Jump – Original Poem by Raquel Avila with Audio


I haven’t landed yet
I am still in the air, actually
Holding on to thin air

Behind me are the walls of fear I built up for four decades
Do I turn around and relive the pain?

In air, I have time to choose
In front of me, there is a lawn of purity
An endless sunshine that makes me squint with joy

I hear dove wings flutter as they break clouds with their wings
A breeze gathers momentum
It pushes me slightly

I sense an ocean tide has pulled within the landscape
Becomes my own

I have chosen not to land
I have chosen to stay in mid air where the butterflies loop in semi-circles around my face
To land is to face fears


I go down one step at a time
I go down now and feel the ground

On sturdy feet, I can whisper to hear where I’ve been

This journey
This Life, I take not for granted

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/jump-original-poem-by-raquel-avila

Discovering You – Original Poem with Audio by Gabriella


As a tribute to a beautiful lost era
We discovered one another
Feathers, diamonds, a lace dress

Your smile shattered me
Into wistful regrets.
Silently carried
Until I saw you again

From across the gaming room,
It was impossible to heed
The warning of your charms

I honed to your sparkling mind
And dined on your presence
Until I dreamt of you all night

Toiling for days, lost my way
Yearning for those words of beauty
I found them in you, impromptu

In a fortress of our holy city
They spiraled in my brain waking up the sleeping parts of my grieving soul


Until a fateful night
A courtyard of moonlight
You woke a siren in my core

That night in my bed
A dream came over me
And I woke knowing I need you
Where art thou, love?

Come explore with me,
We will trespass this old city

Two children together
In this invisible world
Souls linked in unspoken words

We carried each other away
And we loved effortlessly
As the midnight stole the day

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/discovering-you-poem-by-gabriella

You Will Never Be On Your Own – Original Poem with Audio


As long as the water crashes on the shore, I will be there for you
From the highest mountain, I will reach to Heaven and pray for your safety
In the depths of the ocean bottom, the chains will not keep me down
The power of your love will lead me into your arms

Wherever you lie your head, home you will be
No walls
No roof
Just the protection of the Earth and my promise

You will never be lost again
Without direction
Without the light of the harbor tower

I can hear your heart so clearly in the darkness
Each beat, a symbol of life and its needs for compassion

Fueled by the pause in time when our minds reach infinite clarity

Waking up
Waking up


With these wings, I will take you away
Above the clouds
Away from the chaos
Pouring rain below
Sun above
Perfection in purgatory
Far away we will go
Around the world, seeing all the magic
We will be one exploring the world like voyagers of yesteryear

One mile
One hundred miles
The further we will go, with only the shirts on our back, home we will be

Each night, one sky
Away we go
Never on your own

Forever you will remain with me

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/you-will-never-be-in-your-own

Fried Chicken – Original Poem with Audio – Happy National Fried Chicken Day


In Honor of National Fried Chicken Day:

Fried Chicken – Original Poem

I love your thighs
I love your wings

I wanna dip you in oil
And all of those pretty things

I want your white meat and your dark too
I wanna peel off your skin and bite into you

You are the one that whets my appetite
As you crunch down my palate tonight

I wanna swallow you whole, bones and all
With a side of fries, dressed up in slaw

I can smell you from a mile away
Tasting your southern deliciousness is all I can say

Licking my lips, and fingertips too
I eat you up, nothing you can do

Now I am done, full and complete
My how I have adored your mouth watering meat

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/fried-chicken-original-poem

The Story of Us – Original Poem with Audio


As a writer, we pen the perfect story.
Boy meets girl, they fall in love and ride off into the sunset.
It is magical.
Each breath a hymn of absolute romance.
We all want that.

We write the story over and over again in our heads; on the paper, but in execution we are flawed.
Flawed by our own insecurities and idealism of a world untainted by the mistakes we make.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes and will continue to make them each and every day.
But I found you and you me.
Together we have begun to write the story of us.

I am not perfect.
I am going to try each day to be and I assure you I will not.
I want you to keep coming back.

Lay by my side
Kiss away the misfortunes of the day and reflect on the the moments of lasting memory

Our life together, more powerful than words, actions or emotions.

At the end of the day, it is always about you.
It always has to be about you.

My fortune was written before I met you.
It pointed to you.

From my first words to my last, my inspiration remains with me where ever I go.
She is you.


This is the story of us.
Each moment, a new chapter.
Each step a new adventure.

I am a better person now.
I see the world, in all its fuck up madness, from a colorful lens now.

Your glow, your shine, so refreshing.
So warm.
So comforting.

This is love.
This is the culmination of all my words.

It is you.

I will wake up each morning knowing we are writing this story together.

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/the-story-of-us-original-poem

Love and Scrabble – Original Poem


As our eyes met across the table, I could see the focus in her eyes.
Her soul opening up to accept my heart
The mind deep in thought for the next move

Ten points, a small win
Twenty points, a double word score
Thirty points, a triple

The competition becomes fierce
Two warriors in the gladiator pit
Raising the bar of anticipation
She awaits my strategic placement

Blowing a kiss across the mahogany guard
A distraction
A sneaky ploy
Well played with those subtle loins of seduction

Back on track
A brilliant placement
Six letters, two words, a grand achievement

She winks
Is that a hint of an impending torpedo?
Or a cunning maneuver


Thirteen points
Not a word, but accepted

Love You reads across the board
Leaning over she kisses my lips, whispers those three words and I melt
Melt into her fantasy

The game continues
Two lovers
Minds at war
Bodies at peace

Love and Scrabble

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/love-and-scrabble-original-poem

Pure – Original Poem by Gabriella


A hopeful heart, the soul of a dreamer
The child inside, yearning for perfection
Fumbling with shattered fragments of reality and structure
His body weary of lust
From years of lovers that fell into dust
From promises made and broken
The spines of his journals, amber and cracking
He battled a vortex of peccant darkness

To emerge, baptized into these radiant days
A cavalier rake, who sweetly stole a kiss, sweetly won a heart
Red and furious, beating too fast too soon
A virgin heart, so eager to finally know the love meant for her
A cnidarian body pulling him deeper inside
Stealing his breath, desaturating his lungs
A mirage of a vortex paralyzes him again
His pain tears her apart
And she runs an arms-length away
Letting the sun’s heat fill the day


The church bells resonate in her ears, deafening her
To his lips transmitting the sweetest song she cannot hear
Her fingers, a purple phenomenon
Her core riddled with want
She loosens her axis and limbs
Desire rising upwards where it settles in her brain
Amplifying the beauty, infinite fold
Their irises meet, their fingers lace and their kisses endure
With bodies at ease, these minds can finally love pure

Audio – http://www.spreaker.com/user/7504265/pure-original-poem-by-gabriella_1