What if – Original Poem

regret1What if we suspended the normal path of life’s train and set it off course?
What if every regret was a sign of a better tomorrow
What if her death taught me to love

In an instant
A crash louder than a sonic boom changed everything
In an unforeseeable act of tragedy, a life is stripped
The living remain; naked
Beating hearts still
Unanswered questions blowing in the wind

What if the story of my life is only a preamble to something much larger than my self; this place; this existence

Hidden behind a secret identify
Up front; masked in insecurity
Secure behind the mask

What if love only exists for the few
The pure

I have sinned
I admit that
I have lived a life of fault
Slightly broken and imperfect

regret2Each day I awake, I promise myself I will break the chain and move forward
Only to repeat once again
Over and over I cry
Wanting more
Yearning for someone to hear these screams

What if they all had a purpose to protect me; to guide to
They walked away, but never disappeared.
Resting comfortably in my mind

What if I follow that light now?


Career Adaptation – Why Change is Necessary

I had an interesting debate last evening on whether graphic novels are considered literature or comic books.  Academia in the United States will have a varied opinion on this question with extreme views leaning heavily on no and yes.  It does pose an interesting line of discussion that goes much deeper than black or white.  The traditionalist view of comic books is that there is an inherent struggle between good and bad; heroes and villains; right and wrong.  That methodology of thinking has changed introducing a deeper shade of gray.  With the upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel into film, we will witness Batman and Superman pinned up against each other.  Both have battled their own inner demons in the past, but they represent the moral good.  Why would they be battling each other?

Graphic novels today are taking us to a new way of thinking and a new way of learning.  A form of storytelling that was once deemed unacceptable in schools is now a part of literary teaching.

Why do graphic novels add a new element to the way students are learning literature:

  • Graphic Novels / Comics are understandable and engaging to today’s youth.
  • They allow us to overcome our own real life fears and struggles by connecting to the heroes and all they had to overcome (alienation, abandonment, death).
  • There is a sense of loyalty to the battle.  Heroes and villains have a history that is uncovered with each issue that deepens the impact of the struggle.
  • Today’s society no longer has clear cut definitions of right and wrong.  We struggle every day with poverty, overpopulation, unemployment, mental illness, social alienation, relationship barriers and more.  Sometimes decisions that may be morally wrong in some eyes have a greater good to another.
  • Graphic novels are not linear.  We must look closely at images, dialogue and story to uncover hidden secrets and truths within the lives of the characters.  There is a true complexity within the stories.
  • So many thrive for a world of escape.  Whether it is better or not is not the critical question.  Why we need this temporary escape is.  If this weren’t true, Marvel films would not be making 1.3 billion dollars with each Avengers release.
  • In the world of academia, we will always need Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  We also need to find a way to relate to a generation wrought with creativity, angst, apathy and doubt.

Now, how is this comparable to a adaptation within your career?

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be value in this article.  Change is inevitable.  I have witnessed in my professional career, the birth of the internet, applicant tracking systems, automation, social networking, video interviewing and Infographics.  The entire playing field has changed.

My first internship in recruitment:

  • I recorded our job openings on a cassette tape for candidates to dial in and listen to.
  • All resumes were in a tan metal filing cabinet
  • All applicants had to do a basic math and English test in the lobby
  • We manually called each candidate to reject or extend offers

bat2Big changes.  As professionals we need to embrace change.  I am not telling all of you seasoned professionals you should drop Turner Classic Movies and start an Instagram account.  Nor am I saying learn Ruby on Rails or HTML web development.  I am saying to never lose site of the pure thirst for learning.  Employers offer thousands of internal and external resources to continue to develop your skills.

In fact, I was forced to learn basic HTML web page editing when we did not have a resource and I learned all I needed from YouTube videos.

A few tips:

  • Look at where you are and where you are going.  What is your long term career passion?  Do you have the skills for where you want to be and if not, what is your goal to get there?
  • What is your action plan?  Create a project plan on how you want to achieve your goals.
  • Do not walk in with any personal limitations.  If you feel like you cannot learn a skill, you won’t.  It is that simple.
  • Reward yourself with each milestone.

There you have it.  Never stop expanding your mind.  It is a simple rule for success.  We can thank Superman and Batman for today’s lesson.

A Comforting Thought – Original Poem

drownCan you hear me?
Do you still think fondly of me?

