You Saved My Life – Original Poem

You saved me life
More than once

In a moment of weakness; a juncture of despair you found your way into my heart

I am flawed
Filled with uncertainty and moral unrest
I am not perfect
But I try
I give myself for what I can and fight for good

It is a battle full of risk
Choices to be made
Mistakes to be forgiven

I have been lost
Deep in the forest with no direction home
Darkness served as enemy and guiding light
In the underbelly of depression, answers were found
It was when I was trapped that the steel chains could be broken
I found a way back to you

You saved me
With your kindness, you soothed this beast
Serenity in bliss
Soothing undisturbed and pure

You saved me
With wit, charm and charisma

You saved me
You cannot hear me now
You cannot see me now
Forever you will feel me

With unconditional love, I thank you.
In the compassionate belly of my existence, you will rest


Never Forgotten – Original Poem

I have seen the bliss of the sun and the fiery pits of hell
I looked all around for a familiar voice; a friend; an embrace of life’s salvation
In a moment of complete darkness, I looked to the light for answers
It was then that the darkness would fade to emptiness

Years would pass
Without hope
Without answers
Without the truth

The stars brought isolated moments of peace
The quiet breeze sent signs of hope
The cold morning freeze stopped the pain

Still time continued as this lonely path converted from a mission to empty steps

In the bottle amnesia would serve as temporary comfort
Chasing away the nightmares
Sleep was within grasp
Behind me, years have passed with no memories

Today I awaken to the same haunting past
Where tomorrow leads, I do not know
I am still fighting my demons, aching for resolution

I can only remember now
Never to forget
A life once led, not carried forward with my words and actions

I miss you

This is Romance

Romance comes in many different forms.
Some through small gestures and others in unexpected surprises.
It rarely takes more than a few words, a hug, a kiss or a look to reveal the truest form of romance and affection.

Perhaps because it doesn’t happen often enough, but in that moment, time stops briefly and a spiritual enlightenment fills you soul with the warm juices of contentment.

Isn’t that what life is about, contentment and love.
Knowing and experiencing those that bring you to the height of acceptance is what we live for each and every day.

We don’t need to wait for miracles or wait for something special to happen.
All we need to do is focus on those that care about us and embrace those rare moments of romance.

Picture this:

You come home after an extended trip, feeling under the weather and warn out.
You sift through the mail to find a hand written envelope from another country and inside a simple white card with these words:

You have no idea how you still affect me.
One email from you and my heart makes a little jump.
I guess this will be forever so.
I know know I have no claims on you, but what I wouldn’t give for one more day/night with you.
Thank you for being who you are.
Talk to you soon. I mean it.
Big hug to you, wonderful man.

This is unconditional eternal love.
Think about it.
A few words
A flower
A picnic
A kiss on the cheek
A warm bath

It doesn’t take more than a gesture to remind someone that you love them.

I have a secret…Twitter Works!

Many of you remember Hurricane Irene. It was a beast of a storm that kept on giving. Fortunately for me, the day it was scheduled to hit New Jersey and New York and Governor’s Christie and Bloomburg took the national spotlight in preparation, I was scheduled to fly out of Newark International back to Charleston, South Carolina. In my mind, heck no. I do no want my plane heading toward the northern path of a major hurricane. The airlines thought the morning flights should be fine. Yay for them. I didn’t want to risk it.

Me and hundreds of thousands more northeast travelers were thinking the same thing. I was scheduled for an 8:10 AM flight. I wanted to reschedule. I could not online due to the timing so I called customer service. Fifteen minutes on hold. Thirty minutes on hold. Forty-five minutes on hold. One hour on hold. One hour and thirty-minutes on hold.

What to do?

Since I am sitting there, I thought why not.

I looked up Delta Customer Service on Twitter and send a tweet.

Help me. I’ve been on hold almost two hours and I need to know if I can reschedule my flight.

Like this is going to work.

Less than two minutes later, I got a message back asking my request on when I want to reschedule and to direct message my name and flight number. Four minutes later, I was confirmed on a flight the following day after the storm had passed up to New England.

All I can say was “wow”. I was amazed that by utilizing Twitter, I was able to connect and resolve my scheduling issue. We never spoke a word formally, but this social media network brought back some lost faith in the power of customer service and communication.

I laid back in the chair, took a deep sigh and gave my computer a virtual high five.

Delta and Twitter were a great partnership to me and I am thankful.

This is my story about how Twitter served a great service to me.

Potentially getting stuck in the middle of a hurricane, scary
Sitting on hold on the phone for two hours, frustrating
Wondering if I will be stranded at the airport or in the air during a storm, uncertain
Getting an issue resolved by Twitter averting a potential crisis, PRICELESS

Thank you Delta Airlines and Twitter

A Fantasy of Glee – Original Poem

I watch as the sun dances across your face
A cherub dancing in the fields showering the flowers with glitter

With a shadow mimicing a harmony of steps, two dance under the cleverly composed diction of the orchestra of clouds

Swept away in the moment
Drawn to the fire
Released to the guidance of the spirit of freedom

From the caves
Across the mountains
Out from the desserts
In the forests

The majestry of wildlife rejoice in the sounds
Absorbed into the sweet nectar of life’s soundtrack they find solace and joy

All together in an extravaganza of the mind
A rainbow of elation
A spectrum merriment

From the corners of the earth, all war seizes, all prejudice dissolved, all hate buried

In a single universal moment of peace, we are one
One world, one vision, one harmonious existance

Talie – Original Poem

Down from heaven she came
A second gift sent from the clouds

Natalie, her name, written with love in the sky and nestled in our arms
A reminder of the purity and solidarity of family
Without a word spoken, her presence speaks volumes

Warmth in her touch
Gentleness in her tears
Simplicity in her smile

Curiosity plays tunes in her mind as a new world awaits

Large beautiful eyes filled with passion and hope
At peace and tranquil in a world of beautiful chaos

Natalie is the final puzzle piece to a family now solidified with affection

Now brother and sister play
Protecting each other from world ahead
As mom and dad look on with pride

Dreams in the playpen
Laughter is the music of the home

A princess born from the flower garden in heaven and gently delivered to her home from the hands of the Lord

With nurturing of love, she will blossom into an empress full of fervor and energy touching the lives of everyone in her path

As we extend our hands and embrace, we are a family of four united as one

Kidnapped by Time – Original Poem

She was stunningly beauty in a past fortnight
A product of the system
Silver hair covers the forehead where blond once shined

A beauty queen in primetime staring into the static
A relic to the young, she struggles with meaning in an age void of emotion
She is among millions of voices screaming, yet never to be heard

Dressed in her prettiest gown
Ready for the prom
Staring in the mirror, stunned to find the queen has been kidnapped by a wrinkled symbol of evil

The ransom note leaves little hope

For your soul, we will return your youth

Written in Latin from the blood of the pen

Time was her ally, now her formidable foe
A decision now looms in the distance
Weighing on the mind with the force of a thousand elephants

Mental struggle evolves
Return in exchange for eternal uncertainty or stay withering away

She cries
The beauty queen hidden behind time
Looking back, fearing forward
Sad in the now