bells remind me of the music I refused to hear


Content alone, I pursued a life of mistakes
More and more I followed a dream manifested by an imagination washed away by reality

Hidden secrets left behind
Buried under the tree of childhood
In a box they will remain for a new generation to fall to shame

The ringing of the bells screech and scream
Soon they will come to a deafening halt

Forever silenced
Forever numb

Still, in this frozen pond
Without feeling, without cause

Action only speeds us to its destination
Waiting only prolongs the pain
Stop this madness spinning deep in my conscious

The bells still ring

Daylight – Original Poem


Fishing for daylight in a sea of darkness
I was once a boy in love with imagination, fueled by the dream and hoping for for magic to fall from the sky

A drop in time are we

Refreshed by the rain
Burned by the lightning

A victim of the eternal sin
A blessing in the arms of a mother
Confused by the unknown
Allowed to imagine in the safety of our minds

Maybe now is our time

Not for salvation
Not for redemption
Not for forgiveness
A time for love

United by the wreath of goodness and unconditional acceptance


The winding roads will straighten
The crashing waves will subside
Light will guide us

This incoherent expression of repressed feeling be gone
Moral numbness starving now fed with the nutrients of the food of life’s delicious nectar

Tears swallowed by laughter and a world of you and I begins with one small step
Love will set us free

Wasted Years – Original Poem


From coast to coast, I travel these empty roads
Filled with dirt, spread like dust, nothing but faded memories behind
Cities with faces so familiar to me; now so distant
Town like shelter for a man lost like me

Letters filled with promises of a future scripted with hope
Those letters now hidden in a box stored in a wet damp place once called home
They speak through the walls, but I am far gone now
Carried on by spirits living in the new world that breathes without a single breath

The water no longer cleanses me
It sends shivers down my spine
My scars grow deeper and my hands shake with time
It’s funny how the laughter ended when the clowns left my childhood

I stopped feeling at the rest stop a long ways back
I left it on the curb for another to have found
Its warmth was now like ice
Its safety now a broken fortress


Now I take this journey alone
Through the darkness then the light
Another day, another town, another face speaking in silent tones

I will not remember you
I will not remember me

I remember to forget each day
Hours turn to minutes
Minutes to seconds
Seconds to blackness

How Recruiters Saved the World


Recruiters are not expected to end the recession by hiring everyone that is in need of a career, nor are they expected to keep every family out of poverty or a sustained drop in their current lifestyle. What they will do is to identify unmatched, grade A, high level, highly productive talent to help organizations grow and mature to increased levels of success.

Recruiters are superheroes, or perhaps they are heroes. What is the difference between a superhero and a hero? Based on very limited research which entailed my IPad and surveying three friends, a superhero is one that has a supernatural power that is above and beyond the normal realm of folks like us. Therefore, I stand corrected:

Recruiters are heroes.

I know what some of you are saying: “Isn’t that a little extreme!” For those in the space, you are cheering saying “Heck Yeah, we are!” I want to tell you why recruiters stand on the same platform as those that sacrifice their lives each and every day.

I don’t want you to visualize the Olympic podium with a recruiter, firefighter and soldier standing side by side. I want to help you understand the value and importance recruiters play in the lives of others.

Recruiters, like so many of us, find and embrace individual success stories. When an amazing person is matched with an amazing opportunity, it sticks with a recruiter and for some, serves as a form of motivation.


Here is why this statement of heroism rings true:

  • Recruiters do not define culture but they shape and mold it. The role of a recruiter is not to fill jobs with bodies. It is a misnomer that needs to be put to rest. A truly dedicated recruiter understands the culture of the organization, the core values and mission and identifies individuals that will “fit”. By helping to seek out and usher in the high quality talent that fits in the organization, they are building a foundation for success. The right person will be a long term fit cutting down on onboarding, training and recruiting costs. That is a big part of any company budget.
  • Recruiters are on the front lines. For companies big and small, recruiters are the first person you meet and the person you will spend most of your time with until your start date. Creating a strong first impression in any walk of life is critical to establish comfort, trust and satisfaction.
  • Recruiters care and believe in their company. Employee satisfaction is one thing many areas companies struggle with. How to empower? How to challenge? How to satisfy? Recruiters truly believe in the company and that attitude carries forward in their pursuit of talent.
  • Recruiters evolve – With the landscape of talent acquisition changing with the explosion of social engagement, successful recruiters are continuously learning new skills and resources.
  • Recruiters promote trust. Interviewing for a job is difficult. It is one of the most stressful processes one will undergo in their lives. Having the trusting hand of a stranger is crucial in reducing stress and putting you in comfortable place where you can be yourself and allow your background to shine. Recruiters are nurturing.


For these and many more reasons, it is clear that recruiters are heroes. As we look back on our “dream” jobs. You know the one that makes you smile each more and feel valued, think about the person that got you in the door and the effort they put in for you. It is a feat not to be taken lightly.

The Most Beautiful Thing – Original Poem


You are now
You are here
You are beautiful
An image created in a dream and now before my weary eyes

You take all the bad in me and cleanse it
Break me out of these prison walls I created
Wash away the hate in myself to rediscover love

Practice as I preach
Live as I learn

Now is a time of action
A time to dismiss tears; breathe life and fly

I am done bleeding
I want you to heal me with your touch

I want you
I want to feel again


Feel the ache of missing you
Feel the hope of loving you
I want to hold you until I lose my grip

As I look to the bottom of the cliff, I am not scared

Through the glare of the sun, your face shines and you blow me a kiss

Doves fly in formation manifesting a heart across blue skies
All is perfect
Life has meaning once again