Under The Same Sky – Original Poem


Under the same sky, I sleep by your side
Looking up at the infinite darkness as black as your eyes
I sense the angels above
You are so far now, but I can still feel your breath

I want to hold you for a million years and then a million more
To feel your embrace

Your voice, a melody
Your heartbeat, the rhythm of our love song

Under the moonlight, I share this dance with my love
Feet soft, gliding across the meadow of sunflowers

I wish this song would never end
Forever in repeat
Each lyric more meaningful than the last

I didn’t know until now how I felt
A shooting star falling to the earth to remind me of how fragile our bond

Under this sky I pray


I pray for strength to find my way back to you
I pray for courage to be a better man
I pray you believe in the power of us

On my knees
Reflections in the moonlight
The stillness of the pond
The vastness of this great land

One lone star, alone in the sky
Bright and inspiring
Guiding my journey back to you

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