Every night I set time aside for internal mediation surrounding my aura with memories of our time together

A potion to my anxiety
A calmness to a storm brewing deep in the ocean of my mind

I do not know my plan
A manifestation from a deep belief in a faith larger than existence
A warm thought
Scripted by suggestive prophets and edited by jesters in courtyards of solitude

Swimming now
Keeping my head above the water imagining being six feet under feeling the ocean water and my inner body pool become one
Crushing my lungs squeezing my claustrophobia like a squid out to play
Soon a million memories will drown in an instant leaving behind a lifeless corpse

A comforting thought
Piercing this fragile shield of plastic
Are we all plastic?
Coated from emotion
A paradox
Betrayed of emotion; abandoned

drown2A synthesis of sound, now flat lining in one harmonious buzz
A frequency so high, life is unable to hear

A comforting thought
Deaf from the light
Blind from the symphony of love songs

This is what has become
Footsteps washed away
Clean particles of sand fused for all eternity

Shattered in Pieces – Original Poem

Every night as I lay alone, I dream
Dream of a perfect life I am yet to find
A life of fulfillment; a life led with meaning
A purpose buried deep beneath these footsteps that repeat in an infinite circle

Sober with this bottle, I wander without a single movement
Still as a statue
A brain trapped; absorbing all around

In this darkness, I see everything
I feel without touching

See the infinite soul of Galileo
The pen of Dylan documenting the angst of a generation
The confused brilliance of the brain of Brian Wilson
The pain of the migrant workers from the misguided perfection of Steinbeck

I am broken, savoring in the pieces scattered in the wind

Someday the winds of change will take me home to a place I can close my eyes in peace
The voices will silence for just a moment
One brief moment to find my way back to a time of innocence; a time of love

Under the stars, head nestled on a volume of the scriptures
Heaven and hell a two voided bubbles neutralized by the staff of life

What will I be?
Beyond the bang is the answer
Written on a piece paper from the feather of an angel
Hidden away for just the right time

Wishing for You – Original Poem

hands1I wish you could see what you mean to me
Strip the layers of lies; numb the screeching of anger
Stand naked in the spotlight of truth

You say I’m a dreamer, but I only dream of you
In the past, a wanderer, but now I seek shelter in you

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

Staggering through life bumping into strangers
Once here, now gone

Just pieces scattered on the floor representing an unfinished puzzle of memories

An escapist in a life you cannot leave
Not in seclusion
Not in suicide
Not in denial

To find my way back to you
Over mountains
Across treacherous seas

hands2On this island with thoughts as my companion, I think
Pondering time lost; meditating on a life not yet lived
Balanced in mental and physical symmetry

In the center; the eye of the hurricane, a vision of your face
Calm and surreal

Welcoming with your soft virgin hands

I wish you could see what I see
A world where forgiveness is rewarded
Peace is blessed with bounties
Love is the restoration of hope

Close your eyes and feel the sun release its energy into your soul
You will see

The Rainfall – Original Poem

The rain has fallen hard in this concrete jungle
Flooding from the tears of the poor
Lying paralyzed as the water pounds through this porcelain skin exposing the porous vulnerability

A million teardrops from a world lost in its journey to enlightenment
A path toward meaning tortured by emptiness

The rain is falling faster
With lightning speed and the power of a monster, it blocks the vision of an eagles eye

Empires fall
Buildings tumble
Dynasties buried to be found a thousand years forth

From the heated bed of rocks, the rain ignites the steam

I dreamed I was flying high above these clouds
To look down upon the crying faceless souls
Dry above the conflicts; denials; struggles

I dreamed I was soaring hand in wing with falcons
A shared journey to another play where the sun is a friend warming us with stories of a bright tomorrow

The grey clouds grow darker
The rainfall continues
A future unknown
A road unseen

A Little Boy Saw a Little Girl – Original Poem

He was a little boy who saw a little girl
He fell in love

That is all he ever wanted
No fairy tale; no kingdom by the sea; no fanfare
Someone to bathe in a pool of enchantment with; someone to care for the wounds of a life piercing for blood

In you, he found the depth of a soul filling it with warm savory love

When she coughed, he ran through the deserts and storms to be by her side

To be sacrificed for the chance to have her breathe a little longer would be his eternal reward

In the darkness, waiting patiently

Hands open and free to feel their shared touch until time ran its course

Looking down upon her with the generosity of a thousand angels sharing the message of peace in a temple of sunlight and flowers

He was a little boy that loved a little girl

He drank from her navel; the softest cup he had ever sipped from

She smiled and said a prayer wishing forever they would dance in that moment

Singing to her a lullaby passed down from his mother to her newborn son

Soon, she too will sing to another
One with a glimmer in his young eyes once shared by an older reflection of himself

Little bear, little bear sleep tight under the twinkle of the starry night