No Happy Ending – Original Poem

There is no happy ending
There are happy middles

Small moments of clarity in a world of chaos

As a princess growing up in the sand castle by the beach, rainbow dreams formulate as you look out to the endless abyss of your kingdom into the great ocean unknown

A manifestation of a prince riding in a white horse to rescue and protect happily ever after

In a blink, a runaway train hits you and swings you into a deserted dirty car rusted away by the waters of innocence

Friends become enemies
Enemies become brothers

He was the best you ever had
Who is going to replace him?

Within those dark brown eyes you were blinded by the darkness of a fantasy lost
The white horse disguised as a bike
Long white cape, a leather coat

In the last page of the book, you read over and over

Into the forest of enchantment

The middle
The middle
That is where the key was hidden

Now, you wait on this bed of satin surrounded by natures guards in the forest
Time has made this face unrecognizable
The prince knows no path
The road is paved with broken dreams

Rain falls now washing away what might have been
The moments in the middle, lost
The pages faded

In the end, there will be an answer
Waiting, patiently to sing a final lullaby


The Pledge – Original Poem

The songs I sing
The words I write
The dreams I save

Tonight, like perfectly placed breast strokes, a light layer of clouds shielded the mighty moon
In the sand, hypnotized by the stars, thoughts of you elevated in a symphony of memories

I’m just another writer torn to the ground
Down on my knees I evoke the great gesture
Witnessed by the spirit of my mother and a thousand ghosts of from my past

Take me back to your place
Take me home

The serenity of the night reminds me of my desire for you
Heated with passion
Cooled by the comfort of destiny

Honey, my love is real

I see your smile in the empty night sky
Masked, I steal your kisses from his nameless face

The whistles and horns of distant boats ringing inside me; torturing me with the pressure to awaken from this self induced coma

With a single nod, I will return to your womb


Honey, my love is real; a pledge written in blood uniting us for all eternity
With this rose, a symbol of your beauty rests forever on my chest

Hope – Original Poem

We are born to learn
To go beyond limitations in a quest for the monumental pursuit of purpose
Hope lives in all of us

The power to be great; to unleash compassion with a river of tears is the ultimate legacy

I’m caught between beginning and end

It’s hard to believe it is over

You are free
Free to be
Alone with the shackles of memories

That is when you need someone that will fill your basket with hope
Someone to bring you home

Let it be me
Let it be me
A friend in the naked darkness to cover your fragile body

Let it be me to push the clouds away and welcome the sun to melt the ice formulating around your heart

The lessons of life are written in this book
The pages are faded from all the tears

It is time to throw away these words of ignorance and re-write it together

I always will
I always will in the end be there

Let it be me
Your hope
You love

I will wait
When you open your eyes, an answer will be revealed

Sweet Destiny – Original Poem

Sweet destiny
How long have you been searching for me?

I have heard your song with every sunrise passing through the waves and harmonizing in the sweet sounds of birds up above

In the churches and temples you have looked and prayed
I have been here all along

Sweet destiny

I have hurt you with this game of hide and seek
Secured in the fortress of life’s walls

Now, on a bed of stars I wait
In the burning sun, I am cooled by your presence
As a comet raises by foreshadowing a life of adventure, I ponder in thought

I’ve met you
I’ve loved you
I have spent a lifetime creating our story in the imaginary fish tank in my head
Our life together has been sprinkled with fairy dust

Sweet destiny

Take me away from the darkness
Give me light

So many failures
Secure in my insecurities
Alone for one brief isolated moment
Absolute silence

Out of the black hole, the laughter, tears and crying explode
As the debris clears, you stand
Beautiful in my eyes

My numbness is pierced
Once again I feel

Sweet destiny

I am rescued

Blood of Past Mistakes – Original Poem

I don’t feel well; I’m not sick
Not in pain
Claustrophobic is the word I chose

Ironic, in a world of endless possibility and millions of miles of path to take, I am confined by this diseased body

No diagnosis to bring me down
No hospital needed

I’m not wounded, but I taste the blood of my past mistakes

The only truth I know is that I know nothing more than the day I was born

All will be well I am told by the angels singing on the radio
They are words constantly in motion, spinning on the turntable out of control in my head

All will be well

One day I will rest, never to turn to the left of darkness; nor the right of the light

I chase love because it is an unattainable illusion
Still my feet move toward something
If I don’t stop; I exist

Exist; be; contribute

Dust will cover these footsteps, but I will still run for the sunlight dipping under the mountain

I will keep searching for that treasure chest that will unlock a fortune of virtue

My dripping blood will track my path back home to the place I was born and the place I will call my eternal spirit

For now, I will rest this weary body and wait for a spark to ignite another journeyman’s road of infinite undiscovery

It is cold in the heart of summer

Light My Candle – Original Poem

Heaven and Earth spinning in my soul

You are the rock in which I stand hovering over this endless abyss below
Light my candle and protect me from the wind

I have been lucky in life; not in love
My light always looses its flame the moment light and darkness meet

Now I promise by the light of our hearts
In these words, I give to you all I have

Do you recall the moment of inception?
The absolute instant when time stopped and dreams and reality collided as our eyes met
It was the birth of my life
Not my first breath; my first heartbeat shared for another

You whispered to me in our shared language

I wrote your name in the clouds and engraved our secret promise on the stones in the sand

You told me someday I would fall and you would be there to catch me
You said someday I will know the piercing feeling of emotional pain
You saw the future in the lines of my palms

Now this candle burns
Brighter and higher, sending smoke past the moon and stars into the heavens

If I could, I would forever lie our souls in a mystical bed

For now I can only hope that when the spinning stops you will be there to protect my candle from the wind

Old Cigar Factory – Original Poem

pic1On a clear starry night last evening, in the distance, the lights of the Old Cigar Factory shined from within

A long way from the inflection of light that reflected off two champagne glasses resting on the edge of a windowsill deep in the corner of this deserted old building

Through one opaque window pane, the sun warmed two souls igniting a moment of enlightenment

She was a girl dressed in her evening best
He was a boy that didn’t know quite what to do

They toasted and stared into the light, cautiously peeking from the corner of their eye for that secret smile
Permission from the council in the clouds to know this was right

It was a moment that lasted a few seconds, but left a canvas impression for all eternity

Like the wind, life blew away this dream
The moment remains, engraved forever in this lockbox of memories

Nervous toe clenching, hidden corner, warm dry air, secret escape

It was all part of a romance written in an Eighteenth Century Victorian style
The exhilaration of this taboo love affair played out on a stage for only the eyes of angels to see

This Old Cigar Factory has ghosts
Floating aimlessly between the dirty walls for all eternity, seeking just a simple moment of perfection

Between those two smiles, glasses of champagne and the single ray of sunlight, a boy and a girl found each other

In the dust and darkness of that third floor corner room, there was beauty and romance

A secret secured by two