Lost Youth, Homeless Retreat – Original Poem

Do children fantasize about living on the streets when they grow?
Cold and alone under the comfort of a bridge
Dirty and lost
Unable to recognize their own reflection

Beneath theĀ  dirt and stubble once stood a promising young boy
Zesty and silly with the fruits of a life at his footstep

An astronaut he would be
A baseball star to millions
A world traveler with only the wind to guide the sail

On the playground they laugh
Surrounded by friends and the safety of the bubble of youth
Waiting in the wings, proud parents, smiling

They are the future
The promising leaders
The innovative changers
The idea makers
They will make us proud

Now drunk and hungry they lie shivering
Torn clothes found behind a dumpster
The final piece of meat off the bone of a chicken already worked over by a swarm of flies
A wet blanket, their only material possession
The taste of blood off his cut leg his only meal

All they have is time


Time to ponder
Time to regret
Time to forget

Blocking a life gone wrong is not an option
Reality is his enemy
Fierce, raw and filled with pain

The child is gone now
The future is dark

The only rest will come under the nameless tombstone
Void of visitors
Void of love

The Purpose is You – Original Poem

I love you
Every part of you

Each place I visit, I see the laughter, the tears, the heartbreak
On this bench I sit
I see a magical journey of memories played in sequence on this grassy stage

You thought I was searching for an ideal; a perfect mold of love, both spiritual and physical
It was a manifestation of a child’s dream and a romantic storyline
It clashed with a harsh reality

I held those ideals close

Love is everything
Over and over I repeat those words

We are born to love one another
Fate, signs all pulling us closer like gravity

Compassion for one another is the center of existence
The birth; the foundation; the purpose

It is the beliefs we hold so dear; the truths evident only from the heart; the actions that take us from imagination a world of possibility

You are that dream, written by a young boy
Now grown up, seeing a world before him and knowing his path

I need to be with you
Right now
If not now, I don’t know when

We let life cut us
We bled
We bled together

Now it is our time to heal
I need you

Alone and Disabled – Original Poem

I lied to you
I am disabled
A reject of society
Sworn to this motionless bed of distress

Young lovers frolicking in the grass plains
Children building sand castles and giggling as the waves wash away their creation

I drank from the cup of our passion once; drunk and so complete
Now I sit alone rooted into the ground
I cannot move
Nor feel you in my heart

Disabled and turned away
The sign reads no longer welcome

This house now collapsed
I rummage through the rubble to recover lost memories
A scrapbook, a photo album, a note


The pond is dry now
To whet the appetite for life is now but a dream
A premonition buried in the darkness of a gloomy future

I reach to feel something
Someone, perhaps
For a momentary speck, I am alive
I can walk

Walking turns to running
Running into your welcoming arms

It was a mirage
A spectacle of Broadway proportions

No open arms
No skin to skin embrace

Just this chair
Alone and disabled

Like a bird condemned by the devil
I sit still looking up to the endless sky

This is Heaven – Original Poem

It’s my moment in the sun
This is heaven the way it is supposed to be
Breathing life into a new world begun

We are prophets; we are servants; we are equal
We are one

This is heaven
The ocean caressing my toes with the the bath water of a million living things kissing through the pores to my soul
The sun runs its fingers down my back with the warmth of its rays
Leaves tickle me as they dance to the Earth’s base

This is heaven
This moment
In an absolute explosion of unexplained magic we witness the collective embodiment of perfection

A child looks up to his mother
Sparkling eyes, arms open wide
Extending for that moment when two become one

A young lover
In love
He sees the girl; confesses with a sonnet
Rejoices in two souls spiritually connected

This is heaven

Music from the heart of a dreamer races in the wind generously filling the ears of many
It is a harmony of all things connected
Grains of grass whistle
Tigers roars like the beat of the drum
Birds charm a woodwind of melody

This is heaven
Our place
Our time

With deliberate purpose we find a path
Marked with the past, cleared for the future

I am you; you are me
We are infinite

I share this place with you

This is heaven
This is home

How beautiful it all is

You are Perfect – Original Poem

Live deliberate
Walk alone into the woods
Guided only by the impulse of your senses and the passion of your search for self-awareness


Look deep inside your life bag
Weighed down by material value of insecurity
Look deeper
Find the hugs
They are there, cuddled in the corner waiting to to be remembered

Now hold them; feel the rush
Your heart is racing; blood boiling
Now calm

Listen around you
A small hummingbird buzzes above the nectar of a lily
A tiger purrs
Ants march back to the hill

Keep listening

The sound of your mother and father calling you in from a distance
You first heartbreak; oh how much you learned
That moment of self-doubt
You overcame; you achieved; you found promise

Wait, there is more
Listen, listen, listen

The buzz of the rising sun
The gift of warmth
Life’s reward around the corner disguised as an eagle soaring above

Now close your eyes

Can you see a future of possibility?
Can you feel your life bag being filled with unconditional love?
Without the force of gravity to weigh you down

Live deliberate
With purpose; with definition


Listen so close only the spirit of your conscious can hear

The wonder of your greatness is singing in the rain
A warm coat of wet magic soothes your pores

Bathing on a land free

Open your eyes
See a light a little brighter

Look at yourself in the reflection of the puddle below
You are beautiful
You are perfect

A Life Changed – Original Poem

All my life I had the right romantic lines
Misguided hearts took in these words
Dreams of princes and horses
Even I got swept away

I cannot commit, I heard them say
I am a fuck-up, I witnessed with each passing day
Deep I sighed; diving head first into a journal of spinning wheels

Over and over in a deja vu twister running rampant through the open fields

I prayed for the discovery of love
Who received them, I do not know
It is faith, written in scriptures by men fortifying the ground with nourishment for the plants to grow
Like the spirits of great men and women before, I am a visitor finding a way to a land of promise

High on this cross I dangle looking on this living garden flourishing below

I wait for answers
Will they come in the wind; will they be summoned by an angel; will they go undelivered because I have been given a destiny of decadence

It was a test of faith; a calling of fate
Welcoming me after a tired pilgrimage through the desert

She awaits
Dressed in white; welcoming me with her virgin smile
Preserved for me

I take her outstretched hand with all the strength remaining and we float to the clouds
High above the chaos where sounds of violins lull the angry beasts away

I am at peace
To feel this love is like a thousand waves crashing on my back washing away all the mistakes
She waited

Journey of Discovery – Original Poem

I would never give up on you.
In faith, in glory, in sadness I will be by your side

Right now, I cannot
I cannot comfort you with my words

You stand alone without direction; uncertain of the life ahead
Decisions are there, sealed away in an envelope inside your head
Sealed tight by your past

You have choices now that must be found within yourself
A pilgrimage awaits you; a rite of passage to find answers

You have the strength in your heart to fuel your legs as you venture into the dessert
That infinite abyss coddles you with fear and heartache
Dust from the wind will blind you
Find the perseverance to see

Only you can complete this spiritual quest and only then will happiness caress your skin; soak through the pores and flow through your body like a renaissance

This rising of the phoenix will awaken you
Flowers will rise in the sand; suns will collide, enlightenment will be discovered

Then, at that moment, I will return

Today marks a celebration of you
Find the path;
It will be laced with broken dreams that will cut you
Work through the blood to find the honey

You will find what you are seeking

I will be there
I will always be there