My Little Town – Original Poem


Racing down the street in my yellow two wheeled racer
Wind at my back and open road ahead
In my little town, I was king

No factories, no crime
No sign of a world outside

Subtle complexity and wonder; how pure we were then
Like untapped honey, our sweet journey anointed us
We were the believers

There was no cure for the disease of laughter and happiness

At night, the sounds of grasshoppers sending out their mating calls while we watched the stars dance in the sky entertained our senses
Cheap wine on the rocks was shared among friends

There was no future; no past
We only knew the now

Our parents sat by the window waiting to greet us home
Dogs playing in the yard
Lawns moved and the fresh smell of cut grass was our drug

In my little town, I was king
Hiding from the neighbors waiting to be found
Racing down the street to the corner just to step outside our walls

In the summer, the steps were the arena where a laser light show of fireworks shot off from every direction
Mom and dad on each side, sparklers in hand
Proud to be an American as the flag waved in the background


This was my little town
A proud town; small and free
Quiet and proud

I learned about life in my little town
A place to call home

Relativity of Life – Original Poem

The science is clear
My heart lies dormant when you are not near

I heard sounds, but only in my head
A re-creation of your voice so clear
Nowhere close to the reality I let slip away

Are you happy with your new life?
A new sky to sleep under
A fresh sun to warm your skin as it breaks through the morning dew dripping from the window pane
Did the clouds provide comfort in your journey?
Does he keep you warm?

The repetitive feel of your breath on my chest as your dreams swept you away to another place reminded me of the story of a child who found wonder in a forest of enchantment

He got lost only to be found
Along the way, creatures appeared, different and strange, with compassion and acceptance
They were an extension of himself; a boy with virtue

In the end, he found a home inside the warm canvas of his heart
Each creature, a part of his soul

The waves of sound resonate as millions of strangers converse
The heat rises with the pressure of the Earth’s core


Rain falls to wash away the dirt and give flowers life for another year

You are not near
You are gone

Under another moon you sleep

A Life of Passion – Original Poem

by Mark A. Leon

by Mark A. Leon

We are filled with passion
An undeniable thirst for truth
An unquestionable saga from the first breath to the last

It is in all of us to pursue an unmarked path and lay the foundation for a legacy

A legacy of desire
A legacy of learning
A legacy of defined testimony from the bible of our lives

We are all authors, explorers, dreamers and educators

In life we learn; in experience we fall; in the end we teach
We hold a burden; heavy in our hearts, light in our generosity

We have choices
To step on hot stones in pursuit of a great unknown
To hold back in fear; safe in the transparency of a bubble

Each one of us is bestowed upon birth a bag
Filled with emotion
Overflowing to the outside world
Untrained and wild, it flows through our veins and screams breaking the sound barrier and racing to the end of the universe

We have so much power
More than we can ever comprehend

We are heroes
Children look up and see their futures in our eyes
They smile and laugh and cherish

They see what we must
There is no do over; but there are new beginnings

We are part of an explosion; a renaissance of art, literature, invention and hope
We have the ability to save


We are not lost
We are found
Penetrate the layers and break the boundaries
There you will find it all
Measure you legacy

In the Air – Original Poem


Layered hair flowing so gently tapered off just above the neckline
Eyes as crystal clear as the blue Alaskan lakeside

Lost in thought as your soul leaves you for a moment to explore the skies above
Clouds tickle your emotions
Looking down at the green fields through a greyish haze of a cool autumn day
From this elevated state, life is perfect

An angel serving others with gentleness
A caring demeanor; so few words spoken
Your place is with us, strangers looking to you for a sign

A beautiful lady
Heart of gold
Strength of a thousand stallions

To the skies you find solace
Your home defies gravity

It is from city to city you energize your body
It is the floating wings where you find your answers

Underneath these clothes your spirit dances; leaping through the air
Suspended in flight, reality is frozen

You smile at us, give that secret nod and we know
In the air, we are all free

Lost Generation – Original Poem


Every generation gets lost
In a maze of uncertainty and temptation frolicking at every turn, the collective pool of compassion must ignite us to find our way back

A baby lies alone in a bed of daisies
Seeing a world of possibility through hits glowing blue eyes

A deer looks innocently on an open field hoping to graze the pasture

A bird singing to its mate echoes the sounds of nature through the wind

A dreamer pens words to his lover under a crisp autumn sky

A visionary finds peace in simplicity. For the first time without thought; without worry

We all get lost
Saturated with self-doubt, fault will overwhelm judgment

In that moment; that instant it will happen
A big bang of pure silence will race through the veins
A burst of enlightenment will color the world before you
An explosion of good for all to share

This will be your time. This will be our time
The renaissance will once again be re-born

You are beautiful
You are right

I am the one as are you
We are angels; givers; caretakers

We will love for the sake of love and be alive with the flavors of life
Reign free and let it rain the spontaneous shower cleansing us from this journey

Walk Me Down This Crooked Line – Original Poem

Scalding me with the fire in your eyes; a ball of flame rolling off your lips
A temptress that strikes without warning; a murderous look of evil wrapped in skin as soft as a gentle breeze

This tightrope is the only thing that stands between heaven and hell
A thin line to you and the paradise I seek
As I get closer, the line sways
No longer straight; crooked and confused

I look to your face, hidden behind a mask of mischief
I see through the blackness to the blue glass in your eyes reflecting back an image of myself
I see pain and confusion; longing and desire; torture and serenity

The line shakes to remind me of the fragility of life
With every vibration, my body wobbles
Deep to the left; lean to the right
I see a bottomless pit below laughing in celebration of its next victim

You stand motionless; arms open up
A sign of welcome
A sign of acceptance

The crooked line straightens as the magnetic impulses of our beating hearts gravitate toward each other
Two bodies touch; flying high off the tightrope into an abyss high above the clouds


Edge of Darkness – Original Poem

Dancing with my words I sit on the edge of darkness
This typewriter my biographer quiet and without bias
Formulating a journey that begins with a thought, led by an action, embraced by the power of love

Romanticized by yesteryear; blinded by progress

In a world of now, we often forget to blink and see beyond

On the edge of darkness I wait for the light that will shine on

Its glow reminds us of all that is good; a true faith in humanity

With this heart I carry a legacy
Never a day without the spirit of their wisdom guiding me
Images of my youth serve as a slide show of guidance for my future

On the edge of darkness, I see the world from up above
A bird on a wire


A glorious world filled with magic born from the womb of a mother and nurtured in the hands of love
A breath of compassion flirting with us as leaves of autumn fall and coat the ground with a rainbow of color


On the edge of darkness I see